How To Get Rid Of Jumping Spiders Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Jumping Spiders Naturally

If you are afraid of jumping spiders, it is customary to want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Achieving this is not impossible, as there are many natural methods that you can use to get rid of them. As the name implies, these spiders jump a lot, and you can see them at any time of the day.

Jumping spiders can be found anywhere, and they can feed on many species of insects. These spiders are called bouncing, as they can jump up to 25 times the length of their size. If all spiders are very agile when it comes to Jumping, imagine how the jumping spider does it.

All spiders are very intelligent and think strategically when attacking an insect or when moving from one place to another. Many people do not feel phobias about spiders, and even keep them as pets in their home, although experts do not recommend it. But since everyone’s tastes are different, you’ll want to keep them away if you don’t like them.

This type of spiders:

  • They do not form cobwebs.
  • They do not eat plants.
  • They only eat other insects.

What Are Jumping Spiders?

Jumping spiders are very easy to tell apart from others, as they have huge front eyes. Like the other spiders, they have four eyes on their face and four on their shell ridges for eight eyes. Since this spider can do incredible jumps, it is the only one that can jump 25 times its body length.

Experts have shown that not even beetles can jump as high as jumping spiders. The size of most of this species of spiders has an average size of 4 to 12 mm. Its head is broad, and its legs are elongated, as is its abdomen. Jumping spiders are very eye-catching, as their colors can glow in natural light.

You can find jumping spiders in the following colors:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Silver

Some of these spiders are difficult to appreciate as they can be camouflaged. In terms of its life cycle, it is similar to that of other species of spiders, and to mate, it performs some unique movements.

Types of Jumping Spiders

There is an excellent variety of jumping spiders, and one of those that can be seen most frequently is the daring jumper. The Philippus, the zebra spider, and the peacock spider are among the most common types of this species. Many kinds of jumping spiders exist in the world, and each one of them has different characteristics.

This species of spider belongs to the family of the salticidae, and so far, about 4000 species have been discovered. In the United States alone, 300 types of jumping spiders have been found. Some characteristics can distinguish jumping spiders:

  • Color: The most common colors are black, brown, gray, pale tones.
  • Size: The length of an adult’s body can be 4 to 18 mm.
  • Legs: This type of spider has eight legs.
  • Antennas: None of this type has antennas.
  • Shape: The bodies of jumping spiders are compact.
  • Region: Most jumping spiders are located in the United States.

Are Jumping Spiders Poisonous?

Jumping spiders are known as harmless insects to humans. This insect is harmless, and it is not very common to hear that a jumping spider has bitten a human. They like to jump, so they can easily escape larger predators.

Although it does not occur frequently, jumping spiders can bite humans, even pets. But when this occurs, jumping spiders do so when they feel threatened or provoked. When jumping spiders think they are in danger, they will quickly bite as an act of defense.

When jumping spider bite, they immediately inject venom, but you should not be concerned as this venom does not harm humans. As for the bite, it can cause pain and swelling, and if neglected, there may be an infection. If a jumping spider bites you, you must disinfect the area.

Allergy sufferers can have side effects from being bitten by a jumping spider. However, this insect is not poisonous.

How To Get Rid of Jumping Spiders In the House Naturally?

To get rid of jumping spiders:

  • You can try to catch jumping spiders manually, although it might be a bit difficult.
  • You can regularly vacuum your home so that spiders will stay out of your space.
  • You can use a glass jar to try to catch the spiders. Approach the jumping spider and place the jar on it. Take a sheet of paper and slide the daughter under the jar so the spider can get caught.
  • Clean the cobwebs and remove the eggs you find from the jumping spiders, so they don’t reproduce again.
  • Check each home space to do extreme cleaning in every corner.
  • Add essential oils with a spray bottle throughout the house, since the scented odors are not very annoying for the spiders. You can use peppermint, neem, basil, and lavender essential oils.

Some people and pets are also very sensitive to scented odors, so before spraying essential oils around your home, you should dilute them with a little water. If you use essential oils as repellants, you can spray them outdoors, in doorways, vents, and HVAC vents.

How To Prevent Jumping Spiders?

The most important thing you can do to keep jumping spiders out of your home is to maintain constant cleaning. When you keep your home neat, you will keep jumping spiders and other pesky away.

If you observe these types of spiders inside your home, it is because there must be some free access point for them. This is why when you see cracks or holes in the infrastructure of your home, you should repair them quickly.

When you are on the lookout for keeping your home in perfect condition, it will be extraordinary to see intruders like jumping spiders. Take care of repairing all the cracks in your home, and if you do not know how to do it, you can contact a contractor who will leave your home like new.

To prevent spiders from entering your house, you should also keep the garden area clean. If your home’s surroundings are in poor condition, many insects will accumulate in that space, and getting rid of them will be more difficult. Housekeeping is not good friends with insects, much less jumping spiders.

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