How to Get Rid of Sand Fleas

How to Get Rid of Sand Fleas

Sand fleas related health problems nowadays increase the overall awareness of how to be safe while traveling in warm-weather beaches throughout the world. Sand fleas are recognized by different names like sand gnats, beach fleas, hop-al-longs, punkies, and sand fleas. It is a suitable time to improve your expertise about the sand fleas, how to get rid of sand fleas, how to prevent sand fleas, and the best treatments for sand fleas bites.

What are the Sand Fleas?

Sand fleas are non-biting, and tiny crustaceans live in the sand on the beaches. Many people worldwide us the sand fleas term to refer to common fleas breed outside in the soil, especially biting creatures such as sand gnats. Sand fleas are tiny parasitic crustaceans that usually inhabit humid coastal places and recognized by their nature to target so many categories of organisms because of potential hosts and plague victims with bites. If you left such a bite untreated, you might get serious health problems in particular recurrent skin conditions and lethal infection.

Where Do Sand Fleas Live

Usually, you are able to discover sand fleas in coastal places, on shorelines, as well as maybe even in marshes. Surprisingly enough, they’re also prevalent in deserts. And this’s intriguing because unlike routine fleas, sand fleas aren’t cataloged as bugs but as crustaceans.

The only area you will not find them is in the home of yours. The only positive thing about sand fleas is that they do not hold on to you after they have had the lunch of theirs.

When you end up in a place where sand fleas may feel right at home, you must understand they’re very productive late afternoons and during the first mornings. Nevertheless, unlike the common fleas, the time may be lengthy, if the climate is colder.

How to Get Rid of Sand Fleas

Individuals who have noticed and ensured about the sand fleas present in their property must use the first-class pesticides all through the property as per guidelines. They must spray high-quality pesticides in places in particular carpets, furniture, and floors where sand fleas are lurking.

As compared to using the chemical-based pesticides and exposing yourself to the harmful chemicals, you can prefer, buy and use the natural ingredients based pesticides approved for home us. The pesticides shut down the nervous system of the sand fleas and kill them within a few hours. It is worthwhile to sprinkle the compounds such as salt and diatomaceous earth around the problem areas and let the solution sit up. You can use a vacuum to suction dead pests the next day. You must avoid using toxic chemical-based pesticides in places where your family or pet mostly use.

Many men and women do not prefer regular vacuuming their carpets and upholstery. As a result, they are prone to various problems such as skin problems caused by sand fleas. You can spend enough time vacuuming the carpets, upholstery, and other things where sand fleas can hide and live. Proper vacuuming regularly is vital to remove pests like sand fleas and their eggs. Once you have successfully vacuumed the environment, you must empty or dispose of the vacuum bag.

Many people wash used clothing and bedding to be successful in their way of getting rid of sand fleas. It is because sand fleas concealed in the folds of bedding and clothing. If you look at sand fleas infestation signs on the light-colored fabrics, you must immediately wash such clothing using strong detergent and hot water. You must avoid your approach to reuse dirty things as such things could contain sand fleas.

If you happen to share your room with anyone, you have to check your partner’s clothing and bedding items. You have to inspect your clothing and shoes when returning home, especially after exploring the beach and other places where you can quickly encounter sand fleas. There are so many chances for undetected sand fleas from several sources to hitch a ride into the bedroom and living room to worsen.

Treat: Sprinkle adequate quantities of salt on lately recognized breeding grounds and settle for a minimum of one day to dehydrate the parasite crustaceans.

Seal Entry Points: Seal up all cracks, crevices, and potential entry points to ensure their reinforcements do not arrive.

Consider Pets: If you’ve pets at home at the time of the infestation, it’s best to drive them to any nearby vet for appropriate treatment.

How to Prevent Sand Flea Bites

Healthcare experts and health-conscious people worldwide these days concentrate on the overall questions and doubts of people who seek how to prevent sand flea bites. They reveal easy-to-follow suggestions to prevent sand fleas and ensure about how to be safe and healthy regularly. You can prevent the sand flea bites when you avoid the beach after rain. It is because rainfall brings the sand fleas out in droves.

Once sand fleas reach your ankles and start biting, they do not stop for anything. You may have an idea to use the traditional bug spray to keep yourself away from the sand flea bites. You can make use of the oil and rub it on your body instead of using the bug spray. You will get the most expected help to create an unwelcoming barrier between your feet and the fleas.

Sand fleas are active in the early morning and evening in the beach sands. You can prefer the beach time during the middle of the day and reduce the sand flea bites’ possibilities. You can take in the sunset from the comfort of your balcony rather than shores. Once the sun goes entirely, you can feel free to hand on the beach sands without any doubt of being bit by sand fleas. You have to prefer and wear closed beach or boat shoes to get the maximum protection against sand flea bites. You can use lounge chairs to get a good tan rather than lying on the towel, which you have placed directly on the sand’s top.

What to Do Post-Bite of Sand Fleas

Individuals who have bitten by the sand fleas must avoid scratching it. It is because scratching any bug bite area ends in different skin health problems. You can use the anti-itch cream, especially hydro-cortisone cream, to get a good improvement in your approach to healing. You can buy and use the anti-itch creams made of the best elements like the aloe vera and oatmeal to get the desired result.

This is advisable to apply this anti-itch cream as soon as possible and keep your fingernails away from the ankle bites. You can make use of the pain medication when you suffer from pain caused by sand flea bites. Though the sand flea bites do not last long, you require mild relief and use the medicine designed to reduce swelling, itchiness, and pain from the sand flea bites. You must stay off the beach until you heal your sand flea bite and its related problems.

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