How to Get Rid Of Opossum Under Deck

How to get rid of opossum under deck

Because opossums are opportunistic creatures, they can consume almost everything.

The key reason for an opossum’s existence is the food supply commonly discovered beneath the home and under your deck.

Once they’ve found a decent food supply, the opossum will look for a suitable spot to live, which is usually your building’s deck or attic.

What will repel a possum?

Possums are deterred by sprinkling fresh garlic chunks in the water around a garden area. Possums are also repelled by a spicy sauce, or hot peppers combined with a little water and dish detergent and put on plants that the possum finds delicious.

What do possums hate most?

  • Black tea.
  • Quassia chips.
  • Mustard.
  • Hot sauce.
  • Hot peppers.
  • Onion.
  • Garlic.
  • Molasses.

Do possums live under decks?

Opossums should be on the watch for homeowners who wish to defend their land.

The pests make nests under sheds and decks, where they find cover and raise their young. Because they are sheltered from predators and harsh weather, they prefer these enclosed places.

Are possums bad to have around?

Yes. They are quite beneficial when compared to other forms of fauna. Opossums are not only important to the ecology, but they may also be a great asset in your garden, despite the fact that most people try to keep them under control.

How to get rid of opossum under deck

Opossums can enter your home by a variety of entry points, including beneath the deck, subterranean basement, garden fence, roof, pet entrances, and so on.

If you have a significant opossum problem in your home and observe the animal returning, there are a few more natural methods that can help you get rid of them quickly.

  • Use electric repellents

Electric opossum repellents can be used to scare them away.

The gadget is easy to operate and maintain. It is both ecologically friendly and effective in animal repellent.

  • Seal the access points

To get rid of opossums in your house and under your deck, the best method is to prevent them from entering the area.

Once you’ve determined that they’re gone, simply block access to chimneys, vents, and any other gaps or holes.

  • Remove Food Source

Clear any fallen fruit from the trees, as well as wood heaps and other potential hiding spots near your deck.

  • Remove dense hedges or foliage.

Trim or eliminate overgrown bushes or foliage that hides them beneath your deck.

  • Garlic

Opossums are occasionally deterred by the smell and taste of garlic.

  • Ammonia

Fill a jar halfway with ammonia and poke a hole in the lid.

  • Pet Fur 

Opossums will flee from any potential predators, such as a dog or cat.

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How to Prevent Opossums From building a nest under your Deck

How to Prevent Opossums From building a nest under your Deck

Board Up Openings

If you’ve already experienced opossums beneath your deck or house, you should seal the entrances.

Secure Your Garage Cans

Trash attracts opossums because it smells delicious to them. Make sure your garbage cans are properly closed to keep the scent at bay.

What smell do possums hate?

Possums are attracted to the smells of ammonia and garlic. Pour a modest quantity of ammonia into a coffee can with a lid if you’re using it.

Place cloth inside the ammonia and pull one end through the hole in the lid.

To disperse the vapors, use the rag as a wick.

What smell attracts possums?

Some odors are particularly appealing to opossums.

They are typically drawn to cinnamon fragrances, so if you have some remaining in your yard, be prepared to welcome these critters.

This is why most people who want to get rid of possums in their yards employ these aromas to attract them to baits.

Where do Possums sleep during the day?

Opossums in Virginia are nocturnal (active during the night). In the daytime, they sleep in hollow trees or abandoned burrows used by rodents.

What time do possums come out at night?

It is advisable to release a possum at dusk, not more than 150 meters from where it was captured, and near something that will allow it to climb immediately, such as a tree or tall fence. Otherwise, the animal will not survive.

Where do possums live during the winter?

Opossums spend the winter in dens that are dry, protected, and safe because their fur doesn’t provide much protection from the cold.

Because opossums’ hairless tails, ears, and toes are susceptible to frostbite, they frequently “hunker down” during really cold spells.

Trees or hollow logs may be used as dens.

Why is opossum out during the day?

If hunted or scared by other animals such as dogs or cats, opossums will come out of their dens or shelters during the day.

The pests are preyed upon by several predators and will flee at the first hint of danger.

They frequently climb fences or trees and wait all day until they feel safe enough to come home.

How small a hole can a possum get through?

They don’t normally dig large holes; instead, they make use of holes that already exist.

Animals have a remarkable ability to pass through even the tiniest of openings. Even though an opossum is roughly the size of a house cat, it can squeeze through openings that are smaller than 3 inches in diameter.

Can possums jump up?

Possums can jump and sprint up trees swiftly, reaching speeds of around 3.5 miles per hour while running.

Possums have been known to use their feet to cling to things like ropes and sticks, as well as jump from one location to another.

What’s the best bait for possums?

Fish or apples are the ideal possum bait, despite the fact that they aren’t extremely picky eaters.

Opossum traps can also be baited with canned pet food. While there are differing opinions on the finest opossum bait, all experienced trappers agree that the smellier the bait, the better.

Can possums chew through the wood?

Opossums are insects because they will eat practically everything and break into anything to get their next meal.

Opossums may cause significant damage to your home by eating through wood and drywall, biting on electrical wire, and ripping away all of your insulation.

Will bleach keep possums away?

Possums can be deterred by a simple solution of one part bleach to ten parts water. Remember that you’ll most likely smell it as well, and this isn’t a long-term solution.

Will mothballs keep possums away?

Opossums, like many other animals, are attracted to certain odors that repel them.

They can’t stand the scents of ammonia and mothballs.

If you’re going to utilize this strategy, make sure it’s somewhere a possum might hide. For good measure, scatter some mothballs over the area.

Will vinegar repel possums?

Opossums can be gotten rid of using vinegar or fox urine.

They wander around at night, so when your Opossum comes out for its food, sprinkle, spritz, or drop your vinegar on the location where it was last seen. 

Does Irish Spring soap repel possums?

You can use the Irish Spring soap to keep vermin away, but possums seem to prefer the flavored soap.


If you haven’t seen an opossum on your property but are concerned about their behaviors, such as strewn rubbish, take steps to identify them and remove them quickly.

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