How To Get Rid Of Granddaddy Long Legs Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Granddaddy Long Legs

Find out how you can get rid of your grandfather’s long legs if you suffer from pest control. Before taking these measurements, you must know how to identify the arachnid according to its unique appearance characteristics. See where you can find Granddaddy long legs in your home or outside around you.

You should know all the information about Granddaddy long legs before proceeding with their automatic removal. Discover how you can get rid of this arachnid at home naturally and without spending so much money.

How to Identify Granddaddy long legs?

Granddaddy long legs are arachnids with a very peculiar appearance that you can easily identify at home. They have a light brown color, or in clarity, they can be seen orange; it has four pairs of legs that exceed 40 mm in height. Unlike common spiders, this species has a single structure that completes its body along with two eyes.

Female spiders of this species tend to have longer legs exceeding 50mm in height. They are harvester spiders that feed on other spiders or insects that are similar in size. They are an attraction for humidity, darkness, and the latest studies that scientists indicate that spiders love the bulb’s light.

They are very peaceful spiders, but they can cause a severe infestation if you let them stay home. If you spot Grandpa’s first leggy spider, you should start eliminating it from your home to avoid pests.

Where to find granddaddy long legs?

You can find Granddaddy long legs in your home basement, garage, bathroom, or in much-neglected areas. Outdoors, spiders of this species can make their nests in any debris that protects them. If they entered your house, the arachnid would look for a crack in the wall to hide from you.

It is very easy for you to find these spiders because their activity is not limited to the day. In the course of the morning, they will look for a way to feed on whatever insects they come across. Although it has a great advantage for pest control in your home, the spider can also cause infestations.

They are usually solitary spiders, so you will find more than one in your home if you have an infestation. You have to look for the humid and dimly lit areas in your home because there you may find these spiders.

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How to get rid of granddaddy long legs naturally?

How you can get rid of granddaddy long legs naturally are:

  • Clean up infestation areas

You can use several chemicals that will allow you to eliminate the infestation of granddaddy long legs. You can use vacuum cleaners or cleaning products such as lavender, mint, and fabric softener, among others. These strong odors are bad for granddaddy long legs, so they will run from that area and your house if you apply it everywhere.

  • Use mint

Some pest control studies have shown that peppermint is a natural repellent for these types of granddaddy long legs. If you use a spray with liquid mint in the areas where the granddaddy long legs move, you may scare them away from your environment.

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