How To Get Rid Of Ground Beetles Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Ground Beetles Naturally

Ground beetles are incests that can be very annoying if they enter your property. These insects are a large family that makes up more than 3000 species in the world. These are shiny black insects that can hide under rocks, logs, and other damp places.

They do not cause a health problem for humans, but they can be somewhat annoying. That is why it is good that you know how to identify them to get rid of ground beetles naturally.

In this guide, we’ll talk about:

  • How to identify ground beetles.
  • Why You have ground beetles in your house
  • What Kind of Damage is caused by ground beetles in your house
  • Where ground beetles commonly hide in the house
  • Different, safe ways to get rid of ground beetles in your home (and kill them)
  • And more

 Below you can learn a little more about these insects and how you can get rid of them naturally.

Identification Of Ground Beetles

Depending on the species, they can have different appearances; the most common ground beetles are brown to black. Others are metallic bronze, iridescent green, or spotty brown. It has antennae, and its head is small with large eyes on the sides, the thorax, and the abdomen.

Their shells can be shiny or opaque; they all have three body parts, although they can look different in color and size. These insects do not fly but run very fast when disturbed.

Adult ground beetles can be 1/8 to 1½ inches long. This insect’s larvae can be almost 3/4 of an inch long; the ground beetles’ larvae are dark and segmented. They can feed on small insects that are on the ground.

Life Cycle

Terrestrial beetles undergo a complete metamorphosis. The females lay their eggs in the ground and can only produce one generation a year. The pupa, when mature, becomes an adult beetle that can live between one to four years.

Their life cycle from egg to adulthood usually occurs in one season. These ground beetles are most active between April and October, so, commonly, you can see them more at this time.

Ground beetles are insects that can feed on caterpillars, aphids, slugs, fly worms, snails, and any insects that have a soft body. Depending on the type of beetle, they can also feed on seeds, plants, and shoots.

Signs of Ground Beetles Infestation

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The most apparent infestation sign is that you can find the ground beetles in your house.

Why Do You Have Ground Beetles?

These insects are generally found outdoors and are harmless because they do not cause structural damage. Although there are some species, if they feel threatened, they can release a foul acid or unpleasant gas. But if you have a large infestation, you can use natural treatments to eliminate them properly.

Lights can attract ground beetles and other bugs to your home. This can cause insects to enter through windows, doors, cracks, or holes. The good thing about these insects is that they cannot reproduce indoors, so it is very easy to get rid of them.

Where Do Ground Beetles Hide?

As mentioned above, these terrestrial insects can hide in rocks, logs, and damp places. They can hide under leaves, blankets, in pine straws, and wood chips. When there is a period of rain or high temperatures, these insects will seek shelter.

This can cause them to move their nesting sites to other locations and go home to hibernate. In houses, they can hide on the floor, under objects, and in the basement. They can also see them in their gardens, accumulated debris, etc.

Just how Do You Get the Ground Beetles in House?

Light can attract the ground beetles to your houses. The beetles typically crawl inside through gaps and cracks in foundations, although open windows or doors can offer entry. 

What Do They Eat?

Ground beetles can eat anything they see moving. They can eat from asparagus beetles, Colorado potato beetles, slugs to cabbage worms. 

Some species can eat weed seeds, earthworms, among other things.

How ground beetles cannot climb their food will depend on what they find on the ground and a few inches higher.

Damage Caused By Ground Beetles

The ground beetles when they are inside the houses are very annoying. They do not cause structural damage and do not sting humans. Some people often confuse these insects with cockroaches and other household pests that are more difficult to attack.

If you notice that the beetles become a nuisance, you can eliminate them in their natural habitat. You will also be able to seal all the entrances that you can use to enter your home.

For you to know if you have a ground beetle infestation, you must see them. There is no other sign of recognizing an infestation inside your home.

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How To Get Rid Of Ground Beetles Naturally

Have you seen ground beetles inside your home? You can look for some tips that can help you to eliminate them naturally. Follow the tips below:

  • Sanitation

If you have already noticed a ground beetle infestation inside your home, you can begin to eliminate them by sweeping or vacuuming your home. Move all furniture and objects so you can carefully check all areas of your home.

If you have decayed wood, you can remove it to deal with these insects, remove foundation debris and mulch from your home. You can trim the lawn and have it neat; with this, you can keep the beetles away from your house.

They can go through small spaces to get inside your home. If you want to keep them away, you must also seal the cracks in the walls’ doors, windows, and holes.

  • Change the lights in your house

If you want to keep them away, you can change the bright lights to yellow lights. Minimize the number of lights you use in your home, and that will keep the bugs away from your home.

  • Can use natural predators

If you want to get rid of natural beetles, you can use natural enemies. You can attract birds to your lawn using feeders or birdhouses; they can also use toads in the garden or shrews.

  • Use pesticides

If you have noticed that you have many ground beetles in your home, you may need pesticides. Many pesticides are not effective because they have thick skin, so many times, you must seek a professional’s help.

How to Prevent Ground Beetles From Getting Into Your House

Do you want to avoid ground beetles in your home? When you have removed them correctly, you must find a way to prevent them from returning to your home. The first thing to do is seal the holes, entrances, and cracks so they can’t go back in.

Keep your house neat and clean; you can periodically move furniture and objects to avoid hiding some annoying insects.

If you notice that you cannot get rid of the ground beetles alone, remember that you can call a specialist in the matter. Ground beetles can be eliminated more easily than other bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you eliminate a ground beetle infestation?

Inspect wooden products, fabrics, and foodstuff before bringing them into the business or the house to avoid some issues. In addition, the moisture control can help avoid beetle infestations. And if an infestation of the ground beetles is discovered, replace as well as discard materials, wooden items, or infested foodstuffs.

What exactly are the ground beetles attracted to?

And the ground beetles are very active at night as they are often attracted to lights. But, they can hide during the daytime and can be found on the floor, under leaves, stones, unfastened bark, logs, and in grassy areas. When uncovered, ground beetles move fast to find the shelter but seldom fly.

Do the Ground beetles jump or fly?

The ground beetles are predators which feast on slugs, aphids, caterpillars, fly maggots, as well as other beetles. This particular variety of beetle doesn’t fly but is going to climb shrubbery, trees, and other plants when searching for the prey.

Usually are ground beetles harmful to people?

Ground beetles don’t damage buildings, clothing, or food. They’re not harmful to folks. If they’re mishandled, they can pinch the skin. They’re simply a nuisance when they’re found indoors.

What eats the ground beetles?

Toads, shrews, snakes, birds, and birds love to eat this particular beetle.

What happens if the ground beetle bites you?

When the bite occurs, the beetle produces a chemical substance which can result in your skin to blister. The blister generally heals within several days and produces no permanent damage. And a ground beetle bite could cause considerable pain, which can last as much as one day or perhaps 2.

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