How To Get Rid Of Rice Weevils Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Rice Weevils Naturally

It is essential to learn how to naturally eliminate pesky rice weevils since you face a problem daily every time you eat rice. For this reason, you must look for the best way to end this disease that often makes eating this food unenjoyable.

In this article, everything related to this topic will be explained, and thus you will get rid of this particular problem that occurs in many houses.

What Are Rice Weevils?

They are small insects, which tend to appear in rice than in pantries. The worst thing is that it does not contaminate the rice only, but other products are stored in the kitchen, causing health problems for the whole family. These are a kind of weevils that develop in the pantry to look for food.

They resemble a beetle; they feed on grains such as rice and also various legumes. Like beans and beans, they are between 2.5 and 3.5 cm long, black or brown, live 12 months, and fly. Weevils reproduce quickly. Therefore, it is important to be aware of rapidly eliminating them.

On hot days, the weevils come out more; you must take precautions to avoid having this plague at this time of year. Weevils do not harm animals or people. The negative is that they cause food to end up being lost.

Do Weevils Bite Humans?

The weevils are not dangerous for people. They do not cause any disease, infection, and do not bite humans. However, they are a great threat to rice grains. They can cause large agricultural losses because they attack crops.

It is also good that you know that they could help strengthen the defenses. It has been said that they can be used to cure diabetes, cancer, and other diseases.

The life cycle of rice weevils

It is good that you know how the life cycle of rice weevils is so that you know them in detail.

  • They live 98 days at 18 degrees.
  • Below 16 degrees, they do not develop.
  • Adults can live for one year.
  • The females are responsible for depositing the eggs of the grains inside, and the larvae develop there, and palpation occurs.

How To Eliminate Rice Weevils Naturally? 

Although weevils are not dangerous to health, they are a big problem for rice. It can give you an uncomfortable feeling to get the weevils. If you have weevils at home and you feel tired. Here are some tips to help you shed quickly and naturally.

  • Set sticky traps

Various sticky traps are available on the market how weevils are attracted to light. For this reason, when you notice the rice in a jar, the weevils tend to move to the outside. You should put the traps all around the bowl’s edges when the insects try to run out of the utensil.

The trap will stick automatically; this pest type is not so agile to get rid of it. So they will end up dying in the trap.

  • Pour water with boiling water.

Another thing you can do to eliminate the weevils is to pour the boiling water on top of the rice. The water will cause all the eggs and weevils to die; then, this pest will begin to float. In this way, you can remove them quickly.

Apart from using boiling water, you can also heat the rice to high temperatures to kill the eggs and weevils. Using some boiling water techniques, quickly clean the rice, and you can rid them of the weevil.

  • Seal holes and grooves

These pests are not only found in food but in places where they can hide. For this reason, cover all the slots and holes where they can enter the kitchen. Check on shelves, on walls, and pantries.

  • Clean and disinfect

You should clean the traces of the weevils well; it is good that you rub with a damp cloth with hot water. Then spray with a disinfectant, you need to follow the instructions on the product.

  • Dry

Disinfection and cleaning can be completed by drying the surfaces, which is vital to prevent moisture from attracting these weevils.

  • Removes extra moisture residue

If there are damp corners in the house, it is recommended that you dry them. Otherwise, they could become a nest for this pest.

  • Store in jars

Finally, try to store open food in glass containers to prevent weevils from entering.

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How To Prevent Weevil Bugs?

Apart from getting rid of the weevils, you must know what you must do not to return. Do the following to avoid weevils:

  • Inspect when buying

When you go to buy rice at the market, you must inspect them. If you see a weevil, don’t buy it since there are great possibilities that can be reproduced.

  • Buy rice in small quantities and try not to spend time without consuming them.

When you buy rice, it is not good to let it go for a long time without eating it. This is one reason why weevils come out in unused food. It is also better to buy rice in small quantities.

  • Store rice in strong glass, metal, or plastic containers.

When buying rice, be sure to store it in several sealed metal, glass, or plastic containers rather than bagging them since the weevils could break the bags. Also, if the lid of the container is open, they can get into the rice.

  • Put dried chili around the pantry.

Placing dried chili peppers around the pantries will keep the weevils out of the way. The smell is quite strong from the chili peppers. Also, in the cupboard, put boxes of matches because they have sulfur, and thus the weevils will not approach.

  • Proper hygiene

Conveniently, the furniture where you store food is always kept clean. You should do this task once every month. So that the weevils do not come near this place, always wash the containers before you go to use them. Clean under appliances because weevils can search for new areas and like to stay hidden.

If you put some paper on the shelf, change it constantly, because weevils love to get in this place. You can clean with eucalyptus oil to prevent the weevils from appearing again. Because this fragrance they do not like.

We hope you have learned in this article how to eliminate and avoid kitchen weevils. As you have seen, they are not harmful to health. But it is unpleasant to eat rice that has weevils, in this way, it is ideal to find a way not to have them in the dinner and to be able to eat rice with ease.

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