How To Get Rid Of Springtails Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Springtails Naturally

You should know springtails today as the microscopic animal that you can keep at home and create infestations. Find out what springtails are and where you can find them at home in their nests or when they are active. Learn why springtails infest your home for things that attract them in this safe environment.

Find out the damages caused by springtails and how you can get rid of this pest at home. Learn how to avoid springtails so that they do not invade your home again in the future.

What is Springtails?

Springtails are a very small insect that you may see in your garden or inside your home as an infestation. These animals are usually known as the “report tail” because of their great width in the lower part of the body. They are animals that feed on all kinds of animal waste or materials such as wood inside your house.

Animals like Springtails may be harmless because they won’t bite you, but you must be careful with infestations. If you let the insect grow and reproduce freely in your home, you will have a very serious problem in the long run.

Where do you find the Springtail nests?

You can find springtail nests in different areas of your house or around it, like in patios. The most common places for these nests are flowerpots, plant decomposition areas, and wood. The insect will always create a nest near the food to exist without moving so much for food.

If you suffer from a springtail infestation, you will likely see its nest under your cabinets. You should look near the garbage or area where humidity prevails in your home.

Why do springtails infest your home?

Springtails are animals that focus on humidity, and if your home is suffering from it, you may attract them. You can also have an infestation with this animal if you have a pool in your backyard because they love mold. The insect will never stop feeding, and although its habitat is the garden, they will look for a way to enter your house.

Insects are very small, which is negative for you because it is almost inevitable not to suffer from infestations. You have to detect springtails and completely remove them from that area to avoid problems in your home.

What attracts springtails?

If you don’t want a pest like springtails in your home, you have to avoid creating an attractive environment for them. You should eliminate all the damp areas in your house because this is the insect’s main attraction. Decomposing waste can be another element that attracts the pest, so you should throw the trash away.

Springtails are also attracted to your plants and combine with the pool in the yard more. You should seal the pool when you do not use it and try to use natural repellants on the plants. Taking simple measures, you will avoid an infestation of Springtails in your house’s external areas or inside it.

The insect is very harmless to the naked eye, but you should not ignore that your property’s value can fall. If you have an infestation of this type, your home may lose value if you decide to sell it in the future. You must eliminate the pest from its nest so that your house does not lose its beauty.

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Damage caused by Springtails

If springtails see areas of decomposing garbage, they may take it as their homemaking. You have a detestable area. The damage that insects of this type can cause may be minor, but you have to avoid them. When you have these infestations, the insect is likely to wipe out everything organic in your house.

You can observe how a springtail infestation eats your plants little by little or even dries them up. The plague has the power to spoil things in your home to such a degree that they are unrecognizable. The more the infestation grows, the greater the damage it causes inside your home, so you have to kill them now.

A clear example of how harmful springtails can be to your life is when they dominate your pool, making it unpleasant. You will not want to dive into your pool because there are many springtails around. It is a very bad image that you will have of the insect where anything they infest loses value and interest.

How to get rid of springtails naturally?

Among the alternatives that you have to get rid of springtails naturally at home are:

  • Clean the affected area

If you detect a springtail nest because of its brown color and approximately 10 cm size, you have to remove it. You can find these nests in humid areas or areas where you have garbage. You can clean the entire affected area, dispose of the trash, and kill springtails with chemicals.

  • Use insecticides

Any insecticide will be of great help for you to get rid of springtails at home. It is very good that you buy a quality insecticide with strong chemicals that kill them. You should leave neither adult springtails nor larvae that serve for a new generation of this pest.

  • Diatomaceous earth

You can buy diatomaceous earth as a special treatment against springtails and other pests at home. This element is easy to buy, and you can have it in very high quantities to apply throughout the house. You must distribute the diatomaceous earth evenly so that the springtail will eat it up and die.

How to prevent springtails from invading your home

The direct ways in which you can prevent springtails from invading your home are:

  • Avoid humidity

You must avoid humidity in your home, especially in the kitchen, where you can have springtails. You have to plug the holes where one enters when it rains suddenly. By avoiding humidity, you will not suffer from this pest because your house will not be attractive.

  • Dump the trash on time

You should throw away all the garbage and not leave it inside your house or areas close to it to not attract springtails. It is very good that you seal these bags completely and not leave them at home for more than three days in a row. If you do not throw the garbage, you will likely suffer from an infestation of Springtails, cockroaches, bed bugs, among other insects.

  • Seal pools and use insecticides on your plants

If you have a pool, you must seal it completely with a tarp or special plastic while not using it. You should also apply insecticides to your plants around the pool to prevent springtails. It is very good to do this procedure one time a week to avoid the pest near your free area.

If you are suffering from a springtail infestation, you can contact pest control professionals now. You can get professional help to eliminate the insect from your home.

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