How to Get Rid of Wood Roaches

How to Get Rid of Wood Roaches

You might have noticed that you won’t see cockroaches during the day, and if you see one of them, you might be surprised. The wood roaches are from the Parcoblatta genus of the Blattellidae family of roaches.

There are about 12 species of native North American wood roaches, including Western wood cockroach, Virginia wood cockroach, and many others. You should avoid getting misguided by a given geographical name as they are spread throughout the country.

You can get details about numerous types of wood roaches and how they have different sizes and colors. They will also inhabit different places. The peninsula wood roaches are amongst the largest as it has a length of about 1-1.4 inches.

All the other species are significantly smaller as their height goes from 0.5 to 1 inch. The male species of any cockroaches fly quite fast, and females do not have this ability. The wood roaches dwell outside, and they can infest any rotten wood, and they will sit a right under it.

They can also be found under the moist places in any forest, and if the conditions are favorable, they will never abandon the home forest. In some cases, when it’s a drought, or they don’t have suitable food options, then they will consider going to another nearby forest for a better life.

What are the Wood Roaches?

Woods roaches are fundamentally the same as in appearance to the American roach. They are flat, oval body, long antennae, spiny legs, and chestnut brown color. The wood roach is slightly smaller than the American Cockroach, about 3/4 to 1/4 inch long.

The adults, particularly the guys, seem tan due to the color of their wings. Adults wood roach can be perceived by a pale, rich white or straightforward stripe on their outer edge. The pale edge extends onto the initial 1/3 of the front wings of the adults.

What attracts wood roaches?

These are some of the things that attract the wood roaches and how you can identify them.

  • Switch off unnecessary lights as male Wood Roaches can fly and are attracted to lights during the mating season. Female Wood Roaches are drawn towards yard and patio lights along these lines attracting other male Wood Roaches.
  • Discard dead roaches carefully because if once killed, the dead roaches can be discarded utilizing a vacuum cleaner or a brush and a dustpan. Albeit a vacuum cleaner isn’t suggested as roach bodies will get crushed inside the machine, and you should clean it later. It also causes a bad smell in the trash sack attracting flies and other insects.
  • Fix spillages as spilling channels and may attract more Wood Roaches. Fix these at once. Ensure you spread the channels in the house and dispose of any overabundance dampness.

Cockroaches invasions that occur inside can frustrate homeowners. While the more typical cockroaches which attack indoor homes are the German cockroach and American Cockroach, other species can also meander inside, similar to the Wood Roach.

In contrast to the German and American cockroach, the Wood Cockroach likes to be outside and unintentionally walk into a home. They require consistent dampness in their condition to endure and can frequently be found under logs, woodpiles, and leaf litter.

Wood roaches are not as difficult to dispose of contrasted with other cockroach invasions. Customary cockroaches invade homes in search of warmth and food, but Wood Roaches frequently unintentionally stagger in and can’t make sense of how to get away.

The best way to manage Wood roaches is by laying out insect traps like the Glue Board inside and playing out an obstruction treatment with a ground-breaking insecticide and inside in splits and fissure.

How to Get Rid Of Wood Roaches?

The wood roaches can’t raise indoors, and there is no need to take any exceptional measures, such as utilizing artificial chemicals. Separate insects are easy to kill by basically stepping on them. However, if you don’t want to get your hands and feet filthy, a wide range of common cockroach treatment.

Sticky traps are the cleanest strategy. Above all else, sticky traps are versatile and will lethally trap the wood roaches, but some other pest insects stuck inside, including small mice. Second, sticky traps are not poisonous; thus, you cannot hesitate to use them at home around children and pets. Also, the pack has such huge numbers of traps that you can place them everywhere you need.

Here are some tips to help you properly use the traps.

  • Try not to keep wooden logs in the house or outside near the front or back door. If possible, use a separate building.
  • Have a wide yard, which will become a brilliant obstruction against the wood roaches, which they won’t have the option to pass, even via air.
  • Keep the house clean, take out the trash all the more often.
  • Clean up the backyard, remove the sources of stagnant water, and dispose of damaged wood.
  • Seal all the cracks in the windows, dividers, and doors.
  • Turn off the yard lights around evening time and use the door kick plates.
How to Prevent Wood Roaches

Ensure that you consider some preventive measures to ensure that you won’t face any issues with the wood roaches.

  • Reduce the outside lighting in any event during May-June. Use lower wattage yard and deck lights or replace them with lights that are less attractive to insects, such as warm-colored LED lights.
  • Use movement detectors or clocks to lessen the measure of time that outdoor lights are on. Redirect outdoor lights, so they shine down instead of out.
  • Fix gaps around doors and windows, including holes in screens, garage doors, or other openings that permit wood cockroaches inside.
  • Due to wood roaches associated with rotting wood, bark, and firewood, you should store firewood away from your house, and consider debarking it before bringing it inside. Similarly, fallen trees and stumps should be overseen, so they don’t become home for wood cockroaches.
  • Clean drains with accumulated leaves and garbage can attract wood cockroaches. Other hiding places around your home are in or under potted plants, underwood siding or shingles, and damp sheds.
  • Call pest control to treat cockroach entry points around your home. Ask about some preventative maintenance program that can stop outdoor pests from getting inside in any case.

You can learn all the right methods to get rid of wood roaches and get the best results. Make sure that you use all the right methods so that it does not cause any problems later on. Prefer using natural ways to get rid of the wood roaches to show you effective results for a longer period.

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