How to Get Rid of Honey Bees Without Killing Them

How to Get Rid of Honey Bees Without Killing Them

Although bees are essential for the environment, it is understandable to protect yourself from them. And even though bees attack when provoked or perhaps in case they are defending the hive, you will find ways you are able to eliminate honey bees. It’s particularly significant in case a person in your household has a bee hypersensitivity.

Since honey bees’ population is decreasing fast, it is essential to take cautious measures to get rid of them without killing them.

Identifying the Honey Bees

Before doing something else, you’ve to learn about the bee you are fighting. Can the bees be honey bees? Or perhaps something different like carpenter bees, ground Bees or bumblebees?

Learning the kind of bee is as important as understanding how you can eliminate it. Bumblebees and carpenter bees, for instance, will vary from honey bees. They are solitary. The largest population you are able to get from them usually does not go beyond fifty or a 100. So solving them like how you typically cope with thousands of honey bees might be somewhat of an overkill.

And honey bees live in big colonies by developing hives on a window ledge or any other such structures outside the house. They’re least aggressive in regards to stinging because after they sting someone, they run out. They’ll sting if severely provoked or perhaps danger is sensed to the hive of theirs or the queen. Then, relocating the hives rather than burning them is a great method to eliminate the bees without killing them. You are able to call a beekeeper to solve it.

How you can Eliminate Honey Bees Without Killing Them

Bees are useful bugs that are reasonably harmless unless aggravated. In line with Link Roll, it’s not needed to kill bees in case you choose a hive on the property; but there are natural ways to motivate them to nest someplace else.

  • Cinnamon

As a substitute to the garlic squirt, you can sprinkle cinnamon within the hive every day for 7 days. The fragrance transmits the honey bees in search of an area to relocate.

You are able to also use various other sugary substances, like fruits and drinks. Place them five meters from the nest. Keep moving the things out weekly and, ultimately, the bees are going to build a brand new hive away from the backyard.

  • Smoke

Among the simplest yet best methods to eliminate bees without killing them is usually to smoke the hives of theirs. When they see smoke, honey bees will quickly launch the migration process and hunt for a new area.

Gather resources like spoiled timber, cardboard, or perhaps newspapers and burn them inside a room using an incinerator where smoke can even get to the hive. Meanwhile, since honey bees are daytime wildlife and inactive when it’s dark, make sure you complete it to ensure all bees are within the colony.

Remember to close your doors and windows before smoking to avoid bees from penetrating the home of yours. Based on the population and hive’s measurement, it may take around eight to ten hours to migrate.

  • Garlic Spray

Since honey bees are heavily dependent on the sense of smell, they are able to be annoyed by overpowering pungent smells. So regularly spraying a blend of crushed garlic gloves as well as water into the area they are currently entering could push them to go away from it.

  • Relocate the bees

In order to relocate bees, you need to pick attractants like sugary drinks, ripe pears, and mangoes along with other such sweet substances. Then, put them 20 feet away from the place where bees are energetic. Keep on shifting the attractants out every week until honey bees create a hive at a new area far away from home and stop visiting the original hive.

You are able to additionally put a basin loaded with sugary, soapy water close to the flowers so that they can attract honey bees. When the bees are available in touch with soapy water, the counter tension is decreased, and it gets hard for bees to come out. And the honey bees drown in it steadily.

  • Mothballs

Bees do not like the scent of mothballs, which means you might want to look into hanging a few near the nest to prevent the bees from going back.

  • Use a beekeeper

Looking for the expertise of a professional will be the best way of eliminating bees. A beekeeper is going to be in a position to determine the kind of bees you’re working with as well as come up with the best technique to eliminate them from the compound. He or perhaps she may also find a new house for the bees.

  • Bee repelling plants

It is harmless and great to use bee repelling plants for removing honey bees. All that you have to accomplish is usually to grow a small number of plants which repel bee around the compound of yours. The bee repelling plants consist of Mint, Wormwood, Marigold, Geraniums, Gum trees, Citronella, and Eucalyptus plants.

  • Use a Bee Trap

A bee trap is a great idea in case you are working with a few bees. You are able to buy a trap at any nearby backyard center. Just place it alongside the hive and hold back until the bees get trapped inside.

How to Prevent Honey From Returning

When you’ve removed all bees from the garden, it’s crucial to take preventive steps; therefore, they will not return in the long term. Allow me to share some methods you are able to try:

  • Clear the garden of yours of perfect spots for nesting

Maintaining the lawn storage clean is one powerful way to ensure that bees do not get attracted to the yard of yours. Thus, in the future, you bring out garden items before the springtime comes and ensure you need to focus on cleaning too.

  • Apply bee repellents

Put mothballs on the windowsills, Plant bee repelling plants, and get rid of standing water is also able to help a lot. These natural bee repellents are going to keep you as well as your home safe.

  • Remove all traces of honey and beeswax.

Bees are generally attracted to areas in which the others have earlier created the hives of theirs since they will smell honey and beeswax traces. Consequently, it’s essential to remove those substances entirely with a strength hose or any right cleaning product.


Honey bees are important, but they can also be a danger and a nuisance to your family. When you want to get rid of honey bees, you have to keep in mind that our environment needs the bees around. They supply us and make our world beautiful.

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