How To Prevent Cobwebs In Your House

How To Prevent Cobwebs Outside

Due to the pandemic, we spend most, if not all, of our time indoors. We work from home, go to school from home and stay inside almost 24 hours. With that, we always want to keep our house, our home, and our sanctuary at its tiptop shape. We need to have it clean and organized every single day.

But sometimes, with our busy schedules, we forget to dust down. Airborne allergens like dust and cobwebs invade our homes. This can cause allergies and irritants to our family and us. And so, what do we do? Do we want spiders in our homes? Cobwebs do not just happen. A spider has to create it, right? 

What Are Cobwebs?

Cobwebs are spider webs, but not all spiderwebs are cobwebs. You may not know it, but around two hundred species of spiders are common, household guests, more like pests. We do not see them, and they are living in our home. They are not harmful. If ever, for the most unlikely reason, you are bitten by a household spider, it is not poisonous.

A cobweb is an abandoned home of a spider. There is nothing beautiful about it compared to spider webs that are works of art by spiders in the wild. It is common, and it serves a purpose. The regular, unstructured, and “annoying to the eyes” home cobweb, before it was abandoned, was once a prey catcher. While it may not be a marvel to look at, it serves its purposes since it catches food for the spider who made it. 

Where Do Cobwebs Come From?

Where Do Cobwebs Come From

Cobwebs within your home may give you the Halloween vibes, and it is okay if the month is October. What if it is June or December? Will you still have a reason for having cobwebs? It only means that you do not clean up and leave your home unattended for a long time. 

Cobwebs are remnants of a spider’s home. It was built to catch home pests (and spider food). It does not just appear out of nowhere. Spiders make these cobwebs. And the sad reality is that they do not clean up after they make a cobweb mess. They also move forward and create more cobwebs in other areas of your home.

Why Do You Have Cobwebs In Your Home?

Why Do You Have So Many Cobwebs

According to Jerome S. Rovner, a scientist from Ohio University, they do not intentionally make those cobwebs. Spiders wander around, and they even come from outside your home. If you have cracks, holes, and other openings, they can go in. With that, they find their way into your ceiling and other areas to make their prey-catching cobweb. 

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Why Do You Have So Many Cobwebs?

Here are reasons why you may have so many cobwebs at home: 

  1. You do not have a vacuum cleaner, and you do not use it as much. It would be best if you cleaned more often.
  2. You have many holes and cracks in your home, and spiders can get in through that. You must do a perimeter check.
  3. You have a thick garden. Having too many plants at home, like the plants that envelop your house, spiders are abundant. Keep the plants away from your house, at least, a safe distance. 
  4. You have other bugs within and outside your place. Spiders love it when bugs are present because it is their food. Why do you have bugs? You need to clean up more if you have bugs.

How Do You Stop Spider Webs From Forming?

According to a pest control professional, there are ways to stop spider webs from forming:

  1. You need to do daily cleaning at your home. If you see webs forming, take it out immediately.
  2. If you do not want the webs on your hands, then use a handheld vacuum cleaner. It is effective in taking out cobwebs and spider webs. You should also check underneath your sofa and tables. Spider webs and cobwebs tend to form there too.
  3. A feather duster with a handle can also help develop spider webs, especially those in hard-to-reach areas.
  4. If you have a paint roller, this can also be used. Put duct tape all over the paint roller and direct it to those areas where spider webs and cobwebs may form, especially on those with “speckled ceilings.” You may not see it, but there could be webs forming there.
  5. Webs can also dominate your window screens. If that happens, spray it down with water. If the screen is damaged, replace it with a new one to prevent spiders from coming in.
  6. Check, double-check, and triple-check your ceilings and any low area in your home that spiders might inhabit. There may be spider eggs or webs forming since spiders make webs every single day. Clean your place often.

How To Prevent Cobwebs From Reoccurring

How To Prevent Cobwebs From Reoccurring

Some professionals provided some tips on how to prevent cobwebs from reoccurring. This also means preventing spiders from living in your home:

  1. To prevent spiders from infesting, invading, and constantly making cobwebs in your home, you have to treat your house with spider sprays. Start with the house perimeter since the spider lives and thrive there. You must also check for any opening from the outside of your home. Spiders and other bugs can crawl in from there and get inside your house. They will make cobwebs if they have the chance and make your home look dirty.
  2. You can also use essential oils like neem oil and tea tree oil. Mix that with water and make it into a spray. Spritz the affected area with your oil/water treatment. Spiders and most pests hate the taste of essential oils. This will indeed prevent them from coming back to the same place.
  3. Spider or pest insecticides can be used to get rid of spiders. But you have to be very careful in handling it yourself. Read the DIY instructions carefully and use protective gear when handling such chemicals. If there are herbal alternatives, use that instead.
  4. An electronic repellent may help get rid of spiders and reduce their cobweb formation.
  5. When the spider infestation is out of control, you have to call a pest exterminator. Let them do the service for you.

Final Words

To get rid of cobwebs, you must also get rid of the spiders forming these cobwebs. Cobwebs are just an effect. The root cause of having these cobwebs is because there are spiders. With that, you must put in your minds that you should not just get rid of cobwebs or do the things that prevent their formation alone. You also have to get rid of what is causing the cobwebs in the first place.

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