How to Get Rid of Roaches with Borax

How to Get Rid of Roaches with Borax

Getting rid of cockroaches is an intimidating task for every house owner as it is stubborn as hell. Cockroaches are commonly found insects around the world. Since it can survive in unfavorable situations, its populace has been widespread. It can survive even with limited resources and breed without a mate. It is not just a nocturnal bug in your home, but it potent to create health hazards to people. Taking necessary actions to eradicate them from your house is a prominent thing to keep an eye on. If you are wondering how to carry out the menacing task, reading this article would help you practice effective exercise with ease and procure better results.

Borax is highly efficient in getting rid of cockroaches. If you are new to this term, you need what borax is and how to source them effectually.

What’s Borax?

Borax is a chemical compound obtained from the natural mineral called boron. For the science geeks, its IUPAC name is sodium tetraborate decahydrate. Pure borax possesses crystal shape, but it is later powdered for various use. Processing pure boron paves a way to yield boric acid. Everyone should understand that borax and boric acid are two different chemicals, but both work excellent insect repellents.

Borax is commonly used for various purposes such as laundry booster, tooth bleaching, fire retardant, additive, etc. It has many uses, and using it as an insecticide is practiced all over the world.

It is available in markets for affordable prices, and sourcing them is also a simple task. It is even used to make cleaners for tough stains and precipitations. No hard procedures are indulged in the process of sourcing borax as an insect repellent.

How Borax Kills Roaches?

Borax collapses the digestive system of cockroaches and their outer skeleton. It results in their death. In general, it is mixed with sugar or other sweeter foods materials and sprinkled near its nest. Since they are attracted to sugar, they lurk around and consume this poison. It usually kills cockroaches and other insects by dehydration.

How to Use Borax to Get Rid of Roaches?

Borax is no new element in our life as they were already used for various purposes such as laundry, household cleanings for more than a decade. It is one of the versatile minerals available at affordable prices. So sourcing it as pest control and getting rid of cockroaches is as simple as that. When comparing it with other chemical pest controlling treatments, sourcing borax is a cheap and low-risk product. But it doesn’t mean they are kids and pets friendly. If you have the toddlers or pets, you need to keep an eye as well as track them regularly. It avoids unwanted health problems.

Some of the effective ways of employing borax to get rid of cockroaches are listed as follows.

  • The concoction of borax with sugar

It is vital to make the cockroach consume borax, but you cannot fish out one and feed them in. The best practice is to lurk them around borax and drink it on its own. The concoction of borax with sugar or other organics will convince the roaches to consume it. Mix the amount of borax and sugar and sprinkle them in the arenas you spot roaches regularly. Borax causes significant dehydration and paves a way to lose its life. Their digestive systems are affected drastically when borax gets in.

  • Sprinkling borax

Sprinkling borax powder alone also works. When cockroach lurks above-sprinkled powder, it sticks to legs of roaches, and it has the habit of cleaning itself when it set foot on its nest. Roaches will consume the borax held on its leg. It will cause a major snag in its digestive system and kill them.

  • Borax and baking soda

The concoction of borax and baking soda is a deadly combination to remove roaches from your home. Dust the concoction near its nest, and when roaches consume the concoction, baking soda causes gas build in the digestive system, and borax causes dehydration. There is no way the roaches can escape this deadly mixture.

The best thing about sourcing these two super products is, they are affordable and readily available all over the world. Combining them causes no major downside to users and easy to mix them.

  • Borax and tasty cockroach baits

Since cockroach consumes most of organics, it is easy to lure hungry roaches to ingest its venom. Sourcing the foods they love is also an effective strategy.

Raw egg yolk is a better choice. Place it near roaches nest and dust borax above it. Roaches come out of its nest after smelling raw egg yolk smell and consume the borax mixed inside the yolk.

Peanut butter has been sourced all over the globe. Take a tablespoon of peanut butter and mix borax with it before placing it near roaches’ nest.

Not only sugar but cocoa powder also attracts roaches. Mix a considerable amount of borax in cocoa powder and place the concoction near its nest.

These baits are the ideal choice to get rid of cockroaches from your house.

If you are wondering about borax sprays’ efficacies, it is not as efficient as the method mentioned above. Since borax is mixed with water to produce the sprays, it reduces the dehydration property and ineffective in creating snags in roaches’ digestive problems. Even mixing up with vinegar doesn’t work. So using as a powder and dusting on the right place is prominent.

Some opt for borax balls. It is a useful option, but the above mentioned are simple and highly efficient. If you are sticking to borax balls, make sure you are sourcing attractive baits. Sticking to dry mixtures and boric acids are highly suggested.

Extra care must be taken when kids and pets lurk around your home. Borax may create allergies and other health problems for them. Make sure your toddler and pets aren’t ingesting borax.

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Is the Borax Safe to use?

When managing cockroach infestation with borax, one particular must use caution in handling the combination, mainly if you will find children and pets in your home. This powder is usually indistinguishable from something nontoxic.

Although it’s been classified as among the safest and best chemical elements that can be used against cockroaches, borax could result in health issues.

When inhaled, it is able to lead to respiratory irritation. And if ingested, it is able to lead to minor complications in the intestinal tract.

If this happens, it’s highly encouraged to seek fast medical attention.

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