How to Get Rid of Shrews Naturally

How to Get Rid of Shrews Naturally

Shrews could be relatively common based on the region that you are living within the United States. The tiny mammals can often be mistaken for field rodents, but their effect is often much worse. The importance to backyards is found in the feeding of snails, slugs, and insects.

Even though they do serve an objective in some instances, shrews are able to cause damage to the property that they invade the house. If you’ve found a shrew on the property, the best strategy is usually to find the assistance of a qualified expert for its removal. And catching a shrew might prove to be very hard, however, if mishandled, they might bite humans. And shrew bites have been recognized to be very painful and also spread disease, so this’s not a task just for the general public.

What is a Shrew?

Shrews are the small mammals measuring approximately 3 to 5 inches in length. They’ve little eyes, an elongated snout, heavy gray/brown fur, along with a scent gland, which creates a pungent smell. The shrew has a compact, sharp tooth which usually has dark pigmentation on the tips. And these pint-sized predators possess a voracious appetite, eating a minimum of their body weight daily. While shrews mainly eat insects, they’ve been shown to eat mice, birds, snakes, and various other shrews when the chance presents itself. 3 species of shrew in the Country are venomous (the venom isn’t deadly to humans, but certainly will result in a reaction).

Do Shrews Bite?

And shrews are going to bite as well as the shrew is dangerous. This poison can be used to make their foods motionless while they consume their prey alive, but in case you attempt to deal with a shrew, there’s a pretty good possibility you will get bit. And shrews have a sharp piercing tooth that sends their venom precisely, and also, these teeth are noted to hurt folks, so stay away from handling them. Their poison isn’t fatal, but it is going to cause a sore, which will linger for many days.

Shrews vs. moles vs. voles


The Shrews create dime-sized gaps in the yard, gaining access to present mole tunnels. And shrews are insectivores and also could be seen under logs as well as various other moist, shaded areas where pests reside. Lots of people are going to leave shrews alone because they eat grubs and insects and are significantly less destructive as voles and moles.


And voles are herbivores that journey through mole tunnels and endure by consuming grasses, tubers, bulbs, along with herbaceous plants. And while moles damage the plants when searching for insects, voles are eating your flowers and vegetables! Voles burrow into the root systems of trees and shrubs, and they are going to gnaw on tree trunks causing considerable damage.


While the moles can be useful for the soil since they cultivate and activate the grime while tunneling for meals, homeowners object to the ugly molehills and tunnels, which can ruin a lovely lawn. The moles are able to dig a hundred feet of tunnels in one day. They dig since they’re searching for foods – mainly earthworms, other insects, and grubs. Bear in mind that when moles are shrews, voles, and presents will probably be around.

Shrews causing issues in your garden or lawn?

Shrews have a high metabolism and so must eat 80 to 90 percent of the own body weight in food daily. The bulk of any shrew’s activity occurs below the surface area by using tunnels or perhaps runways that can harm your garden or lawn.

How to Get Rid of shrews Naturally

  • Essential oils

And shrews are repelled by little essential oils.

Using essential oils to eliminate shrews is the right approach since it is an all-natural approach, does not leave dangerous and nasty residues, and is healthy for many children and pets.

This’s an advisable procedure before using sprays or poisons to destroy shrews entirely.

The very best and hottest essential oil for shrews is peppermint oil. It works on shrews, voles, rats, mice, as well as rabbits. And peppermint oil is natural and also could be quickly found in any food store.

  • Live Traps

The most effective way to stay away from shrews is to capture them live. This’s most likely the most humane method to treat them. Few suggestions should be considered before choosing a live trap for the shrew. The scale of the trap ought to be based on shrew size; therefore, it is able to catch small-sized shrew easily. And the bait that can be positioned in the trap ought to be comprised of shrew’s preferred meal as bacon as well as peanut butter. Meanwhile, the traps should be placed in the spot where you’ve noticed shrew activities.

And shrews are very nimble, rapidly, and tiny, making them difficult to catch. But there are several different shrew traps you are able to build that cost you virtually nothing.

Probably The easiest one to build calls for the following part:

  • A thin metal rod
  • A 5G bucket

Diatomaceous Earth

The same fashion as other popular rodent repellers as boric acid and borax is worked by diatomaceous earth.

DE is usually sprinkled around places where you suspect there being shrew and rodent activity. Use this stuff, such as a barrier, and they will be repelled and keep them from getting near it.

In order to apply it most effectively, imagine you are making use of the powder as being a foundation to keep the shrews out.

And sprinkle it anywhere you would like to have them out of, like a barrier around the home, which should have them from entering the home.

You are also able to use this to entryways around the house.

Diatomaceous Earth is an all-natural, white powdered mined from the planet. Diatomaceous earth is safe, non-toxic, and will not pose some danger to many pets. Make sure to get the diatomaceous earth if possible, and be certain it is pure.

How to stop A Shrew Infestation

The Shrews are challenging to eliminate since they are hard and agile to catch. You will need to be very patient.

The great part about shrew infestations is the fact that they typically only are available in single units. Put, you do not deal with multiple shrews at a time, since they are solitary creatures.

This implies that you will simply have to dispose of one or perhaps 2 shrews unless they are starved for food and competing in concert getting permission to access resources.

With the patience and varying strategies to eliminate them, you ought to be ready to finally drive the last one out or perhaps kill the shrew.

Meanwhile, remember to switch up the methods of yours if a person does not work. Do not only work the same process that can use other techniques at the disposal. Be patient, and always keep at it.

Then you will ultimately have the ability to drive out your shrew issue and remove them.

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