How to Keep Roaches Away From Your Home

How to Keep Roaches Away From Your Home

Cockroach infestation is the most terrorizing sight for all the house owners. As the roaches are extremely flexible and tough, the nuisance of roaches is found worldwide. Roach infestation shouldn’t be underestimated as they cause various health problems. It is mandatory to root it out to ensure the hygiene and health of your people. Getting rid of roaches may seem simple, but not. They are one of the most flexible living organisms, and they can even survive in unfavorable conditions. If you wonder about the effective way of getting rid of roaches from your house, exploring this article enlightens your path to carry out this intimidating task with ease.

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What causes roaches in your house?

When it comes to get rid of cockroaches from your house, it is mandatory to understand what causes roaches in your home. Understand the root is the best way to treat the problem better and get a permanent solution. The most common reason is good food, and a warm environment in your house makes the night crawler lurk around your home. Yes, your house isn’t loved only by you but roaches.

Roaches usually lurk in dark and late nights. When you switch on your kitchen or restroom lights late night, you can see them casually lurking around all the places. It is time to realize the populace of roaches are high in your home and take necessary actions to root them out.

Cockroaches lurk around to fish out food and water sources, which is highly accessible in your house. There are few things in particular that attract the eyes of roaches all the time. They are listed as follows:

  • Dirty dishes in your sink
  • Garbage
  • Crumbs or spills on your floors as well as corners
  • Excess moisture
  • Leftover food that is kept open
  • Pet foods on the floor

Certain signs convey to you that the populace of roaches is increased in your house, and it is crucial to focus on eradicating them.

  • Physically seeing a roach.
  • Spotting roach droppings
  • Spotting oothecae i.e., egg cases.
  • Pungent and must odor of roach

Roaches generally enter your house for various reasons, but getting into your home is a prominent thing to keep an eye out. Understanding it would assist you to make a well-informed decision. Some of the common ways they enter your house are listed as follows.

  • Cracks and crevices
  • Holes in vents and pipes etc.
  • Sealing their entry points brings in the considerable results and reduce its populace.

You may wonder why you should get rid of roaches. Why can’t they share their space with us? It is not just a bug that infiltrates your house without your knowledge but also an agent of spending various health problems such as asthma, gastrointestinal disease. Getting rid of them is the only way to ensure a healthy lifestyle in your house.

How to Keep Roaches Away From Your Home?

Once you understand what causes roaches and their possible entry points on your home, it is time to take necessary action. The first and foremost thing to focus on is constraining the availability of food. Yes, they can survive without food for a month, but why should it lurk around your house when there is no food? It starts to search for food and move away from your home. So you need to constrain the availability of its food.

  • Keep Your House Clean

Keep your house clean will constrain its availability of food. Keep your sink empty by cleaning the dishes after your meals and wipe the spills as well as excess moisture in your kitchen. Dumb all your garbage every day and mop your home with disinfectant regularly. This constrains food availability and makes a considerable change in the populace of cockroach on your house.

Plumbing lines, cracks, crevices, holes in the vent as well as pipes should be checked thoroughly. There is numerous roach repellent available on the market, and sourcing them will ease your path of getting rid of roaches on your houses.

  • Boric acid

Boric acid is commonly used across the world to get rid of roaches from home. It is readily available as well as affordable. Just dusting few pinches of boron or boric acid would kill the roaches. But understand the fact that boric acid and boron are two different things that can act as an insecticide.

Boron can be mixed with baking soda and dust them near the nest of roaches. When the cockroaches lurk around the concoction, it stuck in its leg and ingested while roaches are cleaning its leg. Boron has the potential to cause dehydration, and baking soda collapses its digestive system. This will pave a way to kill them. Keep the kids and pets away from ingesting boron and baking soda.

  • Fabric softeners

Fabric softeners are widely used to kill roaches. It is available in the market at affordable price. Just sprinkling the fabric softeners around its nest, and when they lurk, they ingest the fabric softener and die.

  • Traps

Numerous traps are available in stores, and they are highly effective in bringing down the populace of roaches. If you cannot fish out its nest, search them near pipelines, holes or vents near sewage, cracks in walls or floors, etc. These are the commonplace they hide out in your house.

  • Liquid concentrates

Liquid concentrates are specially formulated to kill roaches. Their scent lures the roaches in and makes them ingest the liquid formulated to kill them. Those liquid concentrates are easily available in the market. Dilute them with water and spray it near its nest, pipelines, sewage lines, holes in the floor as well as walls. This will have a considerable effect on killing them.

  • Wash The Clothes

Do not let clothing pile up and also maintain your laundry done. Roaches like unclean clothes!

  • Vacuum

Vacuum every nook as well as cranny in the home at least two times a week, out of your couches to small areas throughout the building. If you’ve severe fractures on the floor, spray some borax to wash detergent into every crack.

  • Keep your Home Dry

Look at your washing machine’s hoses to ensure they are tight. Prevent water leaking because roaches require access to water. Then, go throughout the home and check the water heater and under each sink to ensure everything keeps dry.

Once you tried all the ideas mentioned above, seal all its entry points. This assists you to stop further infiltration in the future. Always keep an eye as they can enter anytime and start to act as an agent of chaos to your health.

I hope this article helps make your home a cockroach free zone.

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