How To Get Rid Of Mice Without Harming Pets

How To Get Rid Of Mice Without Harming Pets

If you are suffering from an infestation of mice at home, you must know how to get rid of them very carefully. It can be somewhat difficult to remove the pet from the house when you have dogs that can eat the poison you put on it. Find out what are the signs that you can detect when you have problems with the mouse.

Learn how you can get rid of mice without harming your pets in any way in the process. You can take these tips and get rid of the pest from your home in a few days using natural remedies.

Signs of a mouse problem

When you have a plague at home like mice, it is very easy to detect it by some key signs:

  • Strong urine odor

Mice are animals that urinate all the time, and this ammonia smell is very strong, so you will be able to detect it. The larger the infestation, the more repulsive you will smell where the animal is involved.

  • Some footprints

If you take a good look at your house’s kitchen, you will notice some mouse tracks on the ceramic or floor in general. The animal can step on a staining object and leave its tracks while moving to other places.

  • Mouse hair

Mice are very elusive but somewhat obvious when they roam around your house, leaving signs of an infestation like hair. You can see this fur in the corners of your kitchen, cabinets, or areas that are very narrow.

  • Dead mice

The best sign that you have a mouse infestation is to see some of these animals die at home. The causes of this death in mice may be lack of food or a predator like your cat killed it.

How to get rid of mice safely?

Find out how you can safely get rid of mice with some simple objects:

1. You can find a cat to get rid of mice by scent or by killing them when you see it. Cats are natural predators of mice, and when they have one, they will not rest until they kill them.

2. Mouse traps are a great option to consider when detecting the pest at home. You can buy these items in various physical stores at an affordable price; they are very useful.

3. You can cover the mice’s accesses to prevent them from entering your house from outside and creating infestations. You can close all the holes in the wall where you suspect mice will enter.

4. Contact pest control specialists to use chemicals that repel mice in your home. You can have this service for a few hours, where pest experts will use non-harmful chemicals.

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How to get rid of mice without harming pets?

Some simple tips that you can take to get rid of mice without harming your pets are:

  • Buy safe traps

There is a huge list of traps on the internet that you can buy for the mice that live in your house. You can buy these items at an affordable price, and with all the guarantees, they will not harm your pet.

  • Use anti-rat repellants

Although they have a questionable degree of effectiveness for a larger infestation of rats, you can use repellants to eliminate them. These chemicals are not harmful to your pets, so you can use them throughout your home without problems.

  • Peppermint oil is an alternative

You can alternatively take peppermint oil to get rid of rats without harming your pets in the process. You can buy this item without problems because it has an unpleasant size and taste that your dog will not like.

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