How To Get Rid Of Possums Naturally

Homemade Natural Possum Repellent

It is time for you to learn how to naturally get rid of possums by applying some elements at home. If you have to avoid these annoying animals being in your garbage or your house, you must learn how to eliminate them. You have to know what the possums look like in size, color, and what they feed on.

Find out the clear signs for you to confirm that you are suffering from opossums at home. Know if possums are dangerous and carry serious diseases that you can catch at home. Discover the methods you can apply to get rid of and prevent possums in your home.

What do possums look like?

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You can easily identify possums because they are gray with very distinctive shades of black. These animals are about 40 inches long and less than 25 inches tall. These opossums have a pointed nose with a white color that makes them very easy to identify.

The speed with which opossums travel is incredible, making it difficult to catch them at home. You may notice that possums are solitary, so infestations are unlikely, but they are troublesome.

Signs that you have possums

The signs that you have possums at home are simple, and you have to focus on the trash cans outside the home. These animals are scavengers, so all the garbage you have at home is the main snack. Scratching, clicking, and squeaking sounds outside the home is another sign that you have possums very close to you.

If you have the opportunity to see a possum outside the home, you have to act immediately for its rapid elimination. You likely have an infestation with a mother possum and her young that are more than four babies.

Are possums dangerous?

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Possums are generally peaceful unless you attack a mother who has her young very close to her. You must be careful with mother possums because they can become territorial to protect their babies. The best thing that you can do against the animal is to contact experts to control pests to catch them.

You should refrain from grasping the possums alone to prevent them from biting or scratching you, causing problems. If you want to act against these animals, only use repellants or natural remedies to help you eliminate them.

Do possums carry diseases?

Possums are carriers of many serious diseases such as tuberculosis, relapsing fever, leptospirosis, spotted fever, etc. You must be very careful with this animal’s bite because of it you can suffer from diseases. These animals are also the main carriers of fleas, so you will have to take care of your pets around the house.

From any point of view, possums are harmful to your life, so you have to repel them immediately. They can carry fleas, mites, ticks, and other pests that cause serious infestations through possums. You should keep possums out of your home so that you can avoid serious illnesses or pesky pests.

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How To Get Rid Of Possums Naturally?

You have to learn now which are the most efficient methods that will help you get rid of possums naturally. Among the things you can do to get rid of these animals are:

  • Use possum repellants

It is necessary that you use repellants to kill possums and thus avoid the pest outside the home. These repellants are characterized by having a strong smell that evades possums from your garbage or other elements. You don’t have to refrain from using as much opossum repellent to achieve the goal of eliminating them.

  • Possum traps

You can buy some special traps to catch possums and take them to a site outside your home. With a good trap that you buy, it will be necessary to eliminate the plague from your house and not take risks in diseases.

  • Apply cleaning products outside the home

You can also apply cleaning products outside the home so that the possums smell the smell and do not give importance to your home. Smelling lavender outside the home will become a protective shield against these scavengers.

Do Mothballs Keep Possums Away?

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If you have doubts about mothballs and the additional effect they produce against other pests in addition to mites, you should know that they are powerful. This product in the shape of spheres makes the possums stay away from the eggs of your hens and your home. You can apply these balls with confidence that it will help you control various pests around you.

You can now buy the best mothballs and use them outside your home, in the trash, or in another area where possums are. These balls are fantastic because they give you results you never expected so that you eliminate the plague in its entirety.

How To Scare Possums Away From Your House?

It’s time for you to learn how you can scare opossums out and about with these basic methods:

  • Traps

You can set up a good number of traps in your backyard to scare away all the possums that try to get in. These animals are very intelligent when they notice a danger sign around them. This can scare them away. You don’t have to be limiting with the traps you place in the yard to keep possums and your home away.

  • Keep dogs away from home

With the dogs in your backyard, you will have the perfect repellent against opossums that want to enter. You have to place your dogs on a leash or outside the house, and they will scare opossums away. You have to teach your dogs what the characteristic smell of possums is that they detect them and run them from your home.

  • Leave garbage containers closed

One way that you can avoid more than scaring opossums at home is by keeping garbage containers closed. You can close all those trash cans that you have outside your house to prevent the possums from being attracted. It is good to lock garbage cans to have good results against possums and other animals outside the home.

  • Light up the exteriors of your home

Finally, you can scare possums out of the house by lighting up your entire yard so they won’t move around at ease. These animals will always seek the dark, and with a very illuminated area, they will not feel good to move to your house. You can give exclusive use for this lighting on your patio, making your house look more protected against animals.

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