How to Get Rid of Tree Roaches

How to Get Rid of Tree Roaches

Are you having trouble with tree roaches in your home? Do you want to get rid of this terrible problem at once? These types of roaches are a real headache and fly directly to you at night.

Tree roaches are nasty, ugly, and undesirable, anyone is scared, and some are too big. There are places like Texas and Louisiana, where tree roaches are abundant and frustrating for the inhabitants.

Below you can find all the details you need on this topic and how you can get rid of them.

What Are Tree Roaches?

Tree roaches are a nickname they use to refer to a type of cockroach that lives in bushes and trees. This type of cockroach terrifies the patios of the houses and the neighborhoods around here. It is the place they use to enter the houses.

As previously mentioned, they are common in some areas of the United States, such as Louisiana or Texas. They are considered the most terrifying and largest cockroaches on the planet, also called the American cockroach.

Tree Cockroaches Vs. Wood Cockroaches

Wood cockroaches are of the Parcoblatta type of the Blattellidae family. This type of cockroach has 12 species of wood cockroach and is native to North America. This type also includes Pennsylvania wood cockroaches, Virginia wood cockroaches, and western wood cockroaches.

Although these wood cockroaches are more abundant in these places, they spread throughout the United States. Several types of wood cockroaches differ in color, size, and the states where they live.

The Pennsylvania species is the largest because it can be 1-1.3 / 4 inches long. Other species can be between 0.5 and 1 inch long. Males can fly very fast.

  • Differences

Unlike the American or tree cockroaches, the Virginia and Pennsylvania roaches are smaller and tend to hide in logs and firewood. 

These wood cockroaches are not a threat like pests, and people don’t jump in surprise when they see it. This would be one of the great differences that exist between the two types of cockroaches.

  • Identification

As previously mentioned, the American cockroach is between 1, ½, and 3 inches long. It is a very intimidating cockroach for people when they encounter one in person.

They are reddish-brown, and their shell is hard and flat. When you flip them, they have a more oval shape. They have two long antennae that come out of their small heads. They also have wings that make them fly to you, which is an unpleasant experience.

The Tree Roach And Its Habitat

This type of tree roach is generally quite harmless if found only in forests and in garbage cans. They live in loose oak bark and usually hide in rotting logs and fallen forest leaves.

You can also find them in drainage pipes, sewers, and alleys. Here they would be closer to their homes. They also like to be in the flower beds and gardens; thus, they lay their eggs to form many tree roaches and fill the place.

How Did They Get Into The Houses?

These pests are usually kept outdoors and outdoors. But there are occasions where the change of climate or other aspects that make them enter their homes. This type of cockroach can contaminate food and cause allergies in people.

They can enter through the windows whenever fresh air enters your home, thanks to their wings they can fly there and enter your home. Although they are not good at flying, their wings allow them to move from tree branches to things underneath.

They use their wings, and attracting lights is the perfect option to invade your room or room. They can also take advantage of holes, pipes, cable entry points, drain holes, and dryer vents to get into your home.

How To Get Rid Of Tree Roaches?

This type of pest is an unpleasant problem, and nobody wants to share their home with these filthy and unpleasant companions. If you want to delete and get rid of them, you can continue reading the article.

Some products that can help you get rid of tree roaches.

  • Exterminator’s Choice Sticky Glue Traps

It is used to monitor and measure cockroach infection for additional control.

  • Basf PT PI contact insecticide

PI is a very effective type of insecticide spray that kills roaches quickly. Many recommend that this product be used as a supplement to other treatments. It is a bit expensive product, but it is very good compared to other sprays.

Products to kill tree roaches inside your home
  • Insecticide powder

In the market, you can find many similar products, such as CimeXa. This is a very effective treatment to use on cracks. You can use it with other products for the best results.

  • Dust of ground dust

Products like powdered insecticides work best if applied with a feather duster. It is an inexpensive product and works well with any powder products that are used for this purpose.

  • Cockroach gel bait

There are brands like Advion that poison the roaches that eat the product and then kill the others with a second death. You can use it indoors with a powder insecticide for best efficacy.

  • Genpoint Point Source IGR

This is a regulator of insect growth and is perfect for interfering with tree roach reproduction. You can also use it with other treatments like powder insecticides.

Products to kill tree roaches outdoors before entering your home
  • Bayer Suspension Insecticide

This is a perfect product for indoor use as foundations, exterior walls, and driveways. This type of liquid can stop outdoor roaches before they enter your home.

You must have a separate sprayer; you can also use it with the unique outdoor granulated bait. Additionally, you can use an exterior crack treatment for greater effectiveness.

  • Chapin Multipurpose Sprinkler

This is a type of liquid pesticide that also requires a separate sprayer. It is economical and works well for small areas.

  • Bait granules

This type of granulated bait is perfect for killing tree roaches outdoors. You can use it in attics and garages; you can combine it with other spray treatments.

With these products and treatments, you can keep these pesky tree roaches away from your home and surroundings.

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