How To Keep Possums Away From Cat Food?

How To Keep Possums Away From Cat Food

Possums are small mammals, mostly known in the American continent, which is the origin of invasive. Although many people have possums as pets, many others have invasions of those above in their homes. Being an unpredictable and active animal, it is difficult to capture, so, normally, it usually enters houses.

As a self-protection method, it can pose as dead at incredible levels since it is rigid. In some cases, it can even give off a bad smell that manages to give it a state of putrefaction as if it were dead. A problem that has become quite common in recent times is that opossums steal cat food.

What do possums eat?

These animals qualify as omnivores, which means that their diet is not based on a specific animal or plant. However, the main consumption is based on the fruits or vegetables that you can find or roots that you extract. They can even eat insects or larvae from the floor to supplement their plant-based diet effectively.

However, they can also consume other animals that are almost the same or smaller than them, such as birds.

They are animals that have managed to adapt to different ecosystems and are specialists in surviving places where food is scarce. That is why their diet is so varied, although they are not characterized by being great hunters.

How Dangerous Are Possums To Eat Cat Food?

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These animals are considered pests in various places since they invade certain homes attracted by food that remains in them. A problem that has become common is that they often steal cat food, which raises many doubts.

Possums, even though they can growl or show their teeth at a certain moment, are considered docile and harmless. Although they can be a great nuisance, the truth is that it does not represent any danger to you or your pets.

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How To Get Possums Out of Cat Food

It is necessary to drive away these animals without harming them since they are classified as species of high ecological value.

  • Use traps to catch Possums

A good way to prevent it from getting close to your cat’s food is to prevent it from precisely entering your home. So you can try different options such as creating traps to capture them.

  • Using garlic

You can also use strong scents like garlic to ward off them. Although ammonia or naphthalene are also recommended, it is necessary to remember that these can be highly toxic for everyone.

A good way to keep them out is to mince or crush garlic in the area they often enter to effectively scare them away. 

  • Use repellent

You can also go for a repellent, use it and apply it on your trash cans to prevent possums from entering your property.

It is complicated and unhealthy for possums to roam your home, but they are not dangerous.

How To Get Rid Of Possums In Your Garden Naturally?

Do you want to get rid of possums in your garden? Follow the tips below

  • Use lights or sprinklers

Installing motion-activated lights or sprinklers can be one of the most effective ways to scare away such animals. When activated by movement, the device will prevent the animal from wanting to go back to that place since they are scary.

  • Gathering your pet’s hair

Another good option is to collect your pet’s hair in mesh bags after brushing them to distribute them around the garden. This way, they won’t get close because the scent of a potential predator can deter them from approaching or hovering on your property.

  • Strong smells

A strong odor is also a great option to get rid of these annoying and invasive animals completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do opossums make the cats ill?

They have fights with cats and dogs and can inflict the injury that is serious with the mouthful of theirs of sharp, specific teeth. Diseases including leptospirosis, trichomoniasis, coccidiosis, toxoplasmosis, spotted fever, tularemia, relapsing fever, tuberculosis, and Chagas disease is carried by opossums.

Are cats fearful of possums?

A cat might kill and attack the young opossums. Cats and adult opossums appear to possess a mutual admiration and leave both alone. Generally, opossums are non-aggressive, docile animals, and won’t attack the pets of yours. They want to get away from and stay away from confrontations when possible.

Do possums kill cats?

The possum is able to kill a cat. But it’s very rare. To tell the truth, a much larger number of opossums, particularly the young opossums, which are the same as the rat in appearance or size, could be killed by cats, both stray cats as well as pet cats! Of course, cats eliminate opossums.

Do cats keep the possums away?

The smell of dogs and cats could keep opossums away due to their instincts to stay away from predators and competition.

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