How to Get Rid Of Oriental Cockroaches Naturally

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Oriental cockroaches, also known as Blatta Orientalis commonly called black beetles or water bugs. These cockroaches are carriers of viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms. However, they do not directly affect human health, but they spread disease caused by microorganisms, excrement, and excess skin wherever they travel. If someone gets exposed, sensitive people (like asthma patients) might experience several symptoms like sneezing, wheezing, watery eyes, and itching. 

Moreover, oriental cockroaches have a unique roach odor. They live in moist locations such as around floor drains and basements; they are allied with water. On the outside, they live near crawlspaces, retaining walls, yards, and foundations. These cockroaches are more attracted to moist places and may settle their grow their population. So, you might be wondering How to get rid of oriental cockroaches naturally without squishing them or spraying any chemical on them. Here below is everything you need to know about oriental cockroaches and how to get off them.

What Are Oriental Cockroaches?

The oriental cockroaches having a shiny black appearance and are almost about 1.25 inches long. They have wings, but both male and female cockroaches cannot fly. They love moist places that are dark in color. Moreover, adult male roaches are almost an inch long, whereas female adult roaches are a bit longer, measured at above an inch. 

Their body color is black, along with a greasy sheen look. Female roaches have triangular and short wings. Male adult roaches are more evolved, and their wings are equal to the length of the body. Their offspring has no wings and known by the name nymphs.

Generally, female adult cockroaches live anywhere around a few weeks or a few months. In the meantime, the adult female roaches will produce more than 150 nymphs that take almost a year or more to develop their body entirely. Studies show that the adult oriental cockroaches’ population increases in early summer, so there are chances of spreading infection from spring to fall season. 

What Does An Oriental Cockroach Poop Look Like?

Oriental cockroach comes in the category of larger roaches that produces more giant droppings. These are generally either oval-shaped or roundish chunks and like a stain and smears on the surface, roaches are swarming.  

Sometimes you may not be able to see roach poop as these will be so scattered and minimal. When you see a large infestation, it might be impossible for you to miss any poop and other stuff of cockroaches such as egg cases left over, cockroach body parts, and discarded shells. 

They produce poop that is cylindrical, solid feces equal to the size of rice grain. If you look closely, you will ridges between those from one end to the other, giving it an appearance like fennel seed. However, other roaches frass might be smaller; this is the main difference between the poop of a mice and oriental roaches because most of the mice poop are smooth, whereas cockroaches have pointed poop that is pointed at each end. 

What Attracts Oriental Cockroaches?

Oriental cockroaches often live in floor drains, as these have moisture. They enter your house through these drains and find dark, cool places and have moisture as they live on three things: food and water and harborages. They are probably attracted to food and water. It is the main reason why these are mostly found in these areas. 

So remember to keep clean those places that are dark, moist, and cool. Such as under cement foundations, edge spaces, landscape mulches, bark mulch, thick vegetations, trash dumps and garbage, water meters, water valve pits, abandoned cisterns, under debris, and piles, basements, floor drains, and other moist places. Moreover, they can tolerate lower temperature range; those other cockroaches species cannot endure the change in temperature and may die.

Where Do Oriental Roaches Hide?

Oriental cockroaches can’t climb on vertical, smooth surfaces. So if you spot any large roaches crawling on your wall or cupboard, it is defiantly not an oriental roach. There are two places where they can be spot and start their habitat.

Inside Your House

Studies shows, oriental roaches gather in considerable numbers in dark, moist, and cold places. If you think your home got these roaches, you should find their habitat in those places with sufficient water supply. Such as:

  • Moist basements, roaches find it suitable for their eggs to grow.
  • Edge spaces, these small creatures find those spaces and live there inside your house.
  • The drainage system in the floor
  • Below the sinks
  • Near washing machines

Outside The House

They also look at outdoor places that have moisture. So, make sure you check places around your home and backyard. Such a site can be:

  • Plenty of leafs
  • Covered grounds
  • Dumping cans and garbage cans
  • Cisterns

However, when there is no water or moist areas are found, these roaches try to make their path inside through an opening in low grounds like via air duct, under a door, garbage chute, and dryer vent. Moreover, roaches feed on garbage and filth, and in fact, they can survive without eating for a month, but they cannot survive a couple of weeks without a water supply. 

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How To Eliminate Oriental Cockroaches Naturally 

  • Provide Them What They Want

Whenever you see a cockroach, hundreds of roaches present from which you are not aware of. A practical method to eliminate oriental roaches is to sprinkle roach bait in every 6 feet area near wherever you found them. These baits are a blend of the formula of two things that is food and water, along with an insecticide. 

It is assumed that the cockroaches will find the bait and then share it with other cockroaches. However, the best thing about this bait is that it will work up to six months, roaches will find the bait attractive. So, you now onwards, you do not have to worry about How to get rid of oriental cockroaches naturally for another six months.

  • Do Not Squish Spray Sanitizer

Like other pests and insects, oriental roaches need three things to survive: water, food, and harborage. If you are successfully able to eliminate one of those things through the help of proper sanitation. The population of roaches will be forced to leave that place or will die. Moreover, keep in mind that you do not use both bait and sanitizer because dead roaches will not share their bait with other roaches.

  • Keep The Future Cockroaches Out Of The Bay

to keep more oriental cockroaches to enter your home, use insect killers and spray it on prone places such as doors, windows, sink outlets, etc. if the cockroach tries to enter your house, it will die. Moreover, you can use many natural products to spray that can work up to 12 months. Therefore, you do not have to worry about spraying the product every day or every month.

Above mentioned is all about How to get rid of oriental cockroaches naturally; you will be able to get rid of oriental cockroaches and can keep your house safe and secured from future cockroaches for almost a year. If you use several insect products, that will be more suitable for you to get rid of them more quickly and naturally.

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