How To Keep Wasps Away From Fruit Trees

How To Keep Wasps Away From Fruit Trees

If you have fruit trees in your garden, it is recommended that you focus on finding organic alternatives to repel wasps. In addition, it is essential to take a series of measures to avoid the wasp nests in trees near your property.

Keep in mind that these types of insects are capable of attacking to protect their nest. Therefore, if you have a wasp infestation in your trees, you need to apply several natural remedies. This fact can help you avoid the expense of hiring a professional exterminator.

Do Fruit Trees Attract Wasps?

Yes. Fruit trees have specific characteristics that can be pleasant to wasps.

Fruit trees are one of the main attractions for flying insects, including wasps. This is because the nectar that some fruits have is usually an excellent source of food in several seasons. In addition, these types of trees can attract them to create their nests and are even capable of expanding their colony.

They are especially attracted by the sweet aroma of nectar and can even inject their poison into the fruits. One of the most attractive characteristics of wasps is the colors of the fruit tree.

If you plan to eradicate their nests, it is advisable to use a team consisting of heavy clothing, including gloves. It is also helpful to use a homemade repellent made from natural plants.

You must maintain the appropriate distance during the day to avoid attacks by these wasps. And remember that they are usually almost inactive at night, and it is even the perfect opportunity to use a natural extermination remedy.

What Smell Do Wasps Hate?

Wasps have a nose that is quite susceptible to odors that are usually pleasant to the human perspective.

Among the smells, most scents detested by wasps are a wide variety of plants with fresh scents such as eucalyptus along with mint and bay leaves. They also tend to hate the smell of lavender perfumes, and even basil works as an excellent repellent. If you want to drive away these types of pests for a long time, you can use the aroma of some essential oils to reach your goal.

One of its least bearable scents is citrus fruits such as lemon, and they can even disappear immediately with their peel. The best alternative to repel them is to crush any of the plants and dilute them in water or alcohol. In this way, you can enjoy organic repellent with pleasant aromas.

Why Do You Need To Repel Wasps?

Why Do You Need To Repel Wasps 2021

The importance of eradicating wasp nests in fruit trees lies in the following reasons:

When it comes to ensuring your safety, you need to find an alternative to scare away wasps from fruit trees near your property.

These insects are extremely dangerous, and there is even a large percentage of species that have a poisonous stinger.

Most tend to cause allergies that can be considered fatal in some patients. Moreover, if their nest is in trees, they can damage its fruits by injecting their poison.

Their instinctive behavior prevents people from approaching the tree, and otherwise, they can attack. When wasps sting, they usually release a pheromone capable of attracting their colony’s attention to cause a massive attack. 

This fact implies that you must attack the nests with an organic alternative as soon as possible. Then, you can get back to enjoying the crops found in the trees without worrying about the toxins from the wasp. You will also be able to obtain greater control over your fruits and the enjoyment of green areas on your property.

The danger that these insects have is quite severe, and they even contain a toxin that can be deadly in some cases. Its toxicity is usually the cause of hospitalizations in both humans and animals.

Keep in mind that wasps are wild insects by nature that can kill your pet with one sting. To avoid this type of accident, it is recommended to use an essential oil repellent.

Trees that attract wasps

Trees that attract wasps

Wasp infestations can be caused by nest formation in the following fruit trees.

The nectar of fruit trees is one of the primary sources of food for adult wasps. Therefore, they are usually attracted to a large part of these trees except citrus fruits such as lemon, and they even repel their smell.

Plum and fig trees, along with other grape-related alternatives, are among his preferred housing options. Sweet fruits attract them to build their nest nearby so that they can protect their food source. However, once they feel threatened, they can attack any person or animal.

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How to Keep Wasps Away from Fruit Trees?

If you are looking to maximize your budget with natural alternatives to repel wasps, it is recommended that you pay attention to the following points:

  • Precautionary measures

When it comes to keeping wasps away, it is necessary to consider a series of measures to avoid any attack.

If you plan a field trip or have an outdoor property, you need to avoid leaving sweet food residue. Remember that wasps are usually attracted to polysaccharides or foods with sugar.

Use natural remedies like repellents to avoid attacks during the day. It is also important that you perform any extermination procedures overnight to minimize the risk of any bites.

  • Burn the nest

Getting rid of the nest entirely is the best alternative to eliminate a wasp infestation.

This process consists of impregnating a towel or any cloth with alcohol and lighting it with a torch. Once lit, you should make sure to burn the nest, preferably at night, and then prevent the wasps from attacking.

It is recommended that before performing the procedure, you add a few drops of essential oils to your clothing to avoid stings.

After that, the area should be ventilated for an average of 24 hours to continue cleaning the residues with a citrus disinfectant.

  • Using natural alternatives

Organic alternatives are the best option to avoid the consequences that can cause the toxicity of conventional insecticides or smoke.

One of the best alternatives to repel wasps are fresh-scented bay leaves and basil. In the category of repellent plants is the use of lavender along with the essential oils of peppermint.

To get good results, it is recommended that you crush some of these plants to create your spray diluted with water or alcohol. This process consists of spreading the mixture around the trees to avoid the formation of nests.

  • Cleaning

Cleanliness is the key to preventing wasps from forming a nest in nearby fruit trees.

Make sure to keep your property free of residues related to sweets or any sugary food. It is recommended that you use a lavender or citrus disinfectant such as lemon to ward off this pest for a long time.

During the cleaning process, it is recommended that you leave some fresh bay leaves or basil near the trees. In this way, you can prevent nests from re-forming on your property. These types of measures are very useful to prevent damage to fruit contamination.

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