How To Keep Squirrels Off Shepherds Hook?

How To Keep Squirrels Off Shepherds Hook

Squirrels are the champion thief in the animal kingdom, which are quite small in size, seemly hungry all the time and even nimble in the trees. They have the hard-wired for discovering, investigating and even stealing the different sources of food, which can be seeded from the bird feeders. Most people who want to save the food even choose to get the shepherd hook for the bird feeders, but when they see the squirrel there also with the food, it may frustrate them.

That is why it is important for the person to look for the squirrel-proof feeder that they may take and find the way through which they can keep the squirrels out from there. The person needs to look for a good way because these squirrels do not give up this early, and the person needs to look for how to keep squirrels off shepherds hook?

How to keep squirrels off shepherds hook?

There are several ways through which you can keep the squirrels away from the shepherd hook or the birds feed, and some of those ways are mentioned below:

Location- One of the main things that a person needs to look at is the location; it is essential for the person to keep the bird feeder away from the squirrels, which is why they need to find the place where it will be impossible for the squirrels to come. You need to keep them at least five feet from the ground and seven feet away from the tree, and even there should be clearance above the feeder of about nine feet.

Clear away the area- Squirrels have very sharp senses of sight and smell, but they are not extraordinary, and that is why you need to look for the right place or area where you can plant them on the pole or the shepherd’s hook. And also need to clear the area where you keep the bird’s feeder, but if the place is not clear and the birdseed falls on the ground, it will start getting your attention.

Find the right bird feeder- The next thing they need to do is find the right bird feeder; there are several types of feeder that you can get on the shepherd’s hook, which can be weight-activated caged and many more. You can choose the one you think is right, which will keep the squirrels away from the bird feeder.

How to stop squirrels from climbing bird feeder poles?

Now, here comes the main question, like how will a person stop the squirrels from climbing the bird feeder pole. You can do that if you put the bird food that the squirrel may not like, which will keep them from there. Not just that, you need to keep the bird feeder away from the squirrel. And if the pole is smooth, then it will be impossible for them to climb.  


If you are facing the squirrel problem, then it might be better to just think about these things, which will help keep them away from there.

Author Aalyah