How To Get Rid of Smoky Brown Cockroaches Naturally

How To Get Rid of Smoky Brown Cockroaches Naturally

It would help if you learned how to get rid of smoky brown roaches naturally. These insects adapt to different places; smoky brown roaches can cause some health problems and contaminate food.

Cockroaches are found everywhere, so you must find the best way to remove them from home. They are excellent for hiding; they feed on the food you leave in the kitchen. They get behind the cabinets and make their nests; there are different types of cockroaches.

Having cockroaches in the house is uncomfortable; they transmit various diseases. For this reason, people want to end this problem. It is vital to keep the house in order and clean, so start looking for the right way to move them away.

You can find these smoky brown cockroaches wherever you want. In this article, you know everything related to this topic and how to eliminate them.

What Are Smoky Brown Cockroaches?

This type of cockroach is found in North America. It has a brown color with bright mahogany tones evenly throughout the body. The shape of this cockroach is elongated and oval. Its appearance is flattened. It has long and thin antennae, legs have hairs, and large wings are seen in the dorsal area.

This cockroach is 25 mm long; this species can feed on any organic matter. This cockroach is usually found outdoors, in dark places, with constant levels of humidity. They are observed under the bark of trees, in vines, on firewood, roofs, and water gutters.

It is a great flier; inside the houses, it can enter through windows or doors. It can enter the home through crevices or cracks. Looking for humid and warm areas, the capsule of the eggs is brown, measures approximately 10.5 mm long.

Smoky brown roaches are quite common in Japan and also in hot climates. It resembles the American cockroach, only once the female must mate, they are nocturnal, and during the day, they hide in small places. In the attics, they build their nests; they like to be in uninhabited houses, such as garden houses and nurseries, greenhouses.

How to Identify a Smoky Brown Cockroach

It is easy to identify these types of cockroaches, as they have a bright brown color all over their body. It has an oval and elongated shape, so you can know that it is a smoky brown cockroach. They love to be in dark places and where it is warm too.

Are Smoky Brown Cockroaches Dangerous?

These cockroaches can carry harmful viruses and various bacteria that can cause various diseases, especially for some companies that sell food because these insects can be related to the spread of some food-borne diseases, such as salmon farming, which can affect customers and also workers.

Roaches transmit bacteria as the sites they visit, such as garbage dumps and sewers, and how they eat animal feces and raw meat. It means that bacteria often accumulate. Because of this, you can get dangerous, so, ideally, you know how to get rid of smoky brown roaches naturally.

These cockroaches produce other diseases: Typhoid fever, Coli, Cholera, Dysentery, gastroenteritis, and Leprosy. It causes asthma; there are different ways that these insects can transmit diseases: through their feces, their vomit, and if you take them.

How To Eliminate Smoky Brown Cockroaches Naturally?

Suppose you have pets or children at home and don’t want to use chemicals to eliminate cockroaches. You should use the following natural remedies to choose these insects.

  • Sugar and bicarbonate

You must mix powdered sugar and baking soda. This mixture for humans is not toxic. But it is deadly for roaches, as they love sweet scents. In this way, they will come out of hiding and eat this mixture that they will end up eliminating.

This mixture must be placed in a container. Place this container in all the places where the roaches are.

  • Borax

This is another essential home remedy to get rid of roaches. You have to mix powdered sugar and borax. Borax is quite efficient at killing these insects.

  • Peppermint oil

Nowadays, people are using this oil because of the smell that this ingredient has is lethal for cockroaches.

  • Boric acid and onion

Make a mixture with onion and boric acid. In this way, the onion you have to crush well. When you mix it with onion, an excellent paste is formed. So put this mixture in all areas where roaches pass.

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How To Prevent Smoky Brown Cockroaches?

You must know how to prevent smoky brown roaches. So you must maintain good cleaning. It is not difficult to prevent these insects; you must follow the necessary steps you can do at home.

  • Clean

Properly clean the business and the house so that you prevent roaches from appearing again, you have to clean bathrooms, sinks, showers, and floors. You should clean the vacuum regularly As well as washing dishes and kitchen utensils.

  • The food

The food is one of the main culprits that help cockroaches to appear. You must eliminate garbage cans that have food that is close to the house.

  • Place food in airtight containers

You must keep the food in hermetic containers; thus, the smell will not reach these insects. Food must always be kept away from roaches.

  • Clean all food leftovers

If you leave crumbs in the kitchen, they are sure to attract roaches. Ideally, you clean up any remaining food so that you do not have several roaches in the place.

  • Decrease the water source

Roaches can live for two weeks without food. However, this happens if they have a source of water. So remove all nearby water sources, such as water in the quota or that has become stagnant.

  • Litter bins

Trash cans are great for roaches to feed on. It is a place where many bacteria accumulate. In this way, place an airtight lid on the bins in the house. Regularly, empty the trash cans, make sure the containers don’t overflow with food.

  • Clear

Empty cardboard boxes, old furniture, stacked magazines give these insects the best place to hide. Regularly clean the house to avoid cockroaches, especially basements. Well, they are places that cockroaches love.

  • Repair damage

It is recommended that you cover all the cracks and holes where roaches enter. Check the areas of the house. The usual areas that you will have to check: doors, walls, windows, baseboards, electrical outlets.

Also, the drains are blocked, as humidity always attracts cockroaches. We hope you have learned the correct way to get rid of smoky brown roaches naturally. So that in the house, you can be calm without this type of insects.

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