How To Get Rid Of Snails In Potted Plants

How To Get Rid Of Snails In Potted Plants

If you have a pest problem in your garden, explicitly with snails, you must know how to eliminate them. This elusive animal can kill your plants in a few days, they devour them and finally dries them, you should avoid it. Although it is a detestable pest, you will know what the correct way to get rid of them is.

Are Snails Bad For Potted Plants?

Believe it or not, snails are enemies of traditionally planted or potted plants; they eat them without problems. If you recently planted a beautiful plant with very soft leaves, this is the perfect snack for snails. This species loves the taste of a bush’s tender leaves that you just planted in the ground or pots.

The common snail preferences are focused on the recent leaf sprouting, although they can also eat what is crossed. An adult snail can destroy all types of plants regardless of whether it is vegetables, decorative or even herbs. Just as one snail can appear in your garden, they can reproduce and have a whole family destroying your green space.

This species has a very exaggerated way of eating where they are never satisfied even though they ate your entire garden. No vegetables are protected if you have a snail in your yard or where you grow your plants. They are tiny animals that you cannot ignore because if not, your plants will end up digested quickly.

Snails take advantage of their sticky trail to move anywhere in your garden; there are no limits for them. Their period of greatest displacement is in the nights when the threats rest the snails begin to eat. You can leave a snail in your garden one day, and the next day you will lose sight of it; it probably ate your plants.

The planter is the simple goal of a snail. This is because every plant you plant there has good foliage. With plenty of room to hide, the snail will begin to eat at night until finally, the pot does not look attractive. This action also applies to other plants that are not in pots; everything that is green is the snail’s objective.

How To Remove Snails In Potted Plants

You have to take the necessary steps to get rid of the snail on your potted plants immediately. You do not have to believe those false claims that snail is right for your plants; this is false. Among the techniques that you can find to eliminate a snail from your plant are:

  • Use the Salt to fight them.

You surround your pot with Salt to prevent the snail from getting close to it; you fear this common element. No matter what brand of Salt you have in hand, they all work, it is an easily accessible product. With Salt, you will not have to spend a lot of money, and you will eliminate the plague that plagues your garden in a few days.

You should always keep a perimeter of Salt in your pots, applied when it rains in case it spreads with water. You must use a considerable amount for the snail to see it and avoid the area. You can make a camouflage in the Salt with the earth to eliminate the snail if you wish, it is a very efficient technique.

  • Vinegar can be an anti-snail ally.

You can take a spray and add vinegar to make it your perfect anti snail weapon so you can kill them. You have to spray the pest several times to eliminate it; it will writhe in pain. It is a technique that very few people use because they see very cruel; it is up to you if you want to kill the snails in seconds.

  • Put sand near the pot.

Sand can be another solution that doesn’t hurt but does keep snails away from your potted plants. You can place a lot of sand around the pot or under it by making a snail shield. This element fulfills the same function of Salt, where the snail will repudiate the area and quickly move away.

How Do I Keep Snails Off My Potted Plants?

In addition to standard ways to keep snails away, several traps can help. You can keep snails out of your potted plants with a very creative technique that involves a few materials. The first thing you need to get is a thick and rough substrate to place around the pot’s perimeter.

You have to make a circle with sand, some sandpaper, eggshells, diatomaceous earth, ash, or other tiny material. With these factors, you are creating a barricade so that the snail can’t enter your pot and eat the plant. With the elements, you can make it difficult for the snail to reach its destination, just by seeing it will move away.

When you create the first circle with one of the elements, you must place another one but very close to the pot. You can use the same elements but in an area closer to the pot, as a second barrier. Not even the most aggressive snail will overcome both barriers, although you should have your snail exterminator on hand.

The easiest snail exterminator to make is the one where you take vinegar and pour it into a water or spray dispenser. With this homemade weapon, you can spray all the snails around you and kill them in seconds. You should not worry because the snail will not make any sound while you kill it; it is fast.

If you don’t have any time to hunt and eliminate snails, you can have their common predator do it. With this technique, you will save time, but you will also have a double problem with the animal that eats snails. With the barrier techniques between your pots, it is more than enough to ward off the snails build them correctly.

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How To Prevent Snails?

You have to focus on the snails in your garden when you detect the first you must eliminate it immediately to avoid its reproduction. You have to use vinegar anti-snail to give them a quick, safe, and painless death. If you do not prevent snails at the time, they can reproduce and leave some eggs in your garden.

Another way that you can get rid of snails without the vinegar is by gently handling it with gloves. Avoid taking the snails with your exposed hand not to expose yourself to the drool that their body gives as protection. You can throw the pest down a slide with vinegar, soap, and water or even Salt to kill them quickly.

To verify that you will not have more snails near your pots, you must see if they did not leave holes in the leaves. You have to check under the leaves for any bumps or snail eggs; they are easy to recognize. With this action, you eliminate more than 20 baby snails that, in the future, can destroy your entire garden.

Snails in your yard are very common, but you can prevent them by using instant removal techniques. With this movement, you can let the snail eat your plants and dry them thoroughly. It would be best if you had your anti-snail weapon in hand; it is the most effective solution to eliminate them.

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