How to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders Naturally

How to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders Naturally


The Wolf spider belongs to a family of spiders. It has eight black eyes, arranged in 3 rows. It has sturdy, spiny feet that end in 3 claws. It is well-known for its ability to run, jump, toxicity, agility, and ferocity.

Some wolf spiders are so poisonous that they can poison a sparrow. It can poison a person.

The wolf spider’s tufts are not all-purpose and have little or no effect on specific animals. The bird-eating wolf spider’s natural predator is a wasp as a giant as a sparrow. The wasp often lays its eggs inside the wolf spider. Before laying its eggs in the wolf spider’s abdomen, the wasps anesthetized the wolf spider by puncturing its nervous system with a stinging needle. The larvae hatch and then feed on the wolf spider’s tentacles to grow.

The hairless wolf spiders use their venomous teeth as a weapon of self-defense and have a ferocious temperament. Most wolf spiders in the Old World have this characteristic. Although their venom is not lethal to humans, it is fatal to some mammals, and an Australian wolf spider can bite death to a dog. But wolf spiders attack mainly insects of all kinds. They also eat homologous animal when they are hungry.


The wolf spider can identify the danger. U.S. researchers found that when a female wolf spider comes across a male wolf spider that is courting her, it will not only reject the other wolf spider if the male wolf spider is a stranger. Also, It will often eat the male wolf spider; if the male wolf spider looks familiar, it will often treat the male wolf spider well and even accept another person’s courtship. The above idea comes from an experiment conducted by an arthropod scientist at Cornell University in New York. In the experiment, Herbert divided male wolf spiders into two groups: wolf spiders’ front legs painted brown nail polish, and in the other group painted black nail polish. She then placed the two groups into two groups of young female wolf spiders to feed. When the female wolf spiders are mature, they are put into separate boxes for each female group. Herbert took some male wolf spiders that had never been raised in mixed packs and painted their front legs brown and black. They were then placed one by one in the box containing the female wolf spiders. It was found that although the female wolf spiders had never seen these new male wolf spiders before, if the color of the male wolf spiders’ front legs was familiar to them, then they will be welcomed; the opposite will be fatal. The more often a female wolf spider encounters a friend with one color on her legs, the more likely it is to eat another color of Male wolf spiders. Besides, wolf spiders appear to have intelligence. In an experiment, scientists put a wolf spider in a bottle, took it out of the bottle and screwed the lid on, so that the wolf spider was unable to return to its lair, so scientists trained it to unscrew the bottle cap. After a few days of training, the wolf spider was able to extract the bottle cap. The wolf spider’s behavior gave the scientists new insight into the arthropod. “The research on these animals is just beginning, and we can say that we know about them well. There may be many secrets in their world that are not known,” Marshall said.

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How to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders
  • Clean the house regularly

Clean the house regularly with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Use a broom and vacuum to remove any food debris from the home that may attract insects. Since insects are a food source for wolf spiders, fewer insects mean less food for the wolf spider, thus preventing them from wandering the area. Keep an eye out for any areas with cobwebs. Remove the cobwebs to stop the spider from settling in the same place.

  • Remove cardboard boxes.

People prefer to use trench boxes made of cardboard over sealed boxes made of plastic. However, it is especially essential to remove gutter boxes in basements, attics, cabinets, slots through which power lines or water pipes pass, and other shady areas. Because wolf spiders prefer dark places, they are likely to enter cardboard boxes placed in shady areas. Sealed plastic boxes are more difficult for wolf spiders to get into than cardboard boxes that are easier to climb in.

  • Filling in the gaps

Patch all small cracks and cables that extend from the external house to the internal house with filler. Even if you have filled the cracks outside the house, it is best to fix the ones inside the house. Some gaps are not visible on the outside of the house but can be easily checked on the inside. Start at the bottom of the house and patch up. A wolf spider will most likely wander into the basement and the slots through which power lines or pipes pass, so it’s essential to keep the wolf spider out! These places. Slowly patch the gaps up to the top of the attic.

  • Reduce the accumulation of debris

Wolf spiders are attracted to dark places, so clean up piles of magazines, old clothes, books, and boxes to avoid being scared by them later.

Best Natural Ways to Kill Wolf Spiders
  • Put the slime traps around the house.

Place the sticky trap in an area where you suspect a wolf spider infestation, especially in a dark, hidden corner. Slime traps are made of heavy cardboard and very sticky glue. As soon as wolf spiders and other pests step on the trap, they become trapped in the adhesive, are unable to move, and eventually starve to death. Place the traps in corners of basements and garages. Also, they should be placed under and behind furniture and on either side of any outward-facing doors. Keep children and pets away from the traps. They may become trapped in the traps and be challenging to remove.

  • Use organic pesticides

A botanical insecticide made from Hexa-hydroxyl vegetable oil is effective against wolf spiders. This powdered insecticide can be spread under furniture, dark basement corners, and other poorly lit areas. Hexa-hydroxyl vegetable oil is harmless to pets and people alike.

  • Catching wolf spiders

If you plan to catch wolf spiders one at a time, the best way to track them is to use a flashlight at night to illuminate the darkest corners. You can also use a flashlight to shine it on sprawling trees and dense bushes to find wolf spiders. Wolf spiders have reflective discs behind their eyes that allow them to see clearly at night. This disc also reflects the flashlight’s light, making it easy to find them in the dark.

  • Trap a wolf spider in a container.

When you find a wolf spider, cover the plastic container or cup upside down over the spider and slide a substantial, sturdy board underneath the cup, moving it carefully Board to prevent spiders from crawling out of the container. Take the spiders outside the house as soon as possible to release them. Release them as far away from the perimeter of the house as possible to prevent them from re-crawling back into your home once they are free. Wear gloves when trapping and catching wolf spiders to reduce the risk of being bitten. Although the wolf spider’s venom is not toxic to humans, the bite can still be quite painful. Some people may have allergic reactions to the poison, and wearing gloves can help prevent these possible reactions.

  • Using a broom to kill a spider

When you see a wolf spider, kill it by attacking it with a regular sweep. You can also use a shoe or other sturdy object to squash the wolf spider. Likewise, you can use a vacuum cleaner to get the wolf spider out. Because wolf spiders are quite giant, you can usually kill an adult wolf spider with a broom. Smaller spiders can’t be killed by the broom so that a broomstick won’t be effective against them.

  • Flushing away wolf spiders with water

Use the powerful current of the garden hose to scare the wolf spider away. Water won’t kill a wolf spider, but the water’s force is strong enough to scare it away and may prevent it from coming back. In addition to flushing away wolf spiders you see, you can also flush water from under eaves, windowsills, deck and porch roofs, and patios. Tips Hire a pest control professional. If you’re dealing with a severe wolf spider invasion, you may need to enlist a professional’s help to use a more potent chemical agent.

How to Prevent and Treat Wolf Spider Bite

Wolf spider venom is the colorless, bitter, alkaline reaction, soluble in water, but insoluble in ethanol and ether. The toxicity can clear away when the temperature is above 75℃. You can see two small red dots in the wound after the bite, and severe pain and sweating are joint. The face of the poisoned patient has a characteristic blue-purple color, puffiness, and brightness. It was difficult to breathe, the pulse slowed down, and the heart rate was irregular. Some people have blurred vision, blindness, exhale with a special odor. If not resuscitated in time, the patient can die of cardiac paralysis after more than ten hours.

In areas frequented by people and animals, poisonous spiders, insecticides can be sprayed.

When the wolf spider bites a person, he or she can immediately burn the wound with a match or cigarette to destroy the toxin before it spreads with high temperature. This method must be carried out within 1 to 2 minutes after the bite to be effective.

  • Use acupuncture to treat around the wound.
  • Treat the wound with a hefty dose of cortisone in 5% glucose saline by rapid infusion, assisted by vitamin C.
  • Anti-spider venom serum is effective in treating wolf spider bites but should prepare in advance. Recommend that some severe areas about the wolf spiders need to develop antitoxin serum so that it is not a problem.

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