How To Get Rid Of Snake Mites Naturally

Dealing with Snake Mites

While you are at home, you may suffer from an invisible infestation with mites that trigger many diseases. You have to know How to get rid of snake mites naturally (How to get rid of snake mites naturally) to avoid complications in your body. These mites that you will usually feel on your sofa, floor, bed, and even everyday clothes can cause discomfort in your body.

You have to know a little about snake mites, which identifies them as one of the worst parasites. Find out where the snake mites are from and what they look like so you can identify them. Learn what solutions you can give to the pest problem and finally how you can prevent these insects.

What Are Snake Mites?

Snake mites are tiny arachnids that can be very close to you, consuming skin and blood. These arachnids are very annoying and can dominate any type of habitat that they are. Snakes are not spared from mite infestation because they lodge in holes in their bodies.

These mites dominate other reptiles besides snakes, although they are most often found there. You can also suffer directly from the mites because they move to areas like your sofa. These arachnids are nothing more than a lethal parasite that produces coughs, flu, allergies, and other complications for your body.

Where Are Snake Mites From?

You may know how to get rid of snake mites naturally (How to get rid of snake mites naturally) but not without first discovering where these parasites are from:

  • Human carriers

Mites can quickly pass from a human carrier to a reptile or vice versa, so their infestation is very fast. In humans, mites can cling to your clothing or skin and then jump into a natural habitat to search for snakes. As they are very tiny insects, this is positive for their movement because they are imperceptible.

  • Decoration of the substrate and the enclosure

Mites can also be in the decoration of the enclosure where you keep your snakes or other reptiles. The only way these parasites can carry them into the area is through dirty objects that you have previously placed.

  • Unsanitary living conditions

If you are unsanitary at home, this can attract and allow mites to subsist in any area, such as the sofa. You need to improve your hygiene and always clean the home, clothes, sofa, and the areas where you keep your reptiles.

  • Cross-contamination

Cross-contamination can be another reason why mites appear in your home due to the things you had to control. You need to remove moisture on the floor of your house, dirt from outside or other areas that cause pollution.

  • Wild snakes

If you recently placed a wild snake in the substrate and enclosure decoration, it may have mites. One pair of mites that the wild snake has is enough to infect all your reptiles in the area. If you let these new reptiles associate with the ones you have now, they may take the mites they have on their bodies.

What Do Snake Mites Look Like?

snake mites 2021 - Image By reptiledirect

Snake mites have a peculiar appearance that you can recognize at any time when you observe them. They are semi-transparent arachnids with a size of 0.5 mm in their adult stage and 0.2 mm as a larva. These mites are very difficult to see on snakes or even on your skin, so that you will need the help of a magnifying glass.

The sensations that the mites produce on your skin are tingling, so you should act immediately if you have it. If mites are found on your reptiles, you will only see small dots moving on their skin.

How To Get Rid Of Snake Mites Naturally?

You have to know How to get rid of snake mites naturally in these ways:

  • Garlic with water

You must combine the garlic with water to eliminate the mites in your reptiles, mainly in snakes. All you have to do is buy some garlic, crush it, and then apply it to water. Garlic is the best element that will help you eradicate the mites on your snake’s skin.

  • Cinnamon with water

For you to have a positive effect against mites on your snake’s skin without damaging it, you should use cinnamon with water. You have to buy the cinnamon, apply water to it, and then put it in a spray to use. This combination will cause all the mites on your snake to flee or suffocate if you apply too much.

  • Just clean your reptile.

If you want to eliminate mites directly on your reptile, you can clean it with a damp cloth on its body. You must be very careful with this cleaning so that your reptile does not suffer, and you can fulfill the objective of eliminating the mites.

How To Prevent Snake Mites?

After you know how to get rid of snake mites naturally (How to get rid of snake mites naturally), you have to learn how to prevent infestations:

  • Clean the house of your reptiles

You have to clean your reptile’s house with very strong-smelling chemicals constantly. To prevent the enclosure where your reptiles sleep from being carried with mites, you must clean it once a week.

  • Avoid wild snakes

It is necessary that you do not adopt wild snakes and combine them with your reptiles in the enclosure so that mites do not stick. If you adopt a wild snake, try to clean it before placing it with your reptile. You need to take care of your snake’s image and life and yours to avoid mite infestations.

  • Always keep your house clean.

Sometimes, the mites’ adoption in your snakes is because you have a dirty house that attracts these parasites. It is good to create a routine where your house will always be clean to prevent mites and other insects from entering. You need to take extreme measures throughout your home because a mite infestation for you and your reptiles is usually serious.

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