How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Birdbaths

How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Birdbaths 2021

At some point in our lives, we have all dreamed of a mosquito-free world? Haven’t we? Imagine being surrounded by a swarm of mosquitoes. Who could tolerate these bites? Birth baths are pleasurable accompaniments to landscapes. They are one of the favorite spots for these mosquitoes. 

Why Do You Keep the Mosquitoes Out of the Birdbath?

You will often find birdbaths in sunny areas, and they have shallow water underneath. These are some perfect reasons why mosquitoes often lay their eggs there. However, you can employ several techniques to keep these mosquitoes out of your birth bath. Otherwise, your birdbath would soon turn into a breeding site for these mosquitoes. Utilizing these methods would be a much better option for you than removing the birdbath altogether. 

How to Keep the Mosquitoes Out of the Birdbaths?

Do you need to reconquer your yard and send those mosquitoes away? You may need tips on how you could stop mosquitoes from menacing your birdbaths, fountains, or outdoor water features. Many homeowners want to enjoy watching a beautiful array of birds flocking to their birdbaths in warmer months. But all they get to see are some tricky mosquitoes that steal their pleasure and lay eggs there. 

Some ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your birdbath are:

  • Eliminating Standing Water inside your Property
  • This trick can be the most effective mosquito control tip. Therefore, keep the gutters clean, empty water from wheelbarrows, pots, tyres, invert buckets, or trash cans.

Changing the Water Constantly

Mosquitoes mature quickly in about 7 to 10 days. So you need to empty and replace the water in your birdbaths, fountains, or outdoor water features every 5 days so that these mosquitoes are unable to complete their lifecycle. Birds also prefer freshwater for making those frequent visits to your area. You can use the old water for your garden plants. 

Adding Agitator or Aerator

Agitating or aerating the water source can break its surface tension and prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs there. You can add a water wiggler or moving small waterfall feature in the birdbath. These mosquitoes would not choose your birdbath as their breeding site then. Moreover, birds will start coming in by hearing the sound of splashing water.  

Conserving Natural Habitat

Bats, dragonflies, and fish are natural predators of mosquitoes. They help in mosquito control by feeding on larva and adult mosquitoes. Moreover, keep this natural habitat and waterways healthy to check and control mosquito growth.

Treating the Water

Prefer using a bacterial insecticide over chemical insecticides for your birdbath. They kill mosquitoes without harming the birds. Utilize products that contain BTI, the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis. However, this solution isn’t a permanent fix as the effects of this insecticide last only for 30 days. 

How Do You Keep the Mosquitoes from Laying the Eggs in the Birdbath?

How to Keep the Mosquitoes from Laying the Eggs

Some tips that you can use to prevent these mosquitoes from laying eggs in your birdbath include:

  1. Keep the birdbath water moving.
  2. Use mosquito bits, small pellets which contain BTI. These bits offer a fast solution.
  3. You can use mosquito dunks, which are effective for a longer period.
  4. Utilize bleach to kill mosquito larvae.
  5. Keep the birdbath free from debris. Offering the larva both food and shelter is the worst thing you could do.

What do you Put in the Fountain to Kill the Mosquitoes?

The best ways to kill mosquitoes in your fountain include:

  1. Replace old water with fresh water regularly with a garden hose or bucket. Do it at least once a week.
  2. Clean the birdbath to eliminate algae, bacteria, and fungi in your birdbath. Use a scrub brush and scrub it with vinegar or bleach. Avoid using any detergent. 
  3. Aerate the water with water wigglers or a small moving waterfall. Mosquitoes would never lay their eggs at the sight of moving water.
  4. Use mosquito dunks sold at stores which are small cakes containing a type of bacteria that kills mosquitoes and larva. These dunks are effective and safe for other wildlife such as fish, pets, and birds. However, continue to clean your birdbath regularly. 

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Are the Mosquito Dunks safe for the Birdbaths?

Are the Mosquito Dunks safe for the Birdbaths

Mosquito Dunks kill mosquitoes effectively. These mosquito dunks appear like cakes, and you can purchase them in stores. It contains BTI, which is a bacteria that kills mosquito larvae without harming other living beings. It targets mosquitoes specifically by killing larvae before they become adults. These dunks are safe for pets, birds, wildlife, people, and fish. It is registered for use in watering troughs and fish habitats by the EPA. Dunks release bacterium toxin that specifically targets the larva. It treats up to 100 square feet of water. Store them in a cool and ventilated place. You can store it for a long time as the BTI contains dead bacteria. Even 8-year-old dunks are as effective in killing mosquito larva as the new ones.

Final Words

As we know that mosquitoes can get into your garden, you need to keep them out by taking a few basic precautions.

To protect the birds and the children safe from these annoying pests, start with the natural solutions. If all the methods do not work, you may use the chemical repellents. It is especially crucial if it’s mosquito season and then there are a lot of the mosquitoes buzzing around. You can try your best to at least lower the number of the mosquitoes and prevent them from laying the new eggs. 

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