How To Get Rid Of Mold Mites Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Mold Mites Naturally

You have to know everything about mold mites and how you can get rid of them at home. These insects that are parasites can live freely in your house because the generated humidity attracts them. If you have a traditional wood-style house, the chances of a mite infestation are high.

Mites are an annoying type of arachnid, but you have to combat them with some home remedies you form at home. You have to learn everything about mites, life cycle, infestation signs, what attracts them, etc. With key information about insects, you can act against them at home without the need for professional help.

What Are Mold Mites?

Mold mites are microscopic arachnids that usually search for moisture that lives on the walls of your home. These insects are very small, reaching 5 mm when they are in the adult stage. With mites at home, you can have many complications in your life, such as allergies or very unpleasant skin bites.

The habitat for these mites is the sofa in your living room or the mattress where you usually rest at night. They are insects that feed on mold, but in addition to that, they also eat the remains of your skin and blood. When you feel the tickle in your body when you are on the couch, it may be a mite infestation.

Mold Mite Life Cycle

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The life cycle of these semi-transparent parasites is quite extended from their initial phase as larvae. The mites go through 3 stages in their pupa, larva, and adult stage that then reproduce. These insects usually live for a few days until they reach their adult stage and then exist for a few months.

Mites reproduce constantly and more when spring approaches because there is abundant food for their larvae. This parasitic insect is one of those that create the most infestation near you, so you must take care of yourself.

Signs of Mold Mites

The signs for you to know that you have mold mites at home are because you will notice how your sofa has a lot of dirt. When you sit on the sofa or your bed, you will notice a small white layer that is mites. These insects make your home look unsightly as well as giving you lots of allergies when they create an infestation.

You need a magnifying glass to see one of these insects because its size and color are not quite good. They are almost transparent arachnids that move quickly in the place where they live, which in this case would be your moldy sofa.

Mold mites

What Are They Attracted To?

Everything that has mold, humid, cold spaces, and where you live is good for living for mites. These insects always look for the sofas because it is the safest area and where you can sit daily. Mites not only feed on mold, but they also prioritize the skin debris you leave on the couch.

If you have a house where mold is excessive, it attracts mites that will quickly form an infestation. Ideally, you should clean your home of mold or other dirt that attracts the parasite and its infestation.

Do Mold Mites Bite?

It is unlikely that you will have problems with mites and their bites because these insects are passive in such a case. The mites are only waiting to feed, reproduce, and extend their life span as long as they can. These parasites are attracted to your bite skin that you indirectly leave on the couch, house, or another area of ​​the house.

What Do They Eat?

Mites attach importance to mold, dead human skin, food scraps, dust, or other items in your home. These parasitic insects are scavengers, so. Their diet covers everything in your house. As the mites have a very open diet, this helps them to have a fairly long life.

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How To Get Rid Of Mold Mites Naturally?

When you feel or observe with a magnifying glass the mold mites, you must consider eliminating them naturally. The things that you can do to eliminate this pest that lives in your house are:

  • Clean mold

You can clean the mold on the walls of your house, near the sofa, bed, or another area to avoid mites.

  • Total cleaning at home

Clean your entire house to make it unattractive to insects of this type.

  • Use the vacuum cleaner

Vacuum your sofa, bed, towels, clothes store, among other things where mites can be.

  • Use natural repellants

Try applying natural repellants against mites like garlic with water, rosemary, lavender, diatomaceous earth, etc.

  • Avoid dirt at home

Never let dirt take over your home because this will attract mites and other pests to your home.

  • Replace the sofa with the plague

Change the sofa when the mite infestation is irreversible even though you did the corresponding cleaning.

You should apply these simple methods to get rid of mold mites naturally without having professional help. You only need to use items at home to kill the mites by suffocation or chasing them from where they are.

How To Prevent Mold Mites?

Mites are annoying when they focus on creating an infestation at home, so you have to prevent their next appearance. You should apply some basic methods to protect your home against mites and other harmful pests. Among the measures that you should apply to avoid mites are:

  • Avoid excess mold.

Prevent mold from taking over your home so that mites do not appear and form an infestation.

  • Use natural remedies

Use natural elements like walnut oil, garlic with water, or cleaning products with a really strong smell.

  • Clean your home

Always clean the house so that the mites do not give importance to it and do not create that annoying invasion.

  • Wash your dirty clothes

Try to wash your starting clothes after winning to avoid mites that you took for your friends or in the environment.

  • Bathe your pet

Bathe your dog frequently to prevent it from bringing in mites after its morning walk.

You can apply all these preventative measures to prevent mold mites from reaching your home today. If you abide by some basic rules, you will not be afraid of mites or other pests that can form a serious invasion. Any effect that you apply at home against mites will give good results, and you will see it reflected in the decrease of flu.

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