How To Keep Chipmunks Out Of The Garden?

How To Keep Chipmunks Out Of The Garden

If you have a garden, you probably want it always to look amazing, but no matter how hard you try, there are always unwanted guests. Some have a garden to plant beautiful plants and flowers, while others use it as a food source. If this is the case for you, it must be very unpleasant to wake up in the morning and find yourself in a big mess in your garden.

Squirrels are very pretty, and they are the first rodents that can become a pest in your garden. Therefore, you should follow the advice of the experts to keep them out of your space.

The Problem Caused By Chipmunks

Squirrels are known as burrowing animals, so they will always create tunnels to pass from one place to another or reside. During the summer, squirrels dig shallow holes, while in winters, they dig deeper holes.

When squirrels dig tunnels, they usually have multiple connections, meaning there will be multiple holes scattered throughout their yard. Just take this simple count, the more squirrels you can see in your garden, the greater the number of holes.

Holes in your yard will make you have an unsightly presence, and soil structure can be damaged over time if you’ve dug holes under your house or garage.

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What Scent Can Be Used to deter chipmunks?

Certain aromas are very unpleasant for squirrels, so they will be very effective when getting rid of them. Peppermint oil has an odor that is unbearable for squirrels and does not harm them. The peppermint plant also causes the same oil effect on squirrels.

Dishwasher detergent also has an odor that will quickly scare away squirrels when combined with vegetable oil. But in the list of unpleasant smells for squirrels, you can find much more:

Sour smells

The vinegar


The cinnamon

These scents can be found in oils, and you can spray them in your garden to get rid of squirrels quickly.

How to keep chipmunks out of the garden Naturally

Squirrels keep looking for food and a suitable space to live. Through his nose, he can get food and good shelter for the rest of his pack. While the squirrels make their way, they smell what is around a few meters, and you will fool with the unpleasant aromas for them; it will not be so difficult.

In stores, you can find any essential oils with unpleasant odors for squirrels. With this ingredient, you can create your custom spray to get rid of squirrels from your garden. You will only need a spray bottle to place the essential oil of your choice along with crushed garlic.

By making this solution, you can use it as a repellent for squirrels, and it will make them think that your garden is not very pretty to be in. This solution should be sprayed on the plants in your garden, thus preventing them from being eaten by squirrels.

You will make the squirrel decide to leave your garden on its own, without having to be hurt or use a product that is harmful to them. This natural method has long been used by people who have had a squirrel invasion in their yard.

Do not be guided by this rodent’s helpless size as they can wipe out your garden in a matter of days.

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