How to Get Rid of Pigeons

How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Pigeons are gorgeous, but they are a nuisance when they choose to invade the house. The cooing sounds are able to get loud, and they are recognized for messing up ingredients with bird droppings as well as feathers. Along with being irritating, pigeons also have parasites as well as spread diseases. And they dwell in flocks and eliminating them is often a struggle. Allow me to share some suggestions on how you can remove pigeons without harming them.

Pigeons Damage The Landscape

Living in the city gives little opportunity for landscaping or perhaps vegetable gardening. But in case you are fortunate enough to have, you will have to find a means to discourage pigeons from destroying your produce and plants.

Although pigeons aren’t one pest for your garden, they’ll, given the opportunity, offer just enough distress.

You will have to protect any landscaping and garden patio plants you might have.

Are Pigeons a Real Pest Problem?

Today people have a perfect reason to need to find out how you can eliminate pigeons. While a bit of an issue comes out, pigeons are pests. Here’s why:

  • Pigeons do have the threat of illness, which ought to be of concern, particularly in places where these birds regular and kids play.
  • They’re prolific breeders. So, the place you see a couple of, there are sure to be a lot more.
  • Pigeons are pretty dirty birds. They carry a lot of parasites and diseases.
  • You are able to discover them full within urban areas and most of the way out to several suburban areas.
  • As all of us know, they leave a lot of droppings annually.

How to Get rid of Pigeons

Have you been experiencing the stress of owning pigeons dwelling on the roof, in the attic, or perhaps your drain pipes? And do you want to know that there was a way to do away with them but without harming them? You will find a couple of ways in which you are able to eliminate the pigeons from nesting on the property. Although they may be entertaining to look at, their droppings are harmful to other animals and humans. And what is more, these methods won’t damage the pigeons, enabling them to follow a happy way of life, anywhere away from the house!

  • Set Live Traps

In case a pigeon has gotten into your house, removing pigeon can become high priority. When trapping pigeons, put traps in probably the best locations where pigeons will probably be feeding. And put fresh feed and drinking water to trick in the insects – that might take several days. After the pigeons are baited in and shot, follow community regulations surrounding disposal or perhaps release methods. Remember that this’s a time consuming, and usually dangerous process. It is best to leave trapping as well as pigeon removal to the pros.

  • Pigeon-Proof The Structure

Any nests in your house where pigeons could roost ought to be pigeon proofed. And it includes places as attics, rafters, roofs, ledges, balconies, outdoor sheds, and garages. You are able to prevent pigeons from making themselves in your own home in some ways. One proofing way is usually to add steel prongs, like bird spikes or perhaps porcupine wire, to avoid pigeons from landing. And vents can also be a great method for pigeons to enter and build their nests. So, stop them from getting into your settling and home by addressing these openings with netting or perhaps screens.

  • Scare Off the Pigeons

Pigeons, like the majority of birds, will frighten easily. For example, pressure cleaning pigeon gaps with h2o will stop the birds from going back. Conversely, you are able to scare them off by putting a clear plastic owl in the lawn, on a tree, or even close to the area just where they love to perch.

Hang a mirror, wind chimes, or perhaps other reflecting surfaces in the garden. And the reflection is going to irritate the pigeons and stop them from returning.

  • Stay away from Feeding Pigeons.

Never feed pigeons or perhaps allow bird feeders to stay on the property. Then, Feed pigeons, and they will always return to locations just where they are able to find food.

  • Make Habitat Places Less Appealing

Make the areas in which pigeons land uncomfortably. You are able to accomplish this by setting up spike strips in which the pigeons love to land. So, make their nesting areas much harder for pigeons to stay alive by using the waterproof stings. And the method can allow it to be more difficult for pigeons to balance, driving them to search for an answer perching area.

  • Bird Netting

For outbuildings and sheds, think about bird netting, offered at garden centers, to prevent pigeons from roosting in your home. The netting is also a good way to protect the garden from pigeons and several other pests.

  • Spray

Make anti-pigeon spray blending chili powder, waters, and spray and vinegar within the places where pigeons collect probably the most.

  • Get rid of The Birdbath.

Pigeons require water each day to survive. When there isn’t a water source, insects and pigeons will not survive. Birdbaths can attract birds, mosquitoes, and rodents. In case you cannot throw away the birdbath, keep it neat and change it with water that is fresh frequently.

  • Deter Pigeons from The Roof

Block each exposed nooks and protect them with robust metallic mesh. Inspect the entire house and then seal off the possible entrances where pigeons are able to make the nests. Pigeons will frequently use chimneys, attics as well as window air cooling units. And in order to keep pigeons from making nests on or perhaps in these places, seal off all gaps with a net.

Pigeon Prevention

To stop or even get rid of pigeons, homeowners have to make roosting as well as nesting places inhospitable. For appropriate pigeon management, fill in entry to voids, incline sleeping places, as well as protect against landing by using products. Scare balloons, plastic-made birds, or perhaps plastic snakes seldom work aside from an extremely brief period. Keep all food as well as the water out. In commercial settings, don’t pigeon feeding.


Keeping pigeons away from the house or perhaps office is not very easy. So you need to take some time to deal with them.

You will have to use 2 more techniques in conjunction with one another for optimum result, but a determined attempt on the part will yield results in case you simply stick to it.

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