How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs

How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs Naturally

Every house faces this problem that causes some cockroaches. And the palmetto bug is caused by the Florida woods cockroach, which is a large cockroach in the world, which only causes this palmetto bug. This cockroach grows thirty to forty-millimeter length. So this is the largest cockroach in the world and the most dangerous cockroach too. There are several names for this cockroach, such as skunk roach, Florida stink roach, skunk cockroach, and stinking cockroach. The gender of this cockroach is female, and these cockroaches are moving slowly. And the warm places are the home for these cockroaches.

What is a palmetto bug?

Already you people know what a palmetto bug is. Now you can see how it is spread by those Florida cockroaches. That is, this type of Florida cockroaches stay in the warm and moisturized places. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of these palmetto bugs. And the only benefit of these roaches is it is large, and the disadvantage of these roaches is it is moving very slow. These roaches are live in unclean places and cause some health issues. Another name of this palmetto bug is American cockroaches. Also, it will come in a colder climate. It will cause many varieties of disease to a person who eats any foods that contain any one of the diseases. So wash your plate or kitchen wares before using it for cooking.

Facts about a palmetto bug:

Some people had few doubts about these palmetto bugs. That is, palmetto bugs are biting humans. The word “palmetto bugs” is used to represent some types of cockroaches. Maybe the several names used by the people can confuse you to identify these palmetto bugs. These palmetto bugs are large in size and brown in color, so you can quickly identify these cockroaches. These palmetto bugs are members of the Blattodea family. These cockroaches are looks like a normal female cockroach. You can find out these roaches in the outdoor locations, and this cockroach lived in the tree holes. So that place also you can find out this cockroach.

What attracts palmetto bugs?

Usually, the unclean places are the home of these roaches. So they live in that place and spread the disease to the people in that house. Also, the moisturized places are the best place for them to live, so if you want to find them in your home, search for the warm location in your house. And if your house had any unclean properties, then that attracts these palmetto bugs very much. Do not think that it is not a serious matter because it could cause any health issues. And clean every inch of your house, and that will make your house palmetto bug free home.

The first thing that this cockroach loves the most is humidity places in the house. The kitchen sink is the best food providing the place for those cockroaches because our food plates contain some meals, and we did not wash those plates immediately put in the sink instead of washing it after some hours. So this will help those roaches to eat those foods and spread disease in that place. Usually, this disease will not go after washing the plate instead of it stay for a long time, and when you add any food on that plate, then that disease will go to your stomach directly and create some stomach issues. So wash your kitchen wares immediately after putting that into the sink.

Do palmetto bugs bite?

The palmetto bugs like a diet plan of food scraps, plants, trash, and decaying meats, so it is very unusual for them to attack humans. Nevertheless, if they bite you, the bite is going to look like a little red mark that must heal within a few days.

How to get rid of palmetto bugs?

Some people think that getting rid of palmetto bugs and for those people here are some instructions for making your house cockroach free. That is the best way to make your apartment cockroach free is to spray the house with insecticide. A lot of pesticides are available in the market, so you can search that and buy the best insecticide to get rid of these palmetto bugs. The spraying ways are the first thing is to find out the cockroach living area and spray this insecticide. Then if there are any palmetto bugs in that place, spray this insecticide to get rid of them.

  • Clean the kitchen

Clean the counters after meals, place all dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and prevent food kept in airtight containers.

  • Natural pesticides

Probably The best natural pesticides for offering with palmetto bugs are the ones that contain citrus. And for a few bucks, you are able to get a great pesticide that you are able to make use of to exterminate these roaches. Nevertheless, as you purchase one, the golden rule must always ensure that it doesn’t have some chemicals that could be bad for your plants or pets.

You’d not need to get your particular cat or perhaps dog sick to eliminate some pesky bugs, might you?

Additionally, you are able to create a pesticide at home in case you’re unwilling to spend a bit of hard cash to purchase one. For a powerful palmetto bug spray, blend the black pepper with a bit of tobacco (3.5 grams) as well as liquid dishwashing detergent (approximately one teaspoon).

  • Vacuum regularly

Clean up the stray crumbs or perhaps food particles which have dropped on the floor to get rid of prospective food supply for these pests.

  • Bait Stations

Check out the local hardware shop to buy bait stations that have fipronil or perhaps hydramethylnone insecticides. And put a dozen of the boxes around your home to draw in the palmettos and eliminate them instantly.

  • Create a homemade repellent for palmetto bug

You are able to use mint oil like an all-natural insecticide to eliminate other roaches and palmetto bugs. Mint oil is deadly to insects and can remove any musty fragrances they leave behind. Add some peppermint oil to a squirt container loaded with spray and water in areas you believe roaches live. The scent is going to drive out the bugs.

  • Set out neem oil baits

The neem oil baits can prevent a cockroach’s hormones as well as stop it from breeding. Meanwhile, buy the natural baits with the neem oil and put them on the kitchen floors.

How to prevent palmetto bugs?

Only one idea to prevent your house from palmetto bugs that are to clean your house daily and make sure there is no palmetto bug in your kitchen wares. Wash those kitchen wares twice will make you prevent the cause of health issues. Then buy a quality spray to get rid of these palmetto bugs. Without your awareness, there is no action will be performed, so be aware of that. Some people did not wash their kitchen wares with soap or liquid soaps instead of washing those wares with only water, which is not a better way to get rid of palmetto bugs. So do not wash your kitchen wares with water and use any soap for better effects. And if you want to know home remedies for preventing your house from palmetto bugs, start reading below points.

Home remedies to prevent palmetto bugs

The home remedies for preventing your house from palmetto bugs are given here and follow those steps, providing effective results. The first method is taking some baking soda and mixing it with sugar, which will be the best combination for killing the roaches. This method is our ancestor’s idea, and it works. You can think that we want to take sugar to prevent bugs because sugar attracts the roaches, and baking soda kills these roaches. So only this is the best killer combination to killing the cockroaches. Try this method in your home and get rid of palmetto bugs. Also, you can use cockroach sprays to killing those roaches. A lot of sprays are available in outdoor shops so you can buy them from that.


The basic fact is that palmetto bugs can be many, and terrifying folks will get nightmares only from seeing them. Nevertheless, now you know the way to remove palmetto bugs, along with therefore you won’t ever have to feel the terrifying ordeal of looking for them in the kitchen.

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