How to Get Rid of Waterbugs

How to Get Rid of Waterbugs


Waterbugs are insects that could cause panic and fear when they appear in the house. Some people mix up these beetles with regular cockroaches. But that is not correct, because waterbugs should be towards the Belostomatidae family. They develop in the southern regions as well as the humid climate.

In case you see them in the home of yours, you have to begin exterminating them immediately. They are biting! It is going to spoil the life of yours a lot in case you allow them to spread in the damp areas of the house.

What exactly are Water Bugs?

We’re not talking about the particular water bugs which are living in the water. Those insects are able to grow to five inches in length and fortunately are not found in the homes of yours.

They appear to be a lot like 3 kinds of insects:

  • The smoky brown roach
  • The American roach
  • The Oriental cockroach

These’re species of cockroaches generated their nickname “water” since they are inclined to remain near a water supply. Drinking water is what appeals to waterbugs! It’s a point that they are able to live without any food for one month, but will not last a week if it doesn’t have water. Roaches also often cleanse themselves a lot. Much love cats, cockroaches consistently groom themselves. But they are not clean after many since they are available from drainage pipes.

A cockroach grows as much as two inches in length. They’re reddish-brown and also have tiny tentacles on the head of theirs. They have wings and are able to flying. They tend to enter through the cracks on the doors, and also, in fact, they’ll are available in from anywhere they need due to their small bodies.

Once you see these pests in the house, it will help in case you began exterminating them immediately. And I will share my own experience of mine with you on how you can keep waterbugs out of the home.

How can Waterbugs Get in the home?

The waterbugs more than likely made the way of theirs into the home from an external gap, and even from a drain and pipe. It is not only the interior of the house that you have to consider.
You must also analyze the home’s surroundings and eliminate something that could attract the bugs, like a pile of dead leaves or debris. The external gutters must also be cleared regularly to prevent small floods from developing in the yard or perhaps vicinity.

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How to Get Rid of Waterbugs

Water bugs are several of the most visually uncomfortable household pests imaginable. And these roach like critters is disgusting to eliminate and more painful to live with. Thankfully, in many cases, your water bug problem can be resolved with some necessary preventive measures, which will make your house less enticing to these pests. Even in case you want to stay away from calling an exterminator, you are able to probably still rid the home of these pests by yourself. Below are a few steps you are able to take to remove waterbugs:

  • Baking powdered sugar and soda

For a more organic pest control method, sprinkle a combination of equal parts baking powdered sugar and soda in the goal area.

  • Boric acid

Sprinkling boric acid might be the best strategy to water bug infestations. To bring in the bugs, spread a tiny layer of powdered near the cockroach nest. Then, the bugs are going to walk over the acid, and the powder will be consumed through their antennae and legs. Ensure that they don’t spread a dense layer of powdered because cockroaches often dismiss severe powder piles.

  • Cockroach bait

Using bait is an effective and common way to eliminate water bugs. The insects are duped into collecting the bait and taking it back again to the nest of theirs. Therefore, the infestation is eradicated at the source. This strategy does not require direct exposure to the poison. There is no need to cover the food or perhaps kitchen utensils, as the insecticide is found in a box.

  • Make Your Home Spotlessly Clean

Do not give some reasons for all the waterbugs to enter the home of yours. Clear away all wide open food out of the house and living room. Put any foods you would like to keep in sealed containers to keep the smell from spreading outside.

Be sure that you clear out the trash on a consistent schedule. This includes the trash stacked outside. Meanwhile, you ought to have a high kitchen bin with a sealed lid. The waterbugs are going to head elsewhere in case they realize there’s no food in the building.

  • Essential Oils

Most bugs do not like the smell of many essential oils, particularly peppermint oil. Mix 7 to 10 drops of essential oil in a glass of water that is warm as well as squirt it around the splits as well as crevices inside the home where water bugs may get in.

When they face the smell, a lot of them will be driven out. It will not harm them; however, they find the odor unpleasant enough to stay away from it if possible. And essential oils do not have a great deal of staying power, so you will need to reuse it.

  • Hot water

Just in case you know exactly where they reside, you are able to pour water that is hot on them. And boil water and put it on the nest of theirs. Cockroaches cannot tolerate temperature, and their external shells crack, causing the demise of theirs. Repeat the process two times one day.

  • Close off All Entry Points

You’ll additionally need to pack each gap, cracks, and also crevices waterbugs might utilize to gain entry into the house of yours. Thoroughly examine the home of yours and seal up all entry gap that waterbugs are able to make use of. Use a sealant or perhaps concrete where needed, but do anything to ensure no waterbug is ready to go into yours.

How to Prevent Water Bugs in The House
  • Cleaning is key to holding water bugs out of the commercial property of yours. Since h2o bugs like sweet food items like syrup, ensure to tidy up any spills in kitchens instantly and use soap regarding not going out of any residue behind.
  • Clean the dishes and load garbage frequently. You are making it way too simple for water bugs to consume in case you allow dirty dishes out immediately.
  • Clean the gutters of yours and make sure there’s no build-up of debris and leaves.
  • Always stay away from keeping trash and garbage inside overnight, as this may attract water bugs and some other sorts of pests.
  • Check window frames, baseboards, door frames, and pipes for just about any openings or cracks and seal them straight away.
  • Keep all floors dry out as water bugs can also be attracted to moisture. Utilizing a humidifier can help eliminate moisture in carpets.
Are Water Bugs Harmful to Humans?

The size of theirs is able to make them seem much scarier than they are. While many people have noted bites from water insects, they’re usually not harmful to people. The most substantial threat they carry would be the danger all cockroach pests possess that has the opportunity to spread disease.

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