How To Get Rid Of White Cockroaches Naturally

How To Get Rid Of White Cockroaches Naturally

Have you seen a white cockroach in your home? You are probably scared or excited by this rare appearance; many think they are albino cockroaches. But you should know that this is not a different type of cockroach, only that most spend a few hours as white cockroaches.

What Is A White Cockroach?

White cockroaches are cockroaches in transition; they are normal and common cockroaches in their process called molting. This process belongs to their life cycle and is how they get bigger and more harmful.

What Is The Molt?

Cockroaches are invertebrates; that is, they do not have bones. For them to move their legs and wings, they need tough bodies called exoskeletons. Exoskeletons don’t change in size when they harden, which is why cockroaches and other insects go through this molting process that allows them to grow.

Cockroaches usually have 7 to 8 molts before reaching adulthood. When this molting process comes, the cockroach splits its exoskeleton from behind and crawls out of it. The exoskeleton underneath is soft and flexible and has no pigmentation, which is why the cockroach is white.

This new exoskeleton will harden and begin to darken in the next few hours; this will depend on the species.

What Causes White Cockroaches?

The cause of white cockroaches is molting. By losing their outer layer, they also lose pigmentation in the body. As mentioned above, this process can take hours while they return to their dark color.

Where Do White Cockroaches Come From?

White cockroaches is not a strange or different species; it is a cockroach that has just shed its skin. This is the process of believing and reaching adulthood. When they shed the old skin, and the new skin remains, it is white. It can take up to 6 hours to re-darken or tan. This is a chemical process in which it turns hard and dark brown again.

If you see a white cockroach, it is because you have a large infestation problem. It means that you have a mature population that you must attack immediately.

Is A White Cockroach An Albino Cockroach?

You must bear in mind that these are 2 diverse situations. White cockroaches are due to the shedding process of their skin, and to date, there is no documented case of albino cockroaches.

Albinism is a genetic condition that affects an organism and prevents them from having enough pigment melanin. Melania is in charge of giving color to the skin, eyes, and hair. There are many albinism levels, which does not always mean a noticeable lack of pigmentation in the skin.

To date, it is not known that this genetic condition of albinism affects cockroaches. If you see a white cockroach, it is not because of albinism.

Why Are White Cockroaches Rarely Seen?

You rarely see a white cockroach because the molting process only takes a few hours. In this molting process, the cockroach’s skin is soft and vulnerable to attack by predators. That is why cockroaches, when they molt, remain hidden and do not come to light.

Do White Cockroaches Bite?

White cockroaches are the same ordinary cockroaches but have gone through their shedding process. Although they may seem more sinister and terrifying, they are no different. It is not known if they bite and do not have stingers.

White cockroaches are carriers of disease, and exoskeletons, feces, and eggshells can cause asthma and allergies. Having a white cockroach is synonymous with having a large population of common cockroaches that you must eliminate as soon as possible.

How To Get Rid of White Cockroaches Naturally

If you want to get rid of white cockroaches, you should follow the following tips:

  • Clean frequently

You must clean, clean, and clean; when you have domestic pests, what you should do is clean your entire house. You must have your home spotless because roaches are more attracted to dirt, food residue, and grease.

You should wash the dishes at night and not leave them dirty in the dishwasher because it will attract more roaches and it will be your best feast. You need to make sure you clean your stove and that your kitchen floor is clean.

You should do this every day to prevent roaches from being attracted to entering your home.

  • Must seal holes and cracks

You should check pipes, drains, and holes in the pantry, counter, wall, and baseboards. Cockroaches and other insects can get through very small crevices to infest your home. You must seal all the entrances to your house; you will see how you will keep these annoying pests away.

You can use a sealant, caulk tube, or caulking gun to do this job.

  • Fix water leaks

Cockroaches are generally going to be attracted to moisture and leaking water from drains and pipes. That is why you always find them under sinks and in bathrooms, some cockroaches can live for months without food, but without water, they can only survive for days.

Check your pipes to avoid water leaks; you should not water in the sink. Indoor plants should not be overwatered so as not to attract roaches.

  • You can make your natural bait to kill roaches.

You can mix boric acid with powdered sugar to attract roaches. While the sugar attracts them, the boric acid will kill them. Boric acid is not toxic and does not affect pets or humans, but you should always be careful because it can be irritating.

Avoid adding this mixture in places where they can be in contact with your fingers or nose. You can put this powder behind the refrigerator, in the dishwasher, on the stove, under the sink, and in cracks or holes.

If the problem is very serious, you should seek the help of experts. They will have the knowledge and tools necessary to kill roaches quickly and effectively.

How To Prevent White Cockroaches

If you want to prevent cockroaches in your home, you should keep it clean not to be an attractive place for pests. Do the maintenance that your house needs so that you will have your house in good condition, and at the same time, cockroaches and other domestic insects will be away.

Keep your space as cool as possible to move them away from your home or office.

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