How to Get Rid of Red Spider Mites Naturally

Getting Rid of Red Spider Mites Naturally

You can get rid of pesky red mites early in the spring so that you can eliminate and control newly hatched pests before they mature and reproduce. The market currently offers a wide variety of effective products in eliminating red mites in gardens, lawns, and plants.

There are insecticides in granules that kill red mites by contact, providing up to 3 months of protection against new parasites. To achieve uniform coverage of the product, you should apply it with a regular lawn spreader with the recommended measure.

What is a Red Spider Mite?

The red or thrombiculid mites are the immature and microscopic phase of a small red mite that in some regions is known as chiggers (red insects or harvest mites). These insects seek out mammals, including humans, to feed in the larval or sole parasitic stage. At that moment, the mites penetrate the skin by injecting an enzyme that produces allergic reactions, severe itching, and inflammation of the skin.

When they penetrate people’s skin, these parasites generate small blisters and a terrible itch that lasts a long time, even after the mite’s departure. These tend to be so tiny that they are invisible to the naked eye. Their color can be red-orange to reddish-brown, covered by long superficial hairs. They have an oval body, very similar to that of their relatives, ticks.

The red mite mainly attacks palms, bananas, and heliconia, causing the leaves where they are lodged to turn yellowish, weakening them, wilting them, and eventually causing the death of the plants.

Identifying Red Spider Mites

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Red mites are small parasitic insects that measure about 8mm in adulthood and only 3mm in the larval stage. You can see these insects in different areas of your home, causing them to create a large infestation. In appearance, red mites live up to their name because they have a predominant reddish color on their body.

These mites are common in countries like the United States or Central America, where they can quickly infest a house. As these mites’ size is tiny, this helps them survive for many years in your home and reproduce at ease.

Life Cycle

A red mite’s life cycle can be complete in as little as seven days; therefore, the parasitic population’s increase is exponential. Adult red mites can patiently take half a year without feeding until birds enter the facility again.

There are cases of up to 10 months that the adult red mite can wait without feeding on bird blood. It can feed on mammalian blood without problems, but it needs bird blood exclusively to go to the reproduction phase.

Like all movie criminals, they go out at night to feed themselves and later return to their hiding place to spend the day and hide from the daylight. can be found in some

Cracks and holes in the installation where groups of up to thousands of thousands of individuals can form, and it is in these places that they lay their eggs.

Known as darmani son of chickens, it is a widely spreading mite world, what affects the world of poultry around the planet and that unlike the Most other mites feed on the blood of birds and are therefore a strong disease transmitter with ease.

Damage Caused By Red Spider Mites

The attack of red mites is very strong, affecting plants, fruits, leaves, and even your own life if the infestation is close to you. As the fruits in your home are the main affected, this can change their color to a more opaque tone. These parasitic insects’ bites also make the leaves completely dull and eventually dry out the plant they bite.

The attacks of red mites are very serious when the red spider produces it because the depigmentation of the leaves is massive. You have to quickly identify these types of attacks on red mites for your fruits and act quickly to repel them.

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How to Eliminate Red Spider Mites Naturally?

It can be very difficult to recognize the presence of the red mite on certain poultry farms. This reaffirms the need to opt for preventive measures. Some effective measures to counteract a red mite infestation in chickens and domestic birds have a long-lasting effect. Of course, you should know that it is very important to separate contaminated birds from the other individuals.

Remember that red mites can be easily transmitted between hens, and after a few days, it can generate a large infestation. It is also important that contaminated birds contact other farm animals that the mites can cause parasites. Below you will see the main methods to control and combat red mites:

  • Use natural oils

Essential oils and natural extracts The essential oils of pennyroyal cinnamon clove mustard coriander are the elements you can use against mites. The aroma emitted by these oils would effectively drive away these parasites without leaving traces of flavor aroma. For their effectiveness, you need to use them through ambient vaporization.

  • Apply vaporizers

The physical treatments of steam aspirated and periodic washing of the areas of greatest production on farms. The method is based on exposing these red parasites at temperatures above 45 ° C since they are lethal.

  • Attractive powders

You can use magnetic powders to waterproof the cuticle of which the exoskeleton of red mites is composed. The magnetic poles cause their lethality by dehydration.

  • Use toxic elements against mites

You can use highly toxic elements to put the strength of these red mites into play. Many researchers in science are dedicated to analyzing natural predators’ use to exterminate these mites’ population.

  • Mothballs

You should apply mothballs to control and prevent red mites in your house or on the farm. These special balls for pests fulfill the function of emitting a strong smell against mites to eliminate infestations.

If you have doubts about mothballs and the additional effect they produce against other pests in addition to mites, you should know that they are powerful. This product makes the possums stay away from the eggs of your hens and your home. You can apply these balls with confidence that it will help you control various pests around you.

How to Prevent Red Spider Mites?

 You should know that very important means of prevention against any parasite, specifically against the red spider mites, and thus have better hygiene in poultry houses. Among the things that you can apply to prevent the plague are:

  • Clean the cages

The comfort zone of a mite is dirt; therefore, regular cleaning of Cages, feeders, drinkers, buckets will be our main short Fire against them.

In addition to maintaining regular hygiene, it is highly recommended to guarantee your birds’ hygiene and neatness level.

  • Use insecticides

You can also avoid the pest by using high-quality insecticides to pour it into the affected cages. You may invest some money in the best natural insecticides that will give you fantastic results against the pest.

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