How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In The Car

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In The Car

Travel any long way by car, especially when we are in summer. We are heading to our vacation destination, resulting in a windshield and body full of remains of insects and especially mosquitoes. Here we are going to give you some tips so that you can achieve it.

What Attracts Mosquitoes To Your Car?

Mosquitoes anywhere, mainly indoors, can be annoying. Many people are even allergic to their bites and suffer significant skin lesions from their presence. In cars, the humidity inside and high temperatures can attract them, so it is important to know what attracts them to understand how to drive them away.

Among some factors that can cause mosquitoes to reach your car, we can mention:

  • Body odor

The odor that we emit when we sweat can be an attractive factor for mosquitoes inside the vehicle. When we sweat, we emit a sweet smell that is very favorable and pleasant to them, so this may be one of the causes of its presence.

  • When we ingest alcohol or beer, we can attract mosquitoes even more.

If we are inside the car and consume some alcohol, such as beers, we will likely begin to notice its greater presence since the smell we emit attracts them significantly.

  • The carbon dioxide that we emit when we breathe

Through our breathing function, we can emit certain gases such as carbon dioxide that make these insects come closer to our bodies. The greater the size and weight, the greater the amount of carbon dioxide that the person emits, so we can already know why some people attract more mosquitoes than others.

  • Remains of garbage or food inside the vehicle

If you leave bags or containers with remains of food or substances inside the car, mosquitoes can be attracted to these substances’ odors, even with their decomposition.

  • Perfumes or lotions with a sweet scent

If you use perfumes, body creams, or some other type of conditioner with a sweet smell, you may notice that mosquitoes increase inside your vehicle, being a small and closed place to stay quickly.

  • Some colors like red and black

Clothing or garments of this color, even the seats of your car with linings of this color, can also be a determining factor that will attract mosquitoes to your vehicle.

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How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Your Car?

Suppose you already have mosquitoes inside your car, or even your upholstery and paint are affected by these insects’ presence. In that case, there are specific natural remedies and recommendations that you can follow to get rid of them. Among them, we can mention:

  • If mosquitoes have affected your car’s body, there is an easy and practical remedy to do.

By moistening a towel and placing it on the surface of your car’s body overnight, you can remove the stains and mosquitoes stuck to your car the next morning with a cotton cloth and a sponge.

  • Apply anti-mosquito products to the entire body of your car

You can also go to your pharmacy or store of preference, and look for recommendations of mosquito repellent products specifically for car bodies, and apply them to your car. With them, you will prevent these insects from landing on your car, and you will reduce the stains and encrustations that they cause, and that can damage the appearance of your car.

  • Place aromatic bags with repellent odors from these insects inside your car

If you want, you can prepare bags with aromas of lemon, eucalyptus, cloves, or even with basil leaves, to be kept inside your car, and using these smells prevent mosquitoes from entering it.

  • Clean your upholstery with vinegar or lemon

Without a doubt, doing so will prevent these insects from having the ideal environment they are looking for since vinegar is a natural repellent for these insects due to its acidic and robust smell. At the same time, lemon with its aroma astringent is also great for driving them out of your car.

  • If your seats have a lining, you must remove them from time to time and keep them clean and neat

Since your seats trap sweat and store bacteria and remains of your body odors, it is necessary that from time to time, you wash them with detergent and remove the dirt. In this way, you can keep mosquitoes away and reduce the environment they seek inside the car.

How to Prevent mosquitoes from getting into Your Car?

To always keep them away from your car’s interior and bodywork, you can do it by carrying out certain cleaning and product application routines. It is also important to recognize the times of the year when their presence increases, take the necessary measures, and keep these annoying insects away from your car.

Here’s what you can do routinely to prevent these insects from entering your car:

  • Apply mosquito repellants from time to time to all your bodywork and glasses

Renew the products from time to time, ensures that their repellent action does not end, and will keep these insects at bay during the time of greatest presence in the environment.

  • Routinely clean your car’s interior.

Do not expect to notice that your upholstery and interior of your car are dirty; every week, take a cloth soaked in repellants like the ones we mentioned above and go over all surfaces to avoid mosquitoes inside the car.

  • Do not use sweet and soft odors that can attract them inside your car.

During the time of these insects’ greatest presence, avoid applying perfumes and creams that can be very attractive to mosquitoes on your body.

  • Do not put air fresheners inside the car with sweet smells.

Similarly, as on your body, avoid putting air fresheners or spraying sprays inside the car that emit pleasant odors that can attract these insects.

  • Keep the interior of your car clean and free of garbage and food debris.

Always be careful not to have empty containers or traces of sweets or food inside your car, as you may be creating the ideal environment for mosquitoes.

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