How to Keep Crows Away From Bird Feeders

How to Keep Crows Away From Bird Feeders

Crows are a species of birds that find it very easy to find a food source; these birds are omnivorous and very skilled. It is very easy for them to open a garbage bag to feed them.

These birds quickly locate a feeder, a garbage container, or any other place where they find food to stay very close and return every day.

Crows are very social birds and feed in the family, so they can be difficult to fight and scare away. They are very intelligent and can deter some traps or lures.

How to keep crows away from your bird feeder?

Birds are always attracted to feeders. That is why some people use them to observe the most beautiful birds closely, listen to their songs, and even be able to photograph them.

Feeders are a constant source of food that also attract larger, more predatory birds such as crows.

Some steps can eventually be taken to keep crows away from their food sources, but to keep them from ever approaching these tips may help:

  • Keep spaces clean

Cleaning seed or food debris from the feeder or garden can prevent crows from being attracted.

  • Scarecrow

Design a life-size scarecrow, with appropriate clothing and bright colors that resemble a real person.

  • Small feeders

Place small feeders where large birds do not have easy access to food.

  • Use a fence

Delimit the feeder space with a mesh of small holes and leave a space where only the smallest birds can enter

  • Use fake animals or decoys

Crows fear owls and snakes. You can use them on tree branches to prevent them from approaching and nesting.

Why keep crows away from your bird feeder?

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Crows are social birds that eat as a family, never walk alone, and repel other birds. By always walking in flocks, these can quickly become a pest capable of exterminating with a crop. More than a hundred specimens can be grouped together and be very difficult to control.

In addition to returning to a food source every day, these birds can attack crops and fields of crops destroying everything in their path and causing damage.

They are one of the largest and least desirable birds to keep near your bird feeders as it will scare off other species.

What smells can scare crows away?

Getting rid of crows can be a challenging task that must be overcome step by step and may require trying different techniques to keep them away. Using some scents can work well as a repellent.

  • Use essential oils

Peppermint oil is very effective in scaring away crows while being harmless to humans. They can be used alone or mixed with other strong scented oils.

  • Spices

Garlic, cayenne pepper, chili peppers, and others are scents that birds can’t stand and worth trying.

  • Other spray products and chemical repellants

Formulas specially formulated to repel invasive or predatory birds of crops such as crows.

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