How to Get Rid of June Bugs at Night

How to Get Rid of June Bugs

As the name suggests, these Bugs or Beetles arrive around the season of June or May. Bugs come in the northern hemisphere in spring or summer. June Bugs are harmless to humans and their pets as well. As these bugs cannot bite or sting anyone the most, they can do crawl on you. There are thousands of species of these bugs, and most of them live on flowers at night. Sometimes they can cause unrepairable damage to your crop or your flower as well.

There are many ways to kill or get rid of June bugs. Let’s first talk about their expectancy as June bugs live only a year. The problem is they multiply quickly. A female bug can lay 60 to 75 eggs. When the season arrives, they come out of the soil. The biggest problem with them is quickly multiplication in winter. They do not arrive and are in the ground and hatch into larvae. In the spring, the time is completed.

There are mainly two species around the world that we majorly see: brown or green. The green species is majorly found in Asia and Africa, and the brown species is found around in North America. Green species mostly fly in a group in daylight. Brown species enjoy going out in groups but night.

If you live in a hot area, there is a great chance that you may have seen an abundance of both these species. Both the species are attracted to light at night. There is another fun fact that brown ones cannot fly, but the green ones have wings. Green species could fly, but brown one can only hop at the right height, which gives the effect that this beetle is flying and landing.

What is June Bug?

These bugs come in the time to be specific; these come in June and May. Bugs like this live on flowers and crops so they can damage your plants. They are not as harmful as they cannot sting or bite. These bugs usually come in two species, majorly in two colors, which are brown and green. June Bugs are majorly found in Northern Hemisphere. If you are in a smoking area, there is a high chance that you have seen both the species. Green species tend to come out in daylight groups, but the brown species come in groups at night. Both species are attracted to light.

June insects are scarab beetles. There are many different species, which are typically called June bugs.

  • Ten-Lined June Beetle
  • Japanese Beetle
  • Green June Beetle
  • Chafer Beetle

All insects show up about around May and June, have about similar body design with the oval returned & pincers at the front side, and feed on landscape plants’ foliage.

The grubs of these bugs also can cause damage to turf and lawn grass. The loss is usually large brown parts in the grass than can be lifted from the soil.

Why do June Bugs Invade Your Home?

They usually invade your house in the spring months of June and May. You can see these bugs in the garden as they live by infesting plants. So, these bugs or beetles invade your house. Bugs come out of their larvae in the month of spring, so we see that in June and May. There is an immense density of these bugs in your garden. June Bugs are also attracted to light, so, usually, these bugs invade your house. If you are worried that these bugs can be harmful to you, there is nothing to worry about as these bugs do not bite or sting.

How to get rid of June Bugs at night?

Many June bugs invade our house in the night due to the attraction of lights. These bugs stay in the garden, and when a light is there, they go towards it. They are not harmful to humans, but they can be annoying. So, we are going to tell you the ways to get rid of June bugs at night.

  • Spray

We have first to treat the grass where these June bugs stay. So first, we have to use a spray with insecticide in the grass. There are many insecticides, so choosing the one which is made to kill the bug. Sprinkle all over in your garden. Water the lawn for around 30 minutes and let it seep in the ground and kill the bug

  • Trap

One of the most natural methods to kill the pests is to make a trap for them. In this method, you have to fill a jar with vegetable oil or any other oil then place a lamp on the lawn when the bugs would come near the light they would fall into the pot. This method kills the beetles, but the problem is these bugs multiply themselves, so you have to use more than one way.

  • Birds

There is a natural method to get rid of these bugs let some birds live in your lawn. They would eventually eliminate the flaws naturally, and birds do not crush your yard. So, it is a good method to get rid of the bugs.

  • Catch them by hand

Since these pests commonly move slowly, it is simple enough to eliminate June bugs by soaking them into the soapy water. Make sure you use work gloves when backpacking June bugs. Even though they do not attack, several species have the sharp spikes on the legs which can scratch.

  • Install bug zappers

These units’ LED lights will bring in June bugs into the electrical grid where the captured insect is electrocuted. June bugs are large enough, that’s the reason you need to select large size zappers.

How to Keep June Bugs Away from Your House?

June bugs are a great menace for your house as they are attracted to light, and they live in your garden, so if you want to get rid of these bugs, you have to work on your patio. If your garden has some June bug larvae or beetles you can do some of these remedies:

  • Apply insecticide

Applying insecticide is, or any other pesticide is a great option to get rid of the June Bugs as the insecticide. As poison would go in the soil and destroy their habitat, there are many insecticide options so make sure you chose the best after spraying the insecticide you have to water your lawn so that insecticide can be in the soil.

  • Make a June Bug trap.

An organic method could be used, and it is usually used everywhere to get rid of the bugs. Nothing you have to grab a bucket or jar and put vegetable oil. And the top of the container places a light to attract the insects. And when bugs would come and drop in vegetable oil.

  • Natural Way to Remove June Bugs

There is another natural way, and that is to let dwell reptiles like snake or frog, and you can let birds live in the garden. These animal’s prime diet is a bug, so they would eventually eliminate the pests.

There is a great chance that your house and garden would be gotten rid of the bugs following these remedies. These bugs are just in the spring season or summer season, but they can still be annoying, so getting rid of these bugs is essential.

Author Aalyah