How To Get Rid Of Garter Snakes Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Garter Snakes

You as a protector of your home and family must be careful with snakes to avoid bites or stings in your loved ones. Find out how you can get rid of snakes naturally without using chemicals or tools to drive them away by making them aggressive. A snake is a peaceful animal that attacks if you intimidate them, so you need to learn how to handle them.

Discover everything related to garter snakes, identify them, their eating habits, and taste so that you can get rid of them. No matter which garter snake you run into in the yard or inside your house, follow the rules to drive them away. As a final step, you will discover how to keep snakes out of your house and thus give security to your family.

Identifying A Garter Snake

Garter snakes or Thamnophis Sirtalis, as indicated by their scientific name, are reptiles that you can find in North America. These snakes are not poisonous, but their bite can be harmful to the body if you don’t identify them and walk away. Garter snakes are identified by having lines or stripes on the sides of their body from start to finish.

A curious fact is that garter snakes hold the most attractive patios in the US Every year there are more than 100 confirmed cases of garter snakes that have broken into a house or garden. You can recognize garter snakes with some characteristics in their body, such as:

  • The size of garter snakes is essential for you to identify them. They usually measure from 40 cm to 1.30 m. Little garter snakes are at least 10 cm long; try to identify them at a safe distance so as not to intimidate them.
  • You can easily identify a garter snake if it has three stripes that run all over its body. The stripes of a garter snake are two on the sides and one that runs throughout the center of its body. The color for each streak or stripe varies by the reptile and can be brown, yellow, and blue.
  • The color of a garter snakes skin can be gray, dull brown, olive green, or a gradient. With each snake’s color, the stripes or stripes on the body vary, sometimes the reptile has no stripes.
  • You have to observe the size of the reptile’s head to verify that it is a garter snake. The garter snake’s head is very wide and has a different color than its fur and stripes. The snake’s tongue has a common red in the reptile but with the tip of the black color.


Garter snakes have slightly aggressive behavior; they are peaceful as long as you do not disturb them. In particular, these snakes are very beautiful and are the perfect pet for many people due to their non-aggressive habit. The defense form of the garter snake is by coiling and releasing a fetid scent until the predator disappears.

You should be careful about breeding garter snakes and more if they try to give birth in your yard. These reptiles are one of the few that gives complete babies and no eggs for incubation. For each birth, garter snakes can give 30 to 70 babies who struggle to survive in the days that follow.

If you let a garter snake inhabit your yard and reproduce, you will have many reptiles of this type. To prevent you from acquiring a plague on garter snakes, you must get rid of them immediately. Like other reptiles, these snakes love indoors and warm environments, making your home an incredible option.

What Do Garter Snakes Eat?

Because garter snakes are small, their diet is limited to:

  • Small rodents
  • Worms
  • Frogs and Toads
  • Crickets, ants, etc.

Garter snakes take the prey, suffocate and swallow them; in this process, they will resort to a calm place to digest them. You should be careful with these snakes when they eat because they want to enter your house to have peace and tranquility. One way you can scare off garter snakes is by giving them an incentive like a dead mouse.

How To Get Rid Of Garter Snakes Naturally In The Yard?

These garter snakes do not cause a serious problem for your life, but you must still get rid of them to prevent them from spreading. There are natural methods by which you can prevent a garter snake from inhabiting your yard, including:

  • Clean your yard constantly

You should keep your yard clean to prevent garter snakes and other animals from attracting the area. You should remove all those empty containers, dirty areas, or junk that you have housed in the yard. With a clean patio, no garter snake will enter or have it as its mating and lodging area.

  • Keep the grass short.

One of North America’s main problems with the appearance of garter snakes is that it does not have short grass. You should mow your lawn at least one time a month to prevent garter or other snakes from entering. With the short grass, the reptile will feel that the area is not safe and therefore has no attraction to inhabit it.

  • Catch them to relocate them to a safe habitat

If you have a garter snake in your yard, it’s time to grab it with special tools and relocate it. If you are terrified of snakes, you can contact a special that will relocate the reptile for you. You should not take the snake with your hand because it can bite you, they are not poisonous, but their bite is very painful.

  • Use The Snake Repellent

Snake repellants are not a natural method by which you will chase away reptiles, but it does work. These repellents will have it available in many veterinary stores with varied prices; you must apply it throughout the patio. You should prevent your children or family from consuming the repellent because it is highly toxic to your body.

  • Install An Anti-Snake Fence

It is a very effective method of repelling garter snakes or other reptiles in your yard, but it is very expensive. The installation of an anti-snake fence is high, and its price varies from the length that your patio has. You should use a fence as a last resort, they are very useful and protect you from any garter snakes.

How To Keep Garter Snakes Out Of Your House?

To keep garter snakes out of your home, you must do the following:

  • Install anti-snake protectors: these anti-snake protectors or meshes are characterized by not having holes through which the snakes pass. You can purchase a mesh to prevent garter snakes from entering without the need to contact an expert.
  • Get repellents: You can use snake repellents by applying them at each access in the house to prevent them from entering. You should avoid using repellents in excess so that they are not toxic to your body or your family. Quality anti-snake repellents are non-toxic, and you can purchase them at an affordable price.
  • Cover all the tiny holes in your home: As a last preventative measure, you should cover all the holes in your home’s lower area. Garter snakes will look for the smallest gap to access your home to have a quiet life.

If you implemented all the protection measures to keep the garter snakes out, you would not have unwanted guests. You should verify daily that snakes are not coiled in areas of your bathroom, kitchen, or garage where there are easy accesses. If a snake enters your house, you should marry it very carefully or contact an expert who will do this.

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