How To Kill Roaches With Boric Acid?

How To Kill Roaches With Boric Acid - Photo by insectcop

If in the house you have problems with cockroaches, surely this article will interest you. Well, this article will talk about how to kill cockroaches with boric acid. For years this type of compound has been used to kill insects. Since when he has contact with insects, he has immediate affection.

This product is available for sale in various places where this type of product is sold. Other compounds can work as natural insecticides to control pests.

You must make a plan that is effective for several months. At night, place it on surfaces. Be careful not to confuse this product with another similar product, so look in the markets for specialized people, so they can advise you and help you compare the right product.

You must know where the places where cockroaches appear in the home are.

Cockroaches in the home can enter through different routes:

  • Patio window: by the entrances of the gardens with pipes from the houses.
  • Doors from the street: by all the entrance doors of your home, and from all the shafts and elevators, where it is not cleaned frequently.
  • Windows are facing out: these come from the sewers and some parks near the house.
  • Attracted to us: we attract them many times; many go into our purse or purse.

Keep reading this article to learn everything about boric acid and kill the cockroach properly.

What’s Borax Acid?

This is a soft, white crystal that dissolves easily in water; you must put it to rest outdoors. How much with amphoteric behavior. This regulates the Ph in chemicals and solutions. It has better behavior if the PH is between 12 and 13.

Borax is found in fabric softeners, detergents, disinfectants, soaps, and pesticides. It is used when making glass, ceramics. Its uses are various. Instead, boric acid is a chemical component and is acidic. It is also used as a buffering agent to regulate the PH. People use it quite a bit to kill insects.

Are Borax And Boric Acid The Same Thing?

Boric acid and Borax are two different things; people often confuse them. So you must know their differences.

  • The chemical compound of boric acid is H3BO3, while the chemical formula of Borax is Na2B4O710H2O.
  • Borax is considered a salt, while boric acid is an inorganic acid.
  • Boric acid is odorless, while Borax is considered a salt.
  • Borax has an odor similar to soap, whereas boric acid is odorless.
  • Borax is made up of oxygen, sodium, boron, and water. The acid is composed of sulfuric, hydrochloric acid combined with Borax.
  • Borax is found through detergent. Its sale in the original presentation is not commercial. However, you can find boric acid in powdered pharmacies.
  • Borax works as an odor killer and a powerful stain remover. In housework, it is used. Boric acid does not have this quality.
  • You can solve sticky surfaces with Borax.
  • When you combine Borax with lemon, it can quickly turn into boric acid.

These two elements are necessary for domestic and industrial use. Each one performs its functions separately.

How Borax Acid Kills Roaches?

When roaches run into boric acid, it causes them to be blocked and constipated. In this way, the cockroaches end up exploding; for a relatively simple reason, you put the powdered sugar: it attracts cockroaches quite quickly, and they easily ingest them. When the cockroaches eat this product, they explode in the nest because they are poisoned.

This product is powerful and efficient at killing cockroaches and other pests, such as bed bugs. People who have used this product recommend it with their eyes closed. Well, this will make you forget about cockroaches forever.

How To Use Boric Acid To Kill Roaches?

You want to get rid of cockroaches, but you probably want a cheap, natural, and affordable alternative. Boric acid tends to make a reasonably versatile product, which will be explained below in an easy way, like killing cockroaches with boric acid.

  • Procedure to follow

When you have boric acid, you need to prepare two tablespoons of boric acid and dilute them in a 1000 milliliter container of water. Then wet a piece of bread with this mixture and together where the cockroach nests are. When 24 hours have passed, the queen of cockroaches will surely have died. For this reason, the house will be without cockroaches.

To ensure that they do not continue to appear, place more of this product in the house for several days.

  • Where to place this product to kill cockroaches

First, you have to make several balls so that you can distribute them throughout the house. You should place them both inside and outside the house where the cockroaches are. If you have pets, you should be careful and avoid putting boric acid in their area. Since they could become intoxicated, and their health would put it in danger.

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Steps To Make Insecticide With Boric Acid

  • First, make the cream with this boric acid, mix one tablespoon of this product with one milk and sugar. You must mix all these ingredients well until a paste is formed.
  • As soon as you have this paste, put it in bottle caps. Take a bottle cap and fill it halfway.
  • It is good that you have located all the places where cockroaches come out. Leave a cap with this mixture Whether in the closet, floor, under sofas or beds.
  • This product contains sweet substances responsible for attracting cockroaches, so they end up eating this mixture.

As you have seen, it is easy to eliminate cockroaches with boric acid. This product is efficient for this purpose. So you learn how to kill roaches with boric acid. It is also crucial that people maintain good hygiene in their homes since cockroaches do not like places that are clean and that smell good.

You must eliminate roaches quickly. In this way, with boric acid, you can end these terrible cockroaches. Cockroaches are usually very resistant; they can survive without feeding. Some without air can live an hour; roaches love to be in places where it is hot. 

They go out at night, so you mustn’t leave food in the room or anywhere else in the house before going to sleep. So that they don’t visit you and the ground interrupts you.

To conclude, it is ideal that you know how to kill cockroaches with boric acid, so learning how to kill them with this complete product for this purpose, you will feel satisfied when you manage to get out of them.

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