How To Get Rid Of Varied Carpet Beetles Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Varied Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles can damage your clothing, rugs, curtains, and furniture. These pests do not pose a danger to humans but can cause a lot of damage if you do not remove the infestation from your home. Here you can learn a little more about carpet beetles and how to get rid of them.

What are Varied Carpet Beetles?

The variegated carpet beetle is a type of beetle that can be up to 3 mm long and is part of the Dermestidae family. They are considered a common pest of domestic homes; they can damage furniture, sofas, clothing, carpet, and any fabric they find.

They have a life cycle that can vary from 1 to 3 years, depending on environmental conditions.

Where Are Carpet Beetles Found?

Where Are Carpet Beetles Found

Carpet beetles can be found in many countries and throughout North America. They prefer cozy and warm places where they have a lot of food, but you can also find them outdoors.

 When they are inside your house, they seek to hide in damp, dark places such as beds, cabinets, furniture, carpets, baseboards, walls, closets, and they can even be in the bathroom and cars.

How do carpet beetles spread?

Adult carpet beetles can feed on pollen and can fly into your home. They can enter through windows, doors, crevices, and any gaps they find. When a house is left alone for a long time and is not cleaned, it is a good place for carpet beetles to thrive.

They lay eggs on clothing, furniture, carpets and thus quickly infest your home.

Do Carpet Beetles Bite?

Do Carpet Beetles Bite

Carpet beetles are considered a nuisance pest that affects many people’s homes. They can damage all fabrics and cause allergies, but they do not bite humans.

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How to get rid of Varied carpet beetles naturally

When you have a carpet beetle infestation, you can take the following steps to get rid of them properly:

  • Wash clothes

Wash clothes, rugs, carpets, and whatever else you can with hot water and detergent to kill the various carpet beetles.

  • Throw away damaged clothes

If you notice that the carpets or clothes are badly damaged, it is recommended that you throw them away. Use a plastic bag and throw it away in the trash cans outside your home.

  • Freeze infested items

You can also freeze some infested items for 72 hours to kill larvae, eggs, and adult carpet beetles.

  • Clean the surfaces of your house

Clean surfaces in your home with vinegar to remove dirt.

  • Use diatomaceous earth powder

To dehydrate the carpet beetles, you can use diatomaceous earth powder. Use it where the infestation is seen, such as windows, carpets, drawers, cabinets, etc.

How To Prevent Carpet Beetles From Entering Your Home

Once the carpet beetles have been removed from your home, you should prevent a new infestation.

  • Clean your home regularly.
  • Use insecticides around the perimeters of your home to prevent beetles from entering your home.
  • Use diatomaceous earth on windows and doors.
  • Vacuum all areas of your home.
  •  Use vinegar and water to clean surfaces in your home.
  • Seal cracks and crevices so carpet beetles cannot hide.
  • Remove bird or insect nests near your home.

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