How to Keep Raccoons Away From Deer Feeder

How to Keep Raccoons Away From Deer Feeder

Raccoons are very smart creatures, and they won’t hesitate to invade your property if they know that there is food on it.

If you have deer feeders in your yard, raccoons may be taking the food and destroying the structure.

How can you get rid of these pesky animals?

The answer is threefold: provide a different source of food for them, discourage them from entering your property with visual deterrents like lights or scarecrows, or make sure that all entry points are sealed so raccoons don’t find their way onto your land!

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How to keep raccoons away from deer feeder

You can keep raccoons from your deer feeder in a few different ways.

One way is to manage the raccoon population in your area.

You can do this by hiring a professional, like a trapper, who will capture and remove the animals for you. This is an effective solution but it can be costly.

Another option is to install a feeder that is raccoon-proof.

There are a number of different types and brands available on the market. This can be an expensive option, but it may be worth it to keep your deer feeder from being emptied every night!

  • Deter Raccoons using Raccoon Deterrents

You can use raccoon deterrents to discourage the raccoons from simply eating the deer food.

One method is to use a motion activated sprinkler near your feeder.

The moment they approach, it will spray them with water and scare them off before any damage can be done. This works well for keeping away other wild animals as well!

Another method is to use a raccoon repellent in the area surrounding your feeder.

These kinds of deterrents are usually scented or flavored, and work by keeping all animals away that would otherwise get too close for comfort!

Alternatively, you might employ raccoon deterrents to discourage the raccoons from simply eating the deer food.

  • Poison the Raccoons

One way to do this is by poisoning them. You’ll want to be sure you can do so legally before you do anything, however!

  • Hunting Raccoon

You may also choose hunting raccoon as an effective solution if deer feeders are being used for that purpose. If using deer feeders as a hunting technique, raccoon hunting will come easy to you!

  • Trapping the Raccoon is an option to consider.

As long as you can catch and relocate the raccoons, this problem may be solved quickly enough. However, trapping can be difficult and time consuming.


If you have raccoons that are bothering your deer feeder, then the data in this blog post should be enough to help you get rid of them.

This is not an issue that has to go on for days or weeks; it can be resolved with some simple steps and patience.

You may want to consult more information if the problem persists after following these instructions, but many people find relief within a few hours using these tips.

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