How To Get Rid Of Skinks On The Porch

how to get rid of Skinks On The Porch

Skinks can become a big problem when they invade your front porch. Faced with this situation, you should not despair. You must recognize them quickly to get rid of them effectively. Many natural methods can be of great help in keeping skinks away from you.

What’s a skink?

Skinks are known as garden lizards, and they are very common to see in coastal areas. It is also very common in pet stores to see this animal species, and when you see them at home, it may be because they have escaped. There are owners of skinks who decide to release them, and it may be another reason you can find them in your garden.

Although skinks can be seen in many parts of the world, most of them are concentrated in the United States. Once the skinks are in your home, they can build nests for a safe hiding place. To give you an idea, there are more than 1,500 species of lizards, and that is why they can be found anywhere.

You can easily identify a skink, as they have very tiny legs for their body size. Most skinks are very brightly colored, and in some cases, you can see some without limbs. There are skinks that you could easily compare to a snake by looking at them, but this only happens in a few cases.

Where do skinks live?

The habitat of the lizards can vary according to the species of each one. While some have a preference for living in plant matter, others prefer land above ground. Skinks can burrow, so they can easily make a nest anywhere to use as a hiding place.

Some skinks prefer climbing trees and living in them, and if you have trees in your yard, they will surely be visited by this little animal. But since skinks’ characteristics can vary, some prefer aquatic life and prefer to live in places like ponds.

Life Cycle

Skinks tend to have a rhythm of life similar to that of other lizard species. The reproduction of this animal takes place throughout the year; however, it can increase during the fall and summer. Females can lay 4 to 6 eggs simultaneously, and some of them can share the same nest and accumulate up to 250 eggs.

Skink eggs are white and can take up to 75 days to hatch. This animal can live up to 6 years in a wild environment, and in a year, they can reach sexual maturity to begin their reproduction.

Are skinks poisonous?

Skinks and Lizards On The Porch 2020 - Image By Reddit

Although they are not poisonous, the skinks can bite strongly, which is why when you see them in your garden, you can get rid of them. These animals can be poisonous only if they are ingested by some animals such as dogs, cats, horses, and other species of animals.

When the skinks bite, they do not inject any venom, and although they do not usually have this type of attitude, they can bite if they feel threatened. When garden skinks are attacked, they prefer to flee. And if they see humans, they also tend to hide because they fear people.

What do skinks eat?

Skinks belong to insects, and generally, their diet is based on plants and fruits. Their diet will also vary depending on their habitat, and some of them can eat insects such as beetles, grasshoppers, worms, caterpillars, crickets, and many more.

Some skinks may even be able to eat rodents such as rats and mice, and that is why they look for a place where they can have a food source nearby, which also includes water and a space to make a good hiding place.

Why do you have so many skinks on the porch?

Skinks seek to be in a place where living conditions are favorable for them, and if you see them in your garden, it is because they feel comfortable there. Skinks look for a place to find food, water, and shelter. If you have access to these conditions in your garden, they will stay to live there, or they could even stay inside your house.

That is why you cannot leave excess water in your garden, nor the pests that skinks can feed on.

How To Eliminate Skinks On Porch Naturally?

By following the tips below, you will be able to get rid of skinks that you find on your porch naturally:

– Use glue traps: They can be very effective to catch skinks since when this insect walks on the trap, it will immediately be trapped. And to be successful, you must place them in the areas where you notice skinks’ presence.

– Have a cat: Cats are the best hunters of skinks to catch several of them during the day.

– Replace your plants: If you have plants that can be sources of food for skinks, you will hardly be able to get rid of them. You should have plants that are not edible.

– You can spray essential oils: The scents of essential oils are very unpleasant for skinks, as well as other insects. Neem, basil, onion, and lavender oil are the most effective.

How To Keep Skinks Away From Your House?

Keep skinks away from your home by:

  • Maintain proper cleanliness on your porch

The more clutter up there in your yard, the more likely skinks will find a good hiding place. You must keep your porch clean to prevent skinks from staying there.

  • Do not leave entrances on the porch where skinks can access

Some porches have a wide entrance, and this makes it easier for the skinks to enter. You must seal these entrances to prevent these animals’ access and other insects that can become pests.

  • Clean all areas of the garden

Your garden is a good place for skinks because they have all the comforts that these insects seek. Even if your yard is clean, skinks will likely want to live there if it’s neglected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What scent do the lizards hate?

In fact, the lizards don’t like the odor of eggshells. And hanging the garlic cloves around the windows and the doors will repel lizards and can thus keep them from getting into the home.

Do mothballs repel the skinks?

Mothballs are an excellent deterrent to lizards. Naphthalene balls are going to drive away lizards, in addition to other sorts of bugs.

Do the coffee grounds repel lizards?

Though the freshly brewed coffee is among the greatest fragrances to us, the lizards hate it and can stay where you can from the smell. And place freshly used grounds or a bowl of coffee powder into a bowl to eliminate lizards lingering on the walls of yours.

Are lizards beneficial around the home?

Lizards are considered advantageous companions eating much more than the share of theirs of crickets, ants, cockroaches, beetles and at times flies if they are able to catch them. Lizards do not appear to care about the unexpected squirt from the hose, maybe because like some other reptiles, lizards cannot control the body temperature.

Where do the lizards hide in the evening?

When lizards are cool, they do not have to eat a lot to stay alive. So they do not have to be active. However, they attempt to find a warm area to hide. They may possibly burrow under leaves, or perhaps till a hole in the earth, or perhaps discover an opening in a tree trunk.

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