How To Get Rid Of Snake In Dryer Vent Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Snake In Dryer Vent

Snakes are long-form vertebrate reptiles and do not contain legs (crawl). Although the skins of some snakes are made up of scales, as is also present in lizards, they are rigid and are changed when they grow. This natural phenomenon of molting happens to all species of snakes.

The Nashville – Tennessee metropolitan area (United States) is a perfect habitat for snakes to come to life and make themselves felt. 

Unfortunately, snakes can be drawn into a dryer vent. Dryer vents create a great place with safe, dark cubicles for snakes to seek refuge to keep their blood warm.

Is it necessary to clean the dryer vent?

Yes, people must start cleaning dryer vent windows as they may be snakes. In many states in the United States, snakes are cold-blooded, and dryer windows are often the perfect places to keep them warm. Many may wonder if these animals can be present in the ventilation ducts of the dryers, and the answer is yes.

Snakes can enter through the window racks of garment dryers found in homes. Not only should people clean these windows to prevent the presence of snakes, but other animals may be on this site. 

Baby mice, birds, squirrels, bats, raccoons, and possums make their way into dryer window ducts (small enough to fit).

Why Do Snakes Get into Dryer Vents?

Why Do Snakes Get into Dryer Vents

There are two types of animals in the world. Some animals have cold blood, and others have warm blood. It has a constant temperature, and to generate this heat, these animals consume food and thus create energy.

Warm-blooded animals

Animals of this blood type need to consume too much food to keep their temperature stable. On the contrary, cold-blooded animals come to take the temperatures found in their environment.

Therefore, if a cold-blooded animal is in a warm environment, it will also be warm; if it is in a cold one, it will also be cold.

Cold-blooded Animals

As we are well-known, snakes are cold-blooded animals. Therefore, they seek all external sources of heat to warm up well. Home dryer windows are always very hot, making them an ideal place for snakes to settle. Any type of snake can be able to enter the window racks of clothes dryers in homes.

How to Remove a Snake from a Dryer Vent?

Once the snakes are getting into these windows, it is important that they eventually evict the unwanted guest. Those who dare to manipulate the snakes with their hands will get the reptile out much faster. One of the steps people must take to get rid of the snake is to disconnect the window covers from the dryers.

The use of tools is also necessary so that you can try to remove the snake inside manually. You can also access the vents from the inside and visualize where the snake is and if it is not accompanied. 

Of course, a reptile professional must always be consulted to avoid hurting the animal and causing a fatal accident with people.

All safety measures must be taken by people who dare to remove the snake themselves. If the snake is correctly identified, this would determine if the animal is poisonous, aggressive, or benefits the environment. As long as there is greater knowledge regarding the Snake species, it can help take the necessary precautions.

Having the help of the most experts will always be the most ideal and professional option that people can have. For example, a snake in a dryer window is very common in the United States.

How to Get rid of Snakes Going in a Dryer Vent

How to Get rid of Snakes Going in a Dryer Vent

When people inspect dryer vents for cleaning, they need to make sure they don’t run into a surprise. For example, in the case of being a snake:

Wide variety of methods to apply

People should not panic if they see that a snake is the jam product of a household dryer. These animals can be removed from these windows by many simple and complicated methods. The best way to get rid of a snake in a dryer window is to call professionals.

Snake trap

Using snake traps on your dryer windows can be an excellent option to prevent your dryer from being installed on site. In general, snakes can hide in these windows because they are very cold, dark, and humid. Although many snakes can love the day sun, they prefer to be in shady areas like these windows at night.

Spray water

On many occasions, people come across non-poisonous snakes very close to homes (backyards or dryer windows). One of the easiest and least dangerous options is to spray the animal with a little water with a hose in these cases. This method can only be applied to those snakes that are not poisonous and dangerous.

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How to keep snakes out of Dry vents

How to keep snakes out of Dry vents

Snakes should be kept well away from clothes dryer windows. This can be possible with various methods to be used.

Regular cleaning

Dryer windows need to be cleaned by people regularly to avoid the buildup of lint and the presence of unexpected animals. The snakes and accumulation of debris/lint can make tumble dryers a fire hazard. Therefore, the windows must be cleaned regularly to function well and avoid any blockage.

Cleaning kits

There are a variety of cleaning kits for dryer venting that look similar to a snake brush. These kits are usually very inexpensive options that help keep dryer windows clean.

The use of high-powered vacuum cleaners has been a method used by many homeowners, and they have been successful. Cleaning kits can keep everything in order and neatly arranged to avoid animals and garbage in the windows.

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