How To Get Rid Of Piss Ants

How To Get Rid Of Piss Ants Naturally

There is a wide variety of ant species, and among them are the piss ant, which can cause a severe infestation in your home and garden. Between 1150 and 1470, the ants were called “pismire.” This name was from the Scandinavian origin, and the word piss was included because of the belief that when squeezing the ants, a smell similar to the urine came out.

The nests of these ants also had the same urine smell, and experts note that all species of ants can become a major nuisance in your home. If you do nothing to get rid of the ants that may be in your space, they will not take the initiative to leave.

To get rid of the piss ant, you must be sure that the insect you are observing is this species. Piss ants are also known as the pharaoh ant and can be found anywhere in the world. These ants are capable of adapting to any climate, and that is why it can be challenging to eliminate them.

If you want to get rid of piss ants, you should know the available options, especially attacking that species.

What Is A Piss Ant?

The piss ant is known as a sugar ant since sweet elements are its favorites. You can see it in different colors as some are yellow and others are black. To differentiate the piss ant from other species, you may notice that there is a difference in its rear part.

The backside of the piss ant is darker than that of other ants, and they have some marks that are visible and easy to detect. When you see a pissing ant, there will be many more because they never work alone. The piss ant usually creates a colony or a nest where they can have a community.

Piss ants have this name because both they and their nest produce this smell. This peculiar smell of these ants is due to the presence of formic acid in them. Compared to other species of ants, this species turns out to be one of the smallest.

This insect can measure from 1/6 to 1/8 inches, and to detect danger, they use their long antennae with which they can smell different smells. To look for food, the piss ant has three pairs of legs to move around. Piss ants can form a large colony during the spring, and the queen can live for about 12 months.

Can Piss Ants Damage My House?

If you see ants pissing in your home, chances are there are an infestation and a colony that you may not be able to see. As there is a great variety of species of ants, there are some that will only enter your home in search of food. The piss ant is destructive and can do much damage to your home.

Any species of ants can become a significant nuisance in your home because even the most docile will search for their food. Piss ants are one of the species that can cause the most damage in your home. This species may be able to:

  • Infest your food
  • Make nests in the walls.
  • Open holes in the cabinets
  • Living in the folds of clothing or behind your refrigerator

Piss ants can become a big problem for your home, as can carpenter ants that are capable of doing structural damage to your property.

Once you notice pissing ants on your food, you should discard it as they can carry viruses that they have collected from garbage cans or areas without the right hygiene conditions. Since this ant develops quickly, it can infest furniture and all items that are made of wood.

How to Get Rid of Piss Ants Naturally?

Ants can become a big problem in your home, and you can use natural options to get rid of them:

  • Use insect repellants on plants.

To keep piss ants out of your space, you can use sap, tansy, or mint plants. You can put them in your kitchen or in areas where you see the greatest presence of this annoying insect. Cinnamon, turmeric, and black pepper can also be of great help if you place it around your home, and in this way, you will prevent ants from entering.

  • Diatomaceous earth

This option is one of the most natural that is used to get rid of any pests. This ecological way to get rid of piss ants is very useful, and to get rid of these ants, you need to spread the soil over their colonies.

These options are very useful so that piss ants can disappear from your sight naturally. There are also other options such as home remedies, and you will surely have the ingredients in your home:

  • Lemon juice with white vinegar

You have to mix the lemon juice with the vinegar in equal parts and place it in a container that has a spray. You should spray it on the spots where the piss ants are present or directly on them. In this way, the ants will think about it to re-enter your home.

  • Lemon juice with water

This mixture is also very effective, and you should only add four tablespoons of lemon juice in 8 ounces of water at room temperature. You can also brush it on, and you will notice quick results.

  • Sugar and boric acid

This mixture will kill the pissed ants faster than you can imagine. You should only mix 1 1/2 tablespoons of boric acid and 1/2 cup of sugar in 1 1/2 cups of water. Once this solution is ready, dip a cotton ball and place it near the piss ant colony.

  • Cornstarch

To use cornstarch, you should only water a little of this product in the areas where there is a greater presence of piss ants. Cornstarch will kill this insect quickly.

How To Prevent Piss Ants From Your House?

You can begin to take preventative measures before a piss ant infestation occurs in your home. During spring the greatest development of this insect occurs, and before this season arrives you must prevent ants from invading your home to live and feed:

  • Ants are attracted to food residues that contain sugar, so you should keep your kitchen clean to avoid attracting them.
  • Piss ants like places that are dark or where there is moisture. You should do a constant check on your home to keep it clean and to seal any pipes that may contain cracks.
  • When you collect garbage and food waste, try to leave it outside your home.
  • If there are holes or cracks in your house, seal them to prevent ants from creating colonies in those areas.

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