How To Keep Gnats Away From Your Face?

How To Keep Gnats Away From Your Face 2021

Gnats are annoying beings that are unfortunately impossible to handle, which can cause quite unpleasant moments. The options to eliminate them are well known, although not all people can identify each existing option.

Another thing in which there seems to be no attention is the number of insects that can be considered gnats because there are several. Regardless of the pest that bothers you or the situation you are in, there will always be many solutions to the problem. You have to search properly, and repelling these bugs will be easy.

Why Are Gnats Attracted To Faces?

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Everyone at some point in their lives has had the feeling that gnats have an obvious preference for the face. It is unpleasant to feel bites in this area, or in any case that they try to reach areas such as the eyelids or the nose.

There are many reasons why this happens, and it is easier than it first appears. Beauty products can sometimes be the ideal magnet for gnats, fruit-scented lotions at least.

Pests of this type love sweet things, so it is not the best compliment when in green areas. Also, it is important to note that gnats are prone to seek the highest points of the body, the head in general.

Carbon dioxide also attracts them quite a bit, so the face is a favorite place for gnats.

How To Keep Gnats Off Your Face Naturally?

Due to all the commotion that gnats cause, it is normal that several ways have been created to keep them away. These are some of the most used options:

  • Hats or mosquito nets

This is a fairly straightforward solution compared to other options and is most effective without perfume. You have to use this type of special hat-type mosquito net, which will prevent these bugs’ access to the face.

Glasses are also a great option as they will keep your eyes safe, a fairly delicate area. The accessory implement is a great alternative, its only drawback is that it requires investment, but it is not so much.

  • Home remedies

Fortunately, many options, such as lemon, vinegar, cedar oil, and even vanilla extract. You have to apply them directly to the face, and that’s it, but first, you must be careful and try the products beforehand.

It is common for allergic reactions to appear; after all, the face is an extremely sensitive area. It is also possible to mask the smell by applying some natural oil such as vegetables or coconut.

When you are on an excursion, it is a great alternative to look for a pine tree and rub one of the inner branches.

How To Get Rid Of Gnats In The House Naturally?

How To Get Rid Of Gnats In The House Naturally

Some consider that it is inevitable that gnats are at home, but it is possible to do something. Here are some important tips:

1. Take out all the trash.

2. Keep your clothes clean.

3. Sanitize the drain.

4. If you have plants, do not allow the soil to remain wet for long; let it dry. Gnats love to reproduce in this type of space, so it is more difficult for them to survive the environment without them.

When you finish preventing these insects from arriving, catching the ones already inside the house is time.

Traps made with vinegar, and apple cider is ideal because they easily attract gnats. It is very simple to assemble; you have to mix the product with drops of soap, put it in a perforated wrap, and that’s it.

Gnats will be so captivated by the scent that they will go to it and will not return due to being trapped. Sticky options are good, too, especially if you’re dealing with hard-to-catch, flying pests.

Putting the sticky traps will ensure that they fall without return, so putting them near pots or where you most see them is ideal.

An improvement to sticky traps is specialized options for gnats or other flying insects. These are machines that radiate an attractive light for them that is only a trap towards a fan that will absorb them.

At the bottom, you will always find sticky soil that will prevent any mosquito from surviving. The good thing about these traps is that they are completely safe for houses with children or pets inside.

How To Repel Gnats From An Outdoor Space?

If there is something that can frustrate a family moment, it is the appearance of gnats. Here are some suggestions that might help when you are abroad:

  • Fans

Having fans on the porch is a great solution against gnats as they keep the air circulating, making it difficult for them to fly freely.

  • Spices

These are elements that can work wonders against gnats due to their strong odors. You need to spread a little around them to create a barrier that prevents them from passing.

There are many options that you could turn to, like cinnamon, garlic, or cayenne pepper. The important thing is that it is strategically placed on the porch’s edges or, in any case, the entire garden.

  • Home remedies

Many home remedies options could be used to create mixtures with strong odors that attract the pest. Putting a bowl full of apple cider vinegar and a little soap can make gnats very far away.

It can work both inside and outside the home, making it an efficient option in more ways than one. The only thing is that it may not eliminate them, but they will stay away, which is the really important thing in this case.

  • The plants

A truth that few know is that some plants are capable of repelling some insects and even eliminate them. Before using this method, you must first investigate properly as a mistake could cause the opposite effect.

Geraniums, lavender, or marigolds are quite efficient against gnats or any flying insect.

  • What attracts them?

You have to understand that in most cases, gnats do not come out of anywhere; they are attracted to something. Finding out what stands out to them can save much more time and resources than you might expect.

The patio or, failing that, the area should be inspected to find what is calling this pest. It can be an unprotected water body, compost not stored properly, and even rotten items such as plants or fruits.

Anything that is wet or smells strong is capable of attracting gnats without any remedy. Also, fruit aroma calls these insects, but smelly things also carry quite a significant weight.

It is necessary to mention that eradicating these spaces can also prevent them from reproducing, which is ideal to avoid infestations. In short, it will not be something simple, but if it is achieved, the gnats will be less frequent until perhaps they disappear at some point.

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