How To Get Rid Of Lice With Vinegar And Listerine?

How To Get Rid Of Lice With Vinegar And Listerine

Although it has been shown that they do not present any serious threat to health, they are highly contagious and unpleasant. Head lice always show up, and you should be prepared if you are a first time parent with kids starting school early.

Millions of lice infections occur each school year. No one is safe, and everyone who cares for children knows that well. Although lice’s presence always signals negatively, doubting the quality of hygiene at home, the possibility of controlling them is very high at any age.

That is why you should not worry if any of the boys return home with their heads full of new tenants. What you need to know is how to get rid of them quickly and prevent their return.

Why Use Vinegar And Listerine As Lice Treatment?

Both vinegar and Listerine work on the lice to eliminate them and prevent them from returning. The most advantageous thing about this treatment is that it is very cheap. With just fifteen dollars and a little patience, you can end the plague in a matter of days.

How Do Vinegar And Listerine Affect Lice?

The high percentage of acidity of vinegar eliminates the egg sacs about to hatch on the scalp. It does the same with adult lice and nits by weakening their protective shell, making them much weaker. Listerine contains a high content of isopropyl alcohol that numbs adult lice, making them easier to catch by the comb.

Being so slow and weak, you can kill them very easily. Many fall just by applying the shampoo, and others will be unable to reproduce.

Any Risks Of Vinegar And Listerine To Kill Lice

The risks of using both products are not greater than those of using a specialized product. Although it must be taken into account that, although both are used, they should not be mixed.

Another recommendation is that if your child is very young or under 12 years old, you could do without the use of Listerine or use it in low concentrations. You can also use it for short periods that do not exceed 20 minutes of application.

How To Use Vinegar And Listerine To Get Rid Of Lice? 

The first thing is to apply a Listerine to the head, no matter what presentation. Then put on a shower cap; this will concentrate the alcoholic vapors inside the cap to maximize the effect and prevent your child from inhaling them. Try to leave them for no more than two hours and no less than 15 minutes. If your child is very young, try not to exceed 20 minutes.

Once you remove the Listerine with plenty of water, add the vinegar and repeat the operation. Make sure to use a new hat or at least one that is clean; do not reuse the old one. Then with a fine-tooth comb, you start combing them to catch them. Use the same time as with Listerine, although you can leave it for up to two hours.

In the end, rinse thoroughly with any shampoo and conditioner of your choice. At this point, some people recommend the use of essential oil, such as coconut or eucalyptus. This can help prevent the dry scalp from Listerine or vinegar.

This operation can be repeated every five days or once a week for a month. Then apply it every three months but for fewer weeks as prevention. In this case, you can do without the use of Listerine and use it only as a small spray before going to school.

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