How To Get Rid Of Mud Dauber Wasps Naturally

How to Get Rid Of Mud Dauber Wasps

If you are wondering what mud wasps are, you should know that it is a species of wasps. In infestation cases, it is recommended that you focus on looking for organic solutions to avoid the toxicity levels of some chemicals. And, you can save yourself the expense of hiring a professional exterminator.

Finding a natural method to eliminate a wasp infestation can become a real challenge. However, there are several ways to recognize this type of species to prevent the infestation in your house. In this case, you must pay attention to the possible natural solutions below.

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What Are Mud Daubers?

What Are Mud Daubers

To determine if you have mud wasps near your property, you must pay attention to the following information.

This type of wasps is a species of two hundred genera that usually live in hot climates. They are characterized by the fact of constructing unpleasant-looking combs for owners suffering from this type of infestation. Its main activities are to build nests in the ground with clay materials. One of its positive aspects is the fact of keeping other types of insects away.

Types of mud dauber wasps

Wasps are classified into a total of six subfamilies that comprise the total number of species that exist.

There is simply one type of potter wasp from the ecumenical family, and they include most species. So if you are still wondering what mud stains are, you should know that it is a species belonging to this family.

Potter wasps

To identify them, you must consider their dark color and patterns that contrast in the yellow or orange background. They are called potter wasps because they build their nests in mud.


In the subfamily categories, you can find species such as Euparagiinae, which has eight genera. Masarinae is also seen with a total of eight genera that feed exclusively on pollen and nectar.


Among the tropical species are the Polistinae that live in hot climates and comprise five genera. One of the most advanced subfamilies is the Vespidae, with four genera that usually inhabit cities.

Do they sting or bite?

Unlike wasps, they tend to bite, and there are even species that contain a venom capable of causing injuries.

 In these cases, one of the most frequently asked questions is what mud stains are when it comes to potter bees. But, again, the consequences are minimal, and no procedure is required except for the extraction of the stinger in some cases.

Keep in mind that wasps have a smooth stinger that allows them to sting or bite repeatedly. Therefore, this type of species constitutes a low percentage of incidents.

When are mud wasps most active?

When are mud wasps most active

This type of wasps has a relatively regular period of activity during sunny days or hot climates.

Wasps tend to be active during the day, and it is even much more likely to attack their nest at night. They also tend to appear more frequently during the summer and between May and September. They tend to stay active with specific bright colors and can attack to protect their nest. In addition, they can often be disturbed by certain scents related to citrus or certain plants, such as a bay leaf.

How long do mud daubers live?

This type of wasps is very peculiar both in the shape of their nests and in their life span.

This type of species is characterized by being solitary, and in the case of males, they can reach an average of three to four weeks. However, the female can live for two to three months, and during that time, it is dedicated to building nests for its eggs.

Do mud daubers sting or bite you?

Mud wasps can sting less frequently compared to other species.

Their bites are usually quite mild and do not even require specific treatment for recovery. They produce a slight swelling that generally disappears after a week with the application of ice. If you keep the proper distance, you can avoid the risk of being stung by this type of wasps.

Are mud Dauber Wasps aggressive?

Unlike other wasps, potters show much less aggressive behavior.

Mud wasps attack when threatened by some sudden movement. For your added peace of mind, they are a species that accounts for a low percentage of bite incidents.

If you have a nest at home, you recommend looking for organic alternatives to remove it and avoid any inconvenience.

How do you keep mud daubers away?

How do you keep mud daubers away

To prevent this type of wasps from forming nests in your home, it is recommended that you pay attention to the following tips:

  • Identification of the wasp

Keep in mind that the behavior of wasps can vary depending on the type of species.

 The first step in preventing or eradicating nest formation is identifying the type of wasps that live in your home. It is crucial to obtain information that influences the formation of their nests. In this way, you can facilitate the fact of removing this type of pests.

If you are still wondering what mud stains are or how to identify them, you should consider the shape of your nest. This is characterized by being made of mud and is frequently found on the ground. Its shape is quite characteristic. It has an unpleasant aesthetic appearance that can vary between gray and brown.

The best way to identify these wasps is through their color pattern and definition of stripes. This species has a rather peculiar pattern of thick stripes and a color between yellow and dark orange.

  • Cleaning

If you have a country house or live in a hot climate, it is recommended that you make sure to keep the green areas impeccable.

Focus on roofs and walls outside to avoid nesting. You must avoid leaving residues of candy or food to facilitate the task of driving them away.

During this process, it is recommended that you use some lemon disinfectant to repel the wasps. Remember that they hate citrus scents and plants with strong scents like bay leaf.

  • Preventive measures

To prevent them from entering your home, you need to put mosquito nets on the windows or cracks in the walls.

The first step in preventing bee attacks is to start by removing food residues from terraces or gardens. It is necessary to seal the cracks in places where they usually live to avoid any attack. It is also helpful to add certain essential oils to your pets and prevent them from being attacked. One of the most important preventative measures is avoiding sweet food odors or residues along with bright colors.

  • Use natural methods

There are a wide variety of natural methods that can help you eradicate wasps without hiring an exterminator.

Flowers and plants are the best allies to drive away wasps from your property for a long time. In this case, you can use plants with fresh scents such as jasmine or lavender to repel them.

How to get rid of mud dauber wasps naturally?

Once you use the following methods, you won’t have to wonder what mud stains are.

  • Selection of the natural method

Keep in mind that each species of wasp is capable of repelling completely different scents or factors.

 To select the appropriate method, you must identify the type of wasp that lives on your property. In the case of potter wasps, you can use coffee or any plant with a fresh smell as a repellent.

  • Application of the organic method

The most effective method of keeping potter bees off your property is the smell of coffee powder.

One of the most effective methods is to add at least two tablespoons of coffee to an aluminum container or ashtray. Once you gather the elements, you should continue to light them near the nest to scare away the bees for life. This is one of the safest and most efficient ways to enjoy the great outdoors’ benefits safely.

  • Post-cleaning

Cleanliness is an important factor to prevent this type of wasps from forming their nest again during the summer.

Once you have eradicated the nest, it is recommended that you make sure to remove the residue with hot water and a lemon disinfectant. This measure is very useful to avoid the formation of another nest during the following seasons.

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