How To Get Rid Of Harvestmen Spiders Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Harvestmen Spiders

Please find out how you can get rid of harvester spiders in your home or nearby free area before they cause an infestation. Know the appearance of this arachnid so that you can identify and eliminate it from that moment. Know if harvester spiders are poisonous or what other kinds of dangers they can cause in you.

Learn how to eliminate harvester spiders using natural remedies that you can have at home today. Get professional advice on this arachnid and how important it is to get rid of them at home.

What are Harvester Spiders?

Harvester spiders are a very peculiar species due to their long legs and a body that only has 1 section. It is a very tiny arachnid that you may have had around the house for a long time and did not realize. The pseudonym is attributed to the fact that they are a species that traps and kills other pests such as cockroaches, bed bugs, moths, etc.

You can recognize this arachnid by its legs that reach a height of 50 mm in females at most. The light brown color dominates; they have two eyes and a single structure that makes up their entire body. These spiders can create an infestation as winter approaches due to the humidity and protection that your home can provide.

These spiders’ habitat is the humidity and dark areas you may have in your home, places like the basement, garage, etc. You must be careful with the arachnid because it can be an annoying pest in your home. They are not dangerous to your life, but you should fear them when you think they will create an infestation on your property.

Are Harvester Spiders Poisonous?

This type of spiders is not poisonous, or its bite cannot cause pain on your skin or that of your pets. You can rest assured having this information because many people doubt this harvester spider. It has a toxin that can be dangerous for other insects of your size, but it is not for you.

They are very peaceful spiders that you will not interact with, although you can eventually see them moving on the walls. As they have a unique appearance, it is difficult for you to go unnoticed, although sometimes it does. Although they are not poisonous, they detract from the aesthetics of the area and future sales value if they can be annoying in your home.

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How to get rid of Harvestmen spiders naturally?

Some strategies you can implement to get rid of harvester spiders naturally are:

  • Clean your home and get rid of nests

You have to clean your house entirely and prioritize the dark and damp areas where the harvester spider is. If you see cobwebs, try to remove them entirely and seal the cracks in the wall. The spiders will create a nest in the holes that you have in your wall, cover these accesses.

  • Use cleaning products

Cleaning products like lavender, bleach, or detergents, in general, can get rid of spiders by their smell. You will observe how the population of this arachnid decreases as you clean the home. You should not limit yourself in using the products because the higher the amount is, the better the effectiveness is.

  • Use mint

You can use peppermint as a natural repellent for harvester spiders because of its strong smell. You can buy it in cleaning products or individually and apply it in your home’s strategic areas today. You can use the product in the basement, bathrooms, garage, and abandoned rooms, among others.

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