How To Remove Tan From Feet

How To Remove Tan From Feet


Are you also feeling embarrassed due to those sandal marks on your feet due to suntan? Well, everyone faces the situation in summers and why not it would be like that when the sweet sun is showering its love on us. But it feels very unpleasant and disgusting to have tan on our feet.

Tan is very normal to have in the summers, and it can be treated by paying a little bit of attention and care to the affected areas. However, you may feel a little bit sluggish to follow a proper pamper routine, but if you want beautiful and attracting feet, then you need to flee the lethargy.  In fact, one should not even skip taking care of our skin as it is the most beautiful gift we are blessed with.

Now that you are here to find out the solution to mitigate the tan form our feet, I would suggest you first to have a glance at the cause of tan.

What causes tan?

Today in the era where everyone’s life is full of hustle bustle, our skin is most exposed to the external environment. Therefore it is very normal to have a tan on our body. But apart from these, there are some mistakes that you perform and some necessary thing that you ignore to implement in your daily routine, which causes even more tan. Let’s discuss what those things that we need to stop doing are:

  • Skipping sunscreen

It is only prime mistakes that most of the people do in their routine. Even after knowing the harmful effects of avoiding the sunscreen, people still don’t care to indulge the sunscreen in their regime. But you know what, avoiding applying sunscreen not only causes tan on your skin but also your skin is directly exposed to the UVB and UVA rays which are very harmful.  These rays can even create several skin issues, such as skin cancers. Therefore, it is indispensable to apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going out in the skin. Reapply the sunscreen after the interval of every 3-4 hours to maintain its effect.

  • Not wearing Shoes

IF you don’t feel comfortable to apply the sunscreen daily or you have a hectic schedule then what you can do is to wear shoes that completely cover the skin of your feet. It will prevent your feet’s skin from getting exposed to direct sunlight.

These are the two leading cause that leads to tanning your feet. However, if you follow neither of the things, then you can’t prevent your feet from getting tanned.

Best Ways to Get Rid of tan from feet

Moving on to the alternatives that can help you to get rid of tan from your feet, here I have divided the methods into two sections. In the first section, you will find the natural home remedies while in other I have mentioned some of the alternatives that you can opt for in the market.

Home remedies

Well, several natural ingredients are known to remove the tan from the skin. Here I have recapitulated a few of the most effective home remedies that you can try at your home. So, let’s move on to the natural ingredients that can help you in lightening the affected areas of your feet.

  • Lemon and sugar

Lemon is considered as an active natural bleaching agent that we can easily find in our kitchen. Sugar is a great scrubbing agent that will remove all the dead skin cells from your feet along with moisturizing them. Using both ingredients together will help you to remove the tan faster and results in glowing skin.

  • Curd

Applying the curd to your feet will give you even more significant results in removing the tan and also imparting a glow to the skin of your feet. It even helps to make the cracked heels softer with its fantastic property of making the skin way smoother.

  • Tomato Scrub

One can also use tomato as a scrub as it contains minute scrubbing particles along with the goodness of vitamin C, which is very useful in making the skin lighter.

Now moving on the second section, you can try various de-tan creams and packs that are readily available at the cosmetic stores. Apart from that, several de-tan treatments are available at the beauty salons, and you can surely opt for that if you feel it very difficult to try out these home remedies.

But it is suggested to use the home remedies rather than treating the skin with harsh chemicals. Furthermore, the natural ingredients even are beneficial to your skin.

You can use these ways to alleviate or to completely do away with the tan on your feet. Apart from the solutions, one thing that is even more essential to be taken care of is prevention. You may also have listened to a quote that prevention is better than cure.

Let’s see how you can prevent your feet from getting tanned in the harmful UV rays of the sun.

How to Prevent Tanning Feet
  • If you are more active during the peak time when the sun is crueler on us, then you are more habitual to get tan on your feet. Therefore, you need to avoid going outside in the sun, especially during the hours between 12-4. It is because, during the time of the day, the UV rays are even harsher.

Always apply sunscreen

Whenever you go outside during the day, don’t ever skip using the sunscreen on your skin. Try to purchase a sunscreen that has at least 40 SPF and protection to the UV rays that is PA+++, so that your feet are protected from the harsh rays of the sun when you are not wearing the shoes. Just apply the sunscreen over the exposed skin 15 minutes before going into the sunlight, doing it will activate the sunscreen and it is ready to protect you.

It is very crucial to prevent your exposed skin to avoid getting your feet tanned. Following all the above ways will help you in keeping your feet soft glowed and tan free.

Author James