How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies With Hydrogen Peroxide

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies With Hydrogen Peroxide

Fruit flies are very annoying insects because they reproduce quickly and can invade your home. Once they are inside your house, they can use any element or object to place their eggs. Fruit flies prefer to lay their eggs in places like the pantry, so larvae have a fenced-in food source.

When you see these insects in your garden or inside your home, it is best to find efficient methods to get rid of them. A pest control expert is a great help to eliminate fruit flies for good. But you can also access natural and cheaper methods.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Repel Fruit Flies?

Many natural and effective methods will help you get rid of fruit flies. Among these options, hydrogen peroxide is available because it can give you many benefits. If you use this element to get rid of the fruit flies in your garden, your plants will not be affected.

This element is very easy to use, but it is not as effective as other natural remedies for some people. But the reality is that apart from repelling the fruit flies, it can also eliminate them.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Fruit Flies?

Hydrogen peroxide can kill fruit flies, so it is one of the most effective natural methods. This element is so effective that it can kill adult fruit flies, larvae, and eggs. The good news is that if you add this element to your garden, your plants will stay protected and will not die.

You can use many methods to use hydrogen peroxide, but it is important to mix it up to get positive results.

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How to get rid of fruit flies with Hydrogen Peroxide?

To get rid of fruit gnats, you can create your hydrogen peroxide spray. For your spray to be perfect, find a container that contains a spray bottle, and add 1 part hydrogen peroxide plus three parts water to it. Add these ingredients to your container or spray bottle and close tight to start.

You can use this solution to spray it on your plants and the soil. Once you add this solution on the ground, you may notice some bubbles, and when you see this, you do not have to worry because it is an indication that it is working. When the bubbles disappear, the carbon peroxide will be decomposed through the water and oxygen molecules.

Once the adult fruit flies and larvae come in contact with the carbon peroxide, they will die. You must repeat this procedure daily to see immediate effects, especially if you have an infestation.

With this solution, you can also clean the drains of your sink, your shower, and toilets. It is preferable that you add the hydrogen peroxide at night before going to bed and preferably once a week. When you pour this solution down the drain, you will notice foam’s appearance, but this process is normal.

When there is foam, it is because the hydrogen peroxide is reacting to the bacteria that are accumulated in the drain. When this substance comes in contact with the fruit fly, it will die immediately. With this solution, you can also kill the larvae and eggs of this insect.

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