How to Get Rid of Molds

How to Get Rid of Molds


When you notice the growth of molds in your house, the first action you need to take is to call a licensed mold inspector in order to get rid of the problem. Avoiding doing so will give you quite a trouble. The indoor atmosphere of your home will always lack the desired dryness. You may experience a musty smell from your indoor. These may lead to serious health problems like asthma and several skin related diseases.

Now when you call an inspector for mold inspection, you need to know the process of the same. An efficient mold inspector will check the affected area within your home. She/he will also perform a deep check of exterior and other areas in order to understand the root of the problem. Let’s check out the steps which an inspector performs for mold detection.

When mold inspector will reach to your place, she/he will start checking from the outer area of your home. They will check for-

  • Heat, cold, and proportion of moisturizer
  • The location of the drainage system
  • Location of the sloped area (if any)
  • Presence of biological debris
  • Plant, trees or bushes inside the home premises
  • Composition of the roof
  • Cracks in the structural part of the building
  • Total floors of the home.

Once they are done with the interior part, they will go for a check of the internal part of the home. Here, they will check for-

Interior temperature and the humidity level

  • Decrepit smell and its source
  • Any part of the home that is having a relatively higher and unusual level of moist
  • Area or systems that are leaking water like roof, plumbing and HVAC unit and more
  • If occupants are having symptoms of mold allergy
  • Condition of the HVAC system, its maintenance and cleaning interval

They will also conduct some other checks like-

Spore detection

This is conducted while testing the indoor air quality. They will carry an instrument called “spore trap” and catch spores of mold. With the help of this instrument, they will draw wind through an ultra-thin sheath. The spores will be sent to the testing lab for further examinations. This will help them to understand the level of molds present in the home such as they are in the usual level or it’s much higher than the usual.

Swab Detection

Through this check, they will be able to detect the species of the fungi. Through these checks, an inspector will be able to help you with the best result of mold check and keep your home safe from molds.

How Best to Clean and Control Mold

One positive point with mold is the effect caused by them is quite visible. Let’s check out the conditions when a mold checkup might be necessary.

  • If you find that your roof is leaking water, your basement is flooding and a lot of water is getting sprayed by your kitchen pipe, you need to go ahead and conduct a mold checkup. Any place that is in extreme moisture for or more than consistent 24 to 48 hours can get a mold contagion.
  • When you buy a new property, you must conduct an inspection for mold. Because there is no other way to understand the home is already mold contaminated or not.
  • If you have left your home vacant for a long period of time, due to the possibility of building up extra moisture can lead to mold contamination. This happens often in areas with higher temperature and humidity.  In this case, your house might need a through mold check.
  • If some green, black, white or blue objects start growing in your home and it spreads out very quickly, it may be an indication of mold contamination. In this case, you should not delay and go for a mold test.

The Cost

The cost of this process depends on the size of the affected area. There are per square feet price available for this inspection process.

 Mold Soaps and Mold Killing Cleaners

Well, you can’t stay away from molds completely. This is because of their spores. However, with a dry atmosphere, you can protect yourself in a better way.

Always remember, the more you keep your house dry, safer you are from molds. Also, a regular mold check up by a professional will help a lot. Also, Going for a mold check up gives you the maximum safety to stay away from molds.

However, if you want to save some bucks for your coming vacations, you can go for different mold soaps and cleansers available in the market. Those help a lot. You can pick any one of them and keep yourself away from molds.

 Best Natural Mold Removal
  • White vinegar

Do you want to remove mold from your walls without spending a lot of money? Do not hesitate to take advantage of the prodigious white vinegar. This popular product has important antibacterial and antifungal substances that will facilitate the task of cleaning these fungi

  • Tea tree essential oil

Because of its powerful antibiotic and antibacterial qualities, tea tree essential oil is a natural product with multiple applications in the home and medicine.

Its price is a little higher, compared to other cleaning items, but the advantage is that it is not aggressive with health and is friendly to the environment.

Dilute a teaspoon of tea tree essential oil in half a liter of water and spray it on stained surfaces.

Wait a few minutes for your compounds to act and rub it with a cloth or brush.

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