How to Get Rid of Foot Odor

how to get rid of foot odor

Have you ever felt embarrassed among the group of your friends due to bad smelling feet?  Are you also facing the issue of stinking feet and want to get rid of the bad odor? There are so many folks who are disturbed with the same issue but are unable to talk about their problem and thus failed in finding the solution to their problem, but you don’t need to fret as we are here to help you in the case. Here in the article, we will be mentioning the leading cause, preventions, and some natural home ingredients that you can use to alleviate the odor from your feet.

Generally, the problem is pervasive and is often caused because of wearing covered and compact shoes for too long. It causes the feet to produce sweat and the bacteria present in our sweat, causing the feet to produce the offensive odor meanwhile.

Bromodosis is a particular term that is used to represent the condition of foot odor in medical science. But there is nothing to be worried about it. IT is because there are several homemade remedies there that can help you in getting rid of the issue of stinking feet.  But for that, you need to take out some time and have a glimpse at the below-mentioned information about the particular problem.

Footwear mistakes that you need to correct

The shoes and the socks are the widespread reason behind the foul odor. Therefore, here are a few tips that you can keep in mind while purchasing or wearing shoes.

  • Socks

One should not wear the shoes without wearing the socks inside. Even there are socks available in the markets that are specially made to absorb the sweat and to keep the foot dry, thus reducing the odor.

  • Shoes

Look for shoes that are not compact and are made of the breathable material. It will allow the air to pass through the shoes. These shoes generally have the mesh panels to allow the breathability. It will reduce the sweating of your foot, and you can be free from the issue of feet odor.

  • Insole

Using the same insole for months can make the situation even worse. That’s why it is suggested to keep changing the insoles to reduce the bad stink. You can also try those anti-bacterial insoles that are available in the market or the sprays to disinfect the insoles.

Additionally, once you remove the shoes, remove out the insoles from the boots and let them dry. It will reduce the odor too much extent.

Natural Foot Odor Remedies

The problem of foot odor can be treated by keeping excellent foot hygiene. Apart from that if we talk about the home remedies, then some natural alternatives are reiterated here which can be used to mitigate the smell from the feet. You can catch a glimpse of these remedies below:

  • Exfoliating the feet

Exfoliation is one most essential part of maintaining foot hygiene. Exfoliating the feet will help to remove the dead skin cells. Removing the dead skin cells will also remove the chances for bacteria to feed on them, and thus, the occurrence of the unpleasant odor can be helped.

For exfoliation, you can use the pumice stone that is available in the market. Do exfoliate your feet 2-3 times in a week to prevent the piling up of dead skin cells.

  • Soaking

Soaking the feet is one of the vital steps in the reduction of the odor from the feet. Here I have mentioned some of the most commonly used kinds of stuff for soaking below:

  • Vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent disinfectant to remove any bacteria. To prepare the soak, one needs to add one part of vinegar in two part of lukewarm water. You can use both the white and the apple cider vinegar for the purpose as both are beneficial to help you out in this case.

Keep in mind one thing, to not to use the vinegar soaking process, if you have cutes, sores, or cracks in feet as it can irritate the areas.

  • Salt Soak

To prepare the salt soak, you need only two ingredients salt and water. For the preparation, fill a tub with a generous amount of warm water and add about two cups of Epsom salts in the tub, stir the water so that it gets appropriately dissolved. Now place your feet in the prepared salt soak for a couple of minutes. Towel dry your feet and moisturize properly.

  • Water

Water is an essential component of our body, and it is necessary to consume. Try to drink as much water as you can to reduce the bad odor from the feet.

  • Oatmeal

The oats are the best practical and cheap method to prevent your foot from bad smell. The oatmeal soaks up the entire bad odor and makes the skin feel fresh. For the preparation of this method, soak the oatmeal in the water until the water becomes milky. Squeeze out all the oats from the water and then immerse your feet in the milky water for about 10 minutes and then pat dry your feet with a towel.

  • Ginger root

Mash the ginger root properly and squeeze out its juice. Rubbing this juice on the feet will prevent your feet from sweating for a long time, which will ultimately stop the offensive smell for some time.

  • Black tea

Are you also a fan of black tea, then wait. Save your strong black tea for your feet. The black tea can help you in solving your issue of foot odor. Soak your feet in the black tea daily for half an hour. Try this remedy for 8-10 days, and you will yourself get amazed by the wonders of your black coffee.

The smelly feet can turn down the entire situation and can become very embarrassing; therefore, it is better to take the practical measures that can help in the alleviation of the odor from the feet. You can try the remedies mentioned above, and you will yourself notice the reduction in the smell from your feet.

Author James